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Ecology and Evolution -- A Bixie's Tale  

WT: 0.1 Size: SMALL
Item Lore:From the library of Crescent Reach
Language:Common Tongue
Item Type:Book
Lucy Entry By:Daygard-Rathe
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Serpents Spine Item

Rarity: Common
Level to Attain: 1

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Item Lore: From the library of Crescent Reach Book Text may be found here.
Book Text:

Ecology and Evolution -- A
Bixie's Tale

Preamble: As the Librarian of
Crescent Reach, I feel it is
my duty to provide a detailed
history on the bixies in order
to fully understand any threat
that may come to Crescent
Reach and our drakkin. This
artifact is somewhat unique in
that it has not belonged to
anyone specifically but has
passed through many Bixie
hands. From the hands it
touched, I was able to piece
together an evolution of

The Forest Change

As the Battle of Bloody
Kithicor drew to a close and
Innoruuk opened a portal to

the Plane of Hate to rescue
his daughter, Lanys T'vyl, the forest around it was
changed forever.

The touch of a planar realm on
the ecosystem of mortal plants
and flowers was faint, but
would prove to be significant.
Traces of magic seeped
through the roots of the
plants and into the seeds and
over time the forest began to
change. The trunks, leaves,
and needles all looked the
same, but beneath they were
altered -- not for better or

The creatures of the forest,
Rivervale and Stone Hive
maintained their usual
routines after the blood and
mayhem passed from the war.
From what the preserved

baneleaf visions show me, the
changing of the forest and the
bixies' place in world became
intertwined, almost as an
occurrence of what might call
"perfect timing."

While there is little question
from what I can ascertain that
the bixies would have advanced
in any case, the flora of the
forest enhanced it greatly and
perhaps even took them down a
different path with their form
and function physically.

In less than a year, the
bixies showed the first signs
of change. They were gradual
at first and then seemed to
accelerate as the queen
replenished her bixies. At
first the bixies simply
reasoned quicker, then their

bodies elongated and became
elegant and leaner, their
magic flowed stronger and
freer, and they began to focus
on efficiencies and
advancement. They became more
adept at planting, cultivating
and harvesting jumjum, pollen,
and nectar and all manner of
plants -- even hybrids and new
plants they created. They
created tools to better aid in
their unending work of
collecting and delivering to
the hive. It seemed the final
change the bixies endured was
the loss of their stingers,
having other and better means
to protect themselves.

Some Bixies developed an
aptitude for physical fighting
and were created and molded to
protect their queen, named

Pelza. Even the queen grew in
power and acumen.

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