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The Delicate Art of Throwing Things  

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Item Lore:By Jorlan Hegeway
Language:Common Tongue
Item Type:Book
Lucy Entry By:Elwyn - Conquest
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Rarity: Common
Level to Attain: N/A

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Obtained from: This item is obtained from NPCs.

Abysmal Sea

Quests: This item is used in quests.

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Book Text:

The Delicate Art of
Throwing Things
by Jorlan Hegeway

Those of us who are
educated in the art of
alchemy have always had a
limitation placed on our
work. Sure, we can affect
all sorts of changes on
people, friend or foe. We
toil to discover new ways
to use the items that
nature provides us that
sometimes dazzle even the
most jaded adventurer.

Making a potion that can
turn your enemy into a toad
is difficult, but
convincing him to drink it
is even more problematic.

One of the big advantages

of working on the Queen of
Thorns is that we have
gathered some of the most
knowledgeable and
experienced specialists on
Norrath into a single
location. The trend in the
past has always been to
keep to ourselves,
especially we alchemists.

Well, I was speaking with
Hiloan about something a
few days back and she
offhandedly mentioned that
some of my kinfolk had been
destroying her work.
Apparently they've taken to
having mug-throwing
contests, the winner being
the one that gets the most
ale on the opponent. I hear
that knocking the opponent
out with the mug tends to

make it easier to win.

That gave me an idea, and
I've just finished the
first batch, so I thought I
would write it down.

It turns out that if you
use the proper ingredients
and put them into the
proper container, you can
deliver a potion to your
enemy without having to get
too darn close to him.

The first thing you'll need
to find is a vial. You may
need to find a friend that
works with clay to get the
proper vial made. Just
like regular potions, you
will need to consider the
power of the potion you are
putting in the vial. The

herbs used to increase the
power of the potions are
slightly different for
throwing potions. You will
need Cicino, Sticklewort,
Vox's Dust, Belan, Violet
Tri-Tube Sap, Blue Vervain
Bulb, Betherium Bark and
Bugbane in order of
potency. My experimentation
showed that Dragonwart
worked equally well for two
more that are even more
powerful. For the eighth
and the ninth most
powerful, I found that some
sludge, believe it or not,
was also needed. I have
not quite figured out how
to make the most powerful
one, something is missing.
I even dream about it.
Something about the gods
that are related to Ro, but

it just will not clarify
for me.

Then gather up some Acaana,
Yellow Rheum, and two doses
of Flamewort. As you well
know, this combination of
items is a bit dangerous,
so be careful. Work them
together and place them
into the vial and then toss
it at your enemies. You'll
find it to be quite

I have only just begun to
delve into this idea and I
suspect that before long
I'll master a few others
along these lines. I am
fairly certain that I can
achieve a cold effect using
Seathorn and Yellow Rheum
as a base but changing the

active ingredient to
something like Suranie. And
perhaps if I replace the
Acaana with Angurth I can
use that as a base for
other effects. Perhaps
Bitterwood might hamper the
subject's movements. Then
simply replacing the
Bitterwood with Arroweed
(retaining the Angurth and
Yellow Rheum) I should be
able to stun the subject.
Also Bulb Lotus, Fire
Spore, and Stinging Crystal
will be particularly vile.

I am certain that other
combinations will work to
create more effective
versions of these basic
concoctions. I hope to have
the chance to work on them

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Can you make bombs with what this is saying? Just sounds like something interesting for Shammies to do, and cool. Who sells this btw?

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