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Doomfount: An Element of War  

WT: 0.1 Size: SMALL
Item Lore:From the library of Crescent Reach
Language:Common Tongue
Item Type:Book
Lucy Entry By:Imrahil (Darkwind)
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Page Updated:Thu Sep 23rd, 2010
Serpents Spine Item

Rarity: Common
Level to Attain: N/A

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Zone(s) Found In:
Item Lore: From the library of Crescent Reach

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Book Text:

Doomfount: An Element of War

When the Rallosian Army opened
the portal to the Plane of
Earth in the Steppes of the
Serpent Spine Mountains, great
waves of earthen minions
flooded through it into
Norrath's mortal realm. They
tumbled through the army's
first lines like rushing sands
through an hourglass, crushing
all in their path.

The earthen creatures took
thousands of lives before the
Rallosian Army began to
control the steady influx of
frenetic elementals. Finally,
though, the loreseekers of
Krithgor refined their magic
enough to slow and hold
elementals for a time.

But even as the elementals
came under control, many of
them had gone beyond the
perimeters of the war and
wandered aimlessly through the
Serpent Spine Mountains. With
a freedom they hadn't known
and the touch of mortal soils,
they were lost and confused.
Many of them drifted and
settled in Sunderock Springs,
an area that in some ways felt
like home to them. The earth
was vibrant and alive and they
drew energy from it and
returned it, creating a
symbiotic relationship. It
made the lands in Sunderock
unnatural and imbalanced.

Four particular elementals
discovered that by combining
their essence and power drawn
from the land, they were

nearly invincible. And so
Blackridge, Erarock,
Crystalback and Geodagod held
sway over the entire Sunderock

At a time when the gods did
watch closely over Norrath,
one god would take exception
to this flood of the earthen
minions into Norrath and bring
them back into balance. The
god was Povar, the Veiled One,
master over water in its
vaporous state. He created
and sent a formidable creation
to neutralize the earthen
elementals in Serpent's Spine
Mountains. Its name was
Doomfount. This fierce
elemental of vapor moved
quickly and without hesitation
as it was set upon Sunderock.
Fueled by the vapor and steam

rising all around it, it
charged the four elementals.

A thundering clap shook the
lands and ponds of Sunderock
as Doomfount charged between
the four elementals,
disrupting the flow of power
between them and the earth.
Stunned and cracking from the
vaporous tendrils, their hold
on the realm was failing.
Soon, they became silenced,
almost as if in a slumber.
Muddied and broken, they
elementals sank into the earth
and were not seen again.

Doomfount remains in
Sunderock, however, and serves
to consume and neutralize all
earthen elementals it comes
into contact with, turning
them to mud and also to ensure

that the four elementals
should never rise again.

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