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Brodder's Lost Diaries Vol. 2  

WT: 3.0 Size: MEDIUM
Item Lore:Diaries of a dwarf
Language:Common Tongue
Item Type:Book
Merchant Value:1 pp 0 gp 0 sp 0 cp
Lucy Entry By:Senani (Cestus Dei)
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Serpents Spine Item

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Rarity: Common
Level to Attain: N/A

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This item is the result of a quest.

Zone(s) Found In:
Item Lore: Diaries of a dwarf
Book Text:

Finally I have three
bushels of beans to work
with. I sorted them by
I have painted beans, black
beans and red beans. I
toasted them and steeped

GAH that's disgusting! No
amount of kick would fix
that. Even Cornflunk
started licking the wrong
end of a skunk to get rid
of the taste.
I'll have to wait a few
days before I can convince
him that he's once again
won the Ogre Taste Taster
award again and gets to try
out a few more drinks as
his prize. (Note to self,
get Cornflunk a new hat.
With a big feather this


Okay, that isn't going to

Caught Catbik cooking a
batch of beans and noticed
he was using spices and
other ales to flavor the
beans as I would have if I
were brewing.
He told me everyone knows
how to make beans.
Well apparently the gnomes
really gnome their . . .
err know their beans.

I saved a few cups of each
type of his pots of beans.
I took a heavy dark malted
ale, in this case Double
Brewed Double Stout Dwarven
Ale and combined it two-to-
one by measure with the

left over beans and added a
shot of sugar syrup and
yeast to each and put it
into a keg in a nice cool
spot to age. When the corks
blew off the kegs I knew
something had happened.

Well if you like a muddy
textured fizzy brew that
will make you burp from
both ends, this is your

Worked on refining it when
I realized I'm making this
for ogres. Instead I
thought of what else I
might add that they'd like.

Bought a roll of smoked
spiced blood sausage and
chopped it up into Halfling
and Gnomish finger and toe

Well the spiced sausage
bits actually add to the
brew's taste and well give
you nice chew between the
sliding sips.
I doubled the ale again to
make it less muddy. This
was tolerated by non-ogres
a bit more. (WILL SOMEONE
It's not as funny as he
thinks!!! Hey, you! Scribe,
you don't have to write
down everything I say
this big hammer? Guess what
happens if I should
swing . . .)
(New ink color and
different handwriting

I called this Light Bean
Ale and the muddier Heavy
Bean Ale.
A foamy soup of beans and
yeasts and what was once
good ale, but a promise is
a promise.

Heavy Bean Ale or Bean Beer
and Bits as I decided to
label it for the ogres, is
made with one pot of beans
any flavor, 2 jugs of
DBDSDA's or 2 Minotaur Hero
brews, 2 measures of yeast,
and a flask of sugar syrup.
And Two Chopped portions of
Spiced blood sausage.
This produces anywhere from
two to four small bottles
of M&B. (Heavy bean ale).
Light Bean ale you need to
take 4 bottles of heavy

bean ale and add same
amount of jugs of a lighter
ale. Compared to the
Foaming mud in the other
bottles I figured that
only Othmir Algae Ale would
do. This brew is aged again
in a cask and then
decanted. You get 8 bottles
of light bean ale and 2
bowls of something that
isn't all that appealing
until it's baked. These
solids are the remains of
the beans, yeasts, beer
heavies and sausages.
(Muck, that's all I can
call the raw Vegemite we
get in this process-
luckily it stays in the
cask instead of clogging
the still.)

Give a cask of muck to a

friendly baker and tell him
to roll it out and then use
cookie cutters to shape
them and if he slow bakes
them they stay chewie and
well we called them chewie
chewies. Even trolls
thought they were grate.
Between the "WHUTS DES
MEAT" and the farting and
belching contest with
Conflunk and his cousins.
Catbik's nose clips finally
paid for their development
costs. Glad I held the
taste test away from any
sources of flames too.

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