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WT: 5.0 Size: SMALL
Item Lore:A small book with damaged and missing pages
Language:Common Tongue
Item Type:Book
Merchant Value:1 pp 0 gp 0 sp 0 cp
Lucy Entry By:unknown
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Prophecy of Ro Item

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Rarity: Common
Level to Attain: N/A

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This item is the result of a quest.


Vendor listing - Premium only

Zone(s) Found In:
Item Lore: A small book with damaged and missing pages
Book Text:

Day 3
Today was uneventful other
than our templar
complaining relentlessly
about eating meat all the
time. While I am also
tired of the horse meat, I
do not think I could ever
go vegetarian. The horse
meat tastes fine with
barbeque sauce and
spices. I cannot see what
she is complaining about.
It works with the other
sauces that we normally
carry to cook meats in.
Horse meat is a bit gamey,
but with food so scarce it
works, and using the
different sauces gives some

Day 5
Ok, I am tired of her

complaints. Today I am
going to try this soft
fleshy center I found from
a treant. It seems to be
edible, and rather
flavorful. It should work
as well in all of the
sauces we have on hand.

Why did they choose to make
me cook anyway? I wish
they would all stop

Day 7
Our ranger shared some of
his taelosian flour with me
today. I have found it
makes a really good basic
dough and pastry dough.
For basic dough, simply mix
it with egg batter. This
can be done in one batch or
two, just double your

ingredients. The pastry
dough, just like with
normal flour, is a bit more
delicate and you will only
be able to make one batch.
Simply mix the flour with
egg batter and a measure of

At least someone else is
contributing today, and not
just complaining.

Day 8
I found some apples today,
and decided to try and make
some tarts with them. I
mixed the apples with
cinnamon sticks and a cup
of sugar. I then took
three measures of pastry
dough, three portions of
the apple filling, and put
it in a muffin tin and came

out with six nice and tasty
tarts. While still hot I
immediately topped them
with frosting. Even my
group did not complain
about this. I wonder how
the filling would be if I
used, two marr cherries,
two lemons, a lemon and an
orange, or wild blueberries
and wild crimson berries.
I will have to try a few
different ones and see how
my group likes them. I bet
this will also work great
with different pastry

Day 13
All of those fillings
worked well, though our
wizard complained about the
tartness of the lemon
filling. I guess you

cannot satisfy everyone.

I decided to make a pie. I
simply used four portions
of filling and put it in
the standard pie crust of
flour, two egg batters, a
cup of sugar and a bottle
of milk. It seems to work
well with normal flour and
either of the taelosian
flours. I found that the
whole pie was a bit much to
eat for everyone but our
barbarian friend, so I
sliced it up in pieces.

Day 15
Since he complained about
my lemon pie, I decided to
try a lemon meringue pie.
For this I had to separate
the eggs. I did this by
carefully separating an egg

over a mixing bowl. The
base is lemon filling with
egg yolks, and a half cup
of sugar. The meringue is
egg white, dried vanilla
beans, and the other half
cup of sugar. I put all
this in the basic pie
crust, though I sometimes
replace the basic flour
with the taelosian flour.

The wizard seemed to like
this much better. At least
he did not complain while
he was eating it like it
was his last meal.

Day 18
We are running short on
normal flour, so today I
tried to make bread out of
the taelosian flour. I
mixed three cups of the

flour with water, butter, a
cup of sugar, some rock
salt, a bottle of milk, and
some yeast in a bread tin.
The group liked this better
than the normal bread. I
will have to make it more

I wager that I could
replace the salt with a
garlic and butter mixture
and it would be just as

It seems that being the
cook for the group is not
as bad as I expected.

Day 19
The tomatoes I got the
other day will go bad if I
do not use them. I think
boiling three minced

tomatoes in a pot with
water and spices will make
a good sauce. That will
taste good on some flat
bread of taelosian wheat
and egg batter with cheese
melted on top.

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