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Lock of Siren Hair  

This item can be used in tradeskills.
WT: 0.1 Size: TINY
Class: ALL
Race: ALL
Item Type:Combinable
Merchant Value:0 pp 4 gp 2 sp 5 cp
Lucy Entry By:Kerasota
Updated By:RondorNorador
Updated:Tue Mar 23rd, 2010
Scars of Velious Required: Yes

Average Price: No Data Pricing Data...
Rarity: Common
Level to Attain: 45

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Drops: This item is found on creatures.

Found in:

Uploaded November 27th, 2008
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Trade skill
# Feb 02 2010 at 3:05 PM Rating: Decent
88 posts
I have this item and it says it is used for a trade skill. I am guessing tailoring? Does anyone know for sure?
cobolt scar sirens
# Jun 20 2004 at 6:39 PM Rating: Decent
29 posts
is a lv 65 beast going to have a problem with the one in cs only lv 34? i dont want to fight my pet... that would be a quick fight. ending in disaster
Wrong Item
# Oct 26 2003 at 2:40 AM Rating: Decent
23 posts
I just tried to do hand in with my Bard. The Item shown above is the WRONG item. Need the No drop version of this for Draconic Lute.

Sirien 54 Bard of Tunare
RE: Wrong Item
# Jan 26 2004 at 8:40 AM Rating: Decent
23 posts
I am ally with CoV. I did finish the quest a while back, no drop version is the correct version.

Sirien, 62 Bard of Luclin
RE: Wrong Item
# Dec 11 2003 at 1:52 AM Rating: Decent
13 posts
You sure you had the faction for it? The no drop siren hair is for the 6th Coldain Shawl, so I'd be surprised if it was used for the SS quest also
drops where?
# Oct 18 2003 at 5:14 PM Rating: Decent
6 posts
Do these still drop, and if so, where?

It says that these are a common drop, but I've been killing enticers in cobalt scar for the past few days, and I have yet to see a single one. I've looted about 10 regular hairs at this point, which I currently have no use for...

If they do still drop, am I in the wrong place? Should I be trying to kill stuff in Sirens Grotto instead?
# May 18 2003 at 3:35 PM Rating: Decent
I'm wondering what the tradable, stackable hair (THIS ITEM) IS for? Is it for a quest? Which one?

Toucan Tanksem
of Vallon Zek, Sebilis, Venril Sathir, Antonius Bayle, and now Toukan of Povar
RE: use?
# Jul 03 2003 at 12:44 PM Rating: Decent
17 posts
This is used in the skyshrine bard interment quests.
# Mar 13 2002 at 1:38 AM Rating: Good
95 posts
ok, this is not what you need for the Embroidered Prayer Shawl (6th shawl), what you need is no drop, and only drops off of the Cobalt Scar sirens, not the Sirens Grotto sirens, so don't try to get it off them

Toneth Spiritwind
Druid of the 45th Season
Elven Imperial Guard
Seventh Hammer
Loch of Sirens Hair
# Dec 20 2001 at 6:53 PM Rating: Decent
2 posts
The picture is wrong and the item you need to make this quest is No Drop it cost me a lot of time to find this out and i need to talk to many other players to find the mistake why i cant combine my questitems)
6/11/2001 Seductress
# Jun 11 2001 at 6:31 PM Rating: Default
Got hair from seductress, blue at 55 chanter/druid pair with nukes easy kill.

Hirnol Thoroner
Preserver 55
The Shattered Sphere
Tarew Marr
# Jun 07 2001 at 6:19 AM Rating: Default
I recently helped someone get these in cobalt scar.Comes of the sirens close to tower,semi common drop.WARNING these sirens are enchanters,but most seem to have pretty low hps except some.I found that a wizard and enchanter combo worked very well for killing these ,chanter = stun, wizzy = chain nuke.

PS once in a greatwhile a sea collector will come by so be careful using the ae stun :)

# May 02 2003 at 9:26 AM Rating: Decent
4 posts
Would another good combo be a 53 Mage with his Air pet? Air pet = stun/melee, Mage = chain nuke

Edited, Fri May 2 09:47:18 2003
Shakaree, 53 MaGe of Innoruuk
# May 19 2003 at 5:08 AM Rating: Decent
8 posts
hehe until it charms yer pet and beats the crap out of you with it
Ghalleon Dragonslayer Lord Protector of Vaz
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