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Advanced Teachings of Magus Walnan V  

WT: 0.1 Size: TINY
Language:Elder Dragon
Item Type:Book
Merchant Value:3 pp 0 gp 0 sp 0 cp
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Rarity: Common
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Book Text:

Advanced Teachings of Magus
Walnan V

A great bolt of fire came
forth from my hands,
sailing through the skies
to find my enemy and strike
him down. I use it very
often while working at
range, and rarely have
issues with it.

Scars of Sigil - Bolts of
Tallon, Words of Domination

While working with
Elemental Maelstrom, I have
come to very much enjoy
this method of damage. I
have taken the same
properties from this spell
and infused them with a
greater power.

Wrath of the Elements -
Scales of Veeshan, Words of

I wanted to create a spell
that would be both visually
pleasing and serve several
purposes. It would cause
great damage, while at the
same time seeping power. It
would also be so colorful
and blinding that once
cast, the Mage could find a
way to escape if they were
overpowered. This spell is
the result of that study.

Manastorm - Scales of
Veeshan, Flake of
Lodestone, Words of

Summoning and banishing
are different sides of the

same specialty that the
magician is loyal to. I
consider this to be the
single most powerful form
of our power to banish a
summoned being, which truly
rounds out our arsenal in
this area.

Banishment - Card of
Bristlebane, Flake of
Lodestone, Words of

Along the same line of
study as Manastorm,
Maelstrom harnesses
electricity for a powerful
rain effect. When I find
myself calling upon this
type of magic, I often use
them in conjunction with
one another, as they
complement so well.

Maelstrom of Electricity -
Bolts of Tallon, Primordial
Substance, Words of Virtue

Using the element of Fire,
these blades can rend
through most any enemy that
does not have an innate
tolerance to this type of
magic. Truly our most
powerful single attack, use
it wisely and do not let
this new power go to your
head. Remember to study and
perfect, we are all still
students of the elements.

Shock of Fiery Blades -
Flame of Fennin, Flake of
Lodestone, Words of
Capacity, Words of Potence

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