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Assistant Savil's Restored Field Book  

WT: 0.1 Size: TINY
Item Lore:Assistant Savil's field book restored by Researcher Briznek
Language:Common Tongue
Item Type:Book
Lucy Entry By:Dalwhinnie
Item Updated By:SwiftyMUSE
IC Last Updated:2017-02-18 21:48:54
Page Updated:Wed May 19th, 2010
Depths of Darkhollow Item

Rarity: Common
Level to Attain: 70

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Quests: This item is used in quests.
Stoneroot Falls

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Book Text:

Researcher Briznek wanted
me to gather more supplies
today. I'm always
gathering supplies for him.
He tells me he is close to
completing his research but
I don't think it will ever

My first stop today is the
living isle for basilisk
tails. Grokui is around
today so I'm going to move
over to the other isle that
will be safer for me.

That was close. Grokui
almost caught me but I was
able to get away. I
gathered the basilisk tails
that Briznek wanted.

I'm going to head North
East and start collecting
the damaged bone chips.
Collecting the bones is
always hard, especially if
Zoriles is at post.

I got away from the post
just in time before Zoriles
showed up. I need to be
quicker there tomorrow
before I get caught.
Getting caught would for
sure mean my death.

I'll head for the witheran
glands next. The best spot
for gathering the glands
has been directly under
that tower in the sky.

The tower always scares me.
I usually collect the
glands and get out of there
as fast as possible. Today
will be the same.

I've gathered the glands
from the witheran. Off in
the distance I can hear a
loud howling that echoes
through the cavern. I'm
going to explore down into
the cave and check it out.

These beasts that live in
this cave are ferocious. I
can't spend too much time
in here. If they return
and notice me I will be a
feast for them.

I was about to leave when I
heard a loud squeak further
into the cave. It is the
kinf of noise that you
can't ignore. I need to
investigate deeper into the

The squeaking was loud but.
. . That thing is huge! I
need to get out of this

I need to make it to the
redback plateau so I can
collect the snake skins and
return to Briznek.

You wouldn't be able to
tell from up here but I
have always been afraid of
heights. Having the snakes
up here doesn't help me
feel any better.

Everyday I notice the high
walls of Xill from this
plateau. Today curiosity
has got the best of me and
I plan to go get a peak of
the ruined city.

I've made it through the
gates and I can't help but
notice across the courtyard
the huge gate that is
patrolled by the drachnids.
I must get closer to see
it better. I might never
get to see this again.

There appears to be some
kind of chamber in the back
of courtyard. I can't get
any closer or they will see
me. I'm about to. . . They
have spotted me and are
coming across the
courtyard. The only way
out is to run up this
bridge. I'm not sure what
is at the end of it.

I can't outrun them
anymore. . . The tower
watcher spotted me and
alerted the others. I am
sorry I let you down . . .

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