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Fletching of the Storm Lord  

WT: 0.3 Size: TINY
Language:Common Tongue
Item Type:Book
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Rarity: Common
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Book Text:

Fletching for the Storm Lord
by Qaelin Hailstorm

I have set out on a mission
to create a set of bows and
arrows that we can outfit
the followers of the Storm
Lord with here in Surefall
Glade. The following is a
listing of how I
accomplished it, so others
can take up the skill and
make them for themselves.
It should be noted that all
must be created within a
Surefall Fletching Kit, for
it holds the special tools
needed to work the items

Using the steel refined by
the good people of Qeynos, I
was able to fashion a set of
arrows using the following

items that I forged:

Steel Alloy Rod: Large Brick
of Steel, Large Brick of
Acrylia Ore, Smithy Hammer,
Celestial Temper

Steel Working Knife: Small
Brick of Steel, Dagger Blade
Mold, Hilt Mold, Water

Steel Bits: Small Brick of
Steel, File

Steel Arrowheads: Small
Brick of Steel, Water, File,
Mark of Karana

Steel Arrowshafts: Large
Brick of Steel, Water, File,
Arrow Shaft Mold, Mark of

Steel Fletches: Small Brick

of Steel, Steel Working
Knife, Mark of Karana

Surefall Fletching Kit:
Small Brick of Steel, Hinge
Mold, Container Base Mold,
Container Lid Mold, Water
Flask, Mark of Karana

The arrow shafts were hollow
which made the arrows
extremely durable and light.
To make them I used the
following ingredients:

Steel Arrowheads, Steel
Arrow shafts, Steel
Fletches, and Nocks (of
varying sizes).

I was pleased with how those
arrows turned out, so I
wanted to make some arrows
that the Rainbringer would

be proud of. I substituted
the Arrowheads with some
Blessed Steel Arrowheads and
a Mark of Karana. I was
amazed at how powerful they
had become. I had a
friendly druid imbue a
plains pebble with the will
of Karana. I then used a
file to carefully shave away
at the pebble so that it
would fit into the
arrowhead. I took the
pebble shard and combined it
with the steel and used a
file and some water to form
it into the perfect shape.
Now I was ready to create
some new bows. I started
with the prerequisite items:

Stable Sylvan Branch: Steel
Alloy Rod, Steel Working
knife, Branch of Sylvan Oak.

Stable Planar Beam: Steel
Working knife, Steel Alloy
Rod, Branch of Planar Oak.

Well Balanced Planar Beam:
Steel Working Knife, Steel
Alloy Rod, Stable Planar

I then needed to construct a
string that would be sturdy
and elastic enough to volley
arrows at great speed so in
a Brew Barrel I fashioned:

Surefall Tannin: Surefall
Sap, Flask of Water

Light Steel String: Small
Brick of Steel, Surefall
Tannin, Silk String

Having worked the wood I

used to following items to
create these new bows of

Blessed Gale Compound Bow:
Steel Working Knife, Light
Steel String, Two Standard
Cams, Branch of Sylvan Oak,
Mark of Karana.

Blessed Squall Compound Bow:
Stable Sylvan Branch, Two
Standard Bow Cams, Steel
Working knife, Light Steel
String, Mark of Karana.

Blessed Hurricane Compound
Bow: Stable Planar Beam,
Light Steel String, Two
Standard Bow Cams, Steel
Working Knife, Mark of

Eternal Tempest Compound

Bow: Well Balanced Planar
Beam, Two Standard Bow Cams,
Steel Working Knife, Light
Steel String, Mark of

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