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Frieza's Study of Arcane Nature I  

WT: 0.1 Size: TINY
Language:Common Tongue
Item Type:Book
Merchant Value:2 pp 5 gp 0 sp 0 cp
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Rarity: Common
Level to Attain: 1

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Book Text:

A Call to Nature, The
ability to research Druid
By Frieza Greenbaum
Volume I

The work of Wizards and
Druids has run in tandem
for some time. While it is
true that Druidism relies
upon a closer association
with Nature than does
Wizardry, the types of work
have long been similar in

While working closely with
some of the great Wizard
masters as they compiled
their advanced teachings, I
discovered that by using
common elements of the
world around us, the
capability to research some

of these advanced Druid
spells does exist! It
brings me great pleasure to
be able to share this with
my contemporaries who
follow this discipline, as
their work is so closely
related to mine. Below are
the results of my study.
It should be obvious to the
skilled researcher that a
Quill and Piece of
Parchment are needed for
each study.

Improved Superior
Camouflage: Rune of
Synergy, Page 61 Yaeth's
Compendium (Right Side)

Upheaval: Rune of
Amalgamation, Dew Clover

Circle of Winter: Rune of

Draught, Primordial

Everlasting Breath: Page 50
Yaeth's Compendium (left
Side), Sliver of Moonstone

Levitation: Page 70 Yaeth's
Compendium (Left Side), Dew

Circle of Summer: Rune of
Ellipse, Flake of Lodestone

Call of Karana: Mist of
Povar, Rune of Coalition

Spirit of Scale: Page 80
Yaeth's Compendium (Left
Side), Dew Clover

Glamour of Tunare: Page 18
Toharon's Memoir (Left
Side), Primordial Substance

Form of the Howler: Page
65 Yaeth's Compendium (Left
Side), Primordial Substance

Blizzard: Rune of Gale,
Runed Emblem

Remove Greater Curse: Words
of Apparition, Page 73
Yaeth's Compendium (Right

Nature Walker's Behest:
Coin of Xev, Words of

Tunare's Request: Page 70
Yaeth's Compendium (Left
Side), Etched Signet

Girdle of Karana: Coin of
Xev, Page 63 Yaeth's
Compendium (Right Side)

Breath of Karana: Rune of
Alternation, Etched Signet,
Words of Abrogation

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