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Ardathium Vol. IV  

WT: 0.5 Size: SMALL
Language:Common Tongue
Item Type:Book
Lucy Entry By:Kerasota
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Planes of Power Item

Rarity: Common
Level to Attain: N/A

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Book Text:

No doubt fell upon Grenic's
mind that Tjarduugh would
launch an attack that would
more than likely cripple
Ardathium, if not destroy it.
His men were weary and few
amidst their immeasurable
bravery and honor. The attack
could not occur if Ardathium
were to survive, and above
all things, Grenic's vow to
Viannay was held in the
foremost of all his

He ordered the pilgrims to
leave Ardathium for their
own safety, vowing to
them that they would hear
word when and if it was
safe for them to return.
The Che Virtuson were
then organized and prepared
to act as mediators of

defense, for to launch an
offensive with such an army
of a mere five hundred
soldiers and priests would be
suicide and inevitably
guarantee Ardathium's

Grenic sent a message with
the pilgrims, who had to
travel through the Elddar
forest to reach safety as he
had instructed them to do so.
A small band of the
migrating pilgrims stopped at
one of the elven outposts on
the eastern border of the
forest. There, they left
Grenic's message, which
would reach Elwyean in the
halls of Takish'Hiz.
The great Koada'Dal wizard
was quick to follow
Grenic's request for his

guidance and wisdom,
for this several thousand
year-old elf was the
grand-sire of Viannay and had
given his blessing for
Ardathium's construction
outside of the sacred forest.

The news was nothing new to
Elwyean, for Ardathium's
impending doom had not
escaped the keen eyes of the
elves. Elwyean advised Grenic
that the destruction of the
swamp would diminish much
of the trolls' forces and
would leave them in
scattered chaos.
Grenic was hesitant,
though he did not take
Elwyean's advice lightly, for
an elf's pledge to destroy a
natural niche was not
something uttered in every

lifetime. The elves of the
Elddar believed that the
swamp was corrupt - that the
trolls' darkness had seeped
into every fiber of the land
and that even the trolls'
destruction would not uproot
the whole of the evil that
had infected the region. The
wizard informed Grenic that
the swamp would inevitably be
destroyed by the elves, but
it was up to Grenic to decide
whether or not this act would
be one in favor of his city's
continued existence, or one
executed after Ardathium's

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