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Ardathium Vol. III  

WT: 0.5 Size: SMALL
Language:Common Tongue
Item Type:Book
Lucy Entry By:Kerasota
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Planes of Power Item

Rarity: Common
Level to Attain: N/A

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Book Text:

During one of the greatest
battles that Ardathium had
mounted against the trolls of
Innothule, Countess Viannay
fell terminally ill to a foul
curse placed upon her by one
of the powerful troll shamans,
Tjarduugh. Unable to lead her
armies and confined to her
bed chambers, Countess
Viannay handed the reins of
her armies to the Viscounts
while the high priests
struggled to counter the
curse. After a mere fortnight
of battle, Grenic Drere was
the only remaining general of
the Che Virtuson and the war
had seemed to turn to an
inevitable defeat within the
clutches of the infectious
shadow. His desire to
avenge the Countess was
overwhelming and upon

the final moments of her
life, Grenic vowed to fulfill
Viannay's life's work.

The Countess' body was to
be preserved through the
magic of the priests and
laid to final rest in the
grand mausoleum that
housed all of Ardathium's
heroes in the highest
tower of the fortress.
In the largest chamber of
the tower mausoleum,
Countess Viannay's body
was placed upon a raised
platform of alabaster and
gold. She was dressed in
ceremonial garb of silk and
chain-linked armor and held
beneath her hands, folded
over her breast, was the hilt
of her holy blade. Her body
was covered with Soraviene's

Veil - an artifact that would
kill any creature whose faith
was not solely bound to honor
and virtue that dared to
touch it.

With the Countess laid to
rest, Grenic ascended to hold
the title of count over all
of Ardathium. His vow to his
mistress would become the
consuming goal that gave
meaning to his life. Two
massive campaigns would be
launched beneath Grenic's
command against the trolls.

The loss of their Countess
had fuelled a passion that
acted as an impenetrable
shield upon all souls of the
Che Virtuson, and they were
victorious. The troll
warlord, a shadowknight

known as Kzurott, and
his forces were pushed out
of the plains upon the
first campaign, and the
second would lead to the
knight's demise. However,
this victory would seem
hollow, for Tjarduugh, the
high shaman that had ended
the life of their beloved
Countess, remained and
much of the troll army
still stood.

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