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Iron Oxide  

This item can be used in tradeskills.
WT: 0.1 Size: TINY
Class: ALL
Race: ALL
Item Type:Combinable
Merchant Value:0 pp 0 gp 1 sp 0 cp
Lucy Entry By:Kerasota
Updated By:SwiftyMUSE
Updated:Thu Apr 12th, 2018
Classic Item

Average Price: 150pp Pricing Data...
Rarity: Common
Level to Attain: 9

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This item is a ground spawn.
Drops: This item is found on creatures.

Quests: This item is used in quests.
Used in 4 recipes.
Recipe list - Premium only.

Zone(s) Found In:
Can find these in Steamfont Mountains at, #1 These three cogs on the ground have spawns on, around, or inside of them. 1488, -1401, 2 #2 The 4 pillars outside mino cave. One ground spawn on each side. 1250, -1580, 17

Uploaded August 23rd, 2009 by Tireasis
Updated September 17th, 2016
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The Hole
# Oct 31 2017 at 1:57 AM Rating: Good
41 posts
After spending hours trying for the ground spawns I finally gave up. It got to the point of the same four spawns showing up and the others not respawning. I decided to go to the hole and just clearing the tunnel area got 10. Once you pick up the ground spawns I would ditch that area and head to the hole and just clear the tunnels a couple of times. This should give you more than enough.
The Hole
# Nov 22 2017 at 4:15 AM Rating: Good
41 posts
Now that I am a bit further into the artisan's prize you might want to consider going to the steppes for these since you will need steppes reptile meat. Farm your meat for later to save you a little time. This is of course if you are trying to get these for the artisan's prize.
Lavastorm DONT GO
# Aug 08 2017 at 8:36 PM Rating: Decent
7 posts
extremely rare drop in Lavastorm...
hens teeth rare
# Jun 28 2017 at 7:18 AM Rating: Decent
239 posts
Cleard cogs and mino entrance got 1 iron oxide, several russet oxide and a couple scales.
Woke up this morning and found 1 scale and no other respawns.
Cleard Marus Seru got 1
Mons Letalis there was literally 1 studded rockgrabber in the entire zone. Dropped a medal. weee Im a winner too!
Finally went back for respawns in Marus Seru and got my 3rd.
No longer a ground spawn.
# Sep 16 2016 at 4:00 PM Rating: Decent
80 posts
I picked up 5 straight cycles of four ground spawns outside the Mino Cave and around the cogs. I got Moss Covered Drake Scales every time, from every ground spawn.
No longer a ground spawn.
# Sep 17 2016 at 2:20 AM Rating: Good
1,241 posts
It is still a ground spawn, I just found one on a cog near the minotaur caves and added a screenshot.
The Hole
# Jul 18 2012 at 8:48 PM Rating: Decent
46 posts
Just looted from "a fallen heretic" at the temple.

Edited, Jul 18th 2012 10:50pm by Kenuven
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LOC for ground spawns in steamfont.
# Sep 16 2011 at 12:53 PM Rating: Decent
21 posts
So after looking around. ALOT. And no useful information here (as usual) pertaining to exactly where the oxide spawns on the ground. I have these Loc's to share.

#1 These three cogs on the ground have spawns on, around, or inside of them. 1488 -1401 2

#2 The 4 pillars outside mino cave. One ground spawn on each side. 1250 -1580 17
LOC for ground spawns in steamfont.
# Aug 25 2016 at 12:09 PM Rating: Good
99 posts
Great post. You will find either the iron or russet oxide spawning in these locations.
LOC for ground spawns in steamfont.
# Sep 16 2016 at 4:07 PM Rating: Decent
80 posts
I just looted 24 straight Moos Covered Drake Scales from outside the mino cave and cogs......not a single Iron Oxide.
LOC for ground spawns in steamfont.
# Aug 25 2016 at 2:47 PM Rating: Excellent
Hakir wrote:
Great post. You will find either the iron or russet oxide spawning in these locations.

Thanks, added the above locations in the item note.
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LOC for ground spawns in steamfont.
# Jul 20 2012 at 4:43 PM Rating: Decent
18 posts
seems to just be RUSSET Oxide on Al'Kabor
Miuma <Sanctuary> Al 'Kabor
LOC for ground spawns in steamfont.
# May 13 2013 at 5:07 PM Rating: Decent
4 posts
Can confirm that both Iron Oxide and Russet Oxide are ground spawns around the cogs outside the mino cave... I can also say that both appear as large oval gravel chunks and occur most frequently on the gears/tower themselves. As far as the respawn time, I do not know, as within a 10 minute period I had 6+ of each which was all I needed for safe creation of monk epic parts. Happy Hunting!
re: 20 mins
# Sep 02 2008 at 11:51 AM Rating: Good
17 posts
Lavastorm is probably one of the worst spots tioo.
It seems to be much more common in the Hole.
Not that it's more common, but that it drops off so many mobs in the zone.
20 mins
# Sep 01 2008 at 8:46 AM Rating: Decent
8 posts
got 3 to drop in lavastorm in 20 mins good luck
fire elementals.
# Jul 28 2008 at 4:04 PM Rating: Good
2 posts
Drops from "a fire elemental" in lavastorm (revamped) confirmed 7/28/08 19:02PM CST
# Jul 01 2008 at 12:23 PM Rating: Decent
158 posts
"an unmasked changling" whisch origionally was "an elemental warrior" in the hole
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Fire elementalm Twilight Sea
# May 26 2008 at 11:01 AM Rating: Decent
26 posts
Fire elementalm Twilight Sea drop Iron Oxide rarely
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Drop from
# Apr 04 2004 at 9:40 AM Rating: Good
66 posts
Also drops from Shaded stone's in akheva.
Very Common Drop In Hole
# Mar 13 2004 at 10:15 AM Rating: Decent
113 posts
We see it dropping like candy from elementals & constructs in The Hole, so if you're looking for it, that's a good place to find it =)
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Rare in DSP?
# Feb 20 2004 at 10:00 PM Rating: Decent
2 posts
Hunted stonegrabbers in DSP for about 3 hours and went about 0/25. I guess I'll try Marus Seru next.
Looted in Marus Seru
# Jan 28 2004 at 2:39 PM Rating: Decent
641 posts
A Stonegrabber in Marus Seru - 4
A Weathered Stonegrabber in Marus Seru - 1.
In about 2 hours of hunting.
I'm getting kind of lucky at "guessing" which stonies have the loot, but it's pure luck, it can drop from any type of stonegrabber of any level in Marus Seru. All of the mobs in the zone seem to wander quite far, I've followed a stonie from near the Netherbian Lair zone-in almost to the southwest corner where the Recuso Smugglers are, so I wouldn't expect a camp spot or a spawn point to find them at.
Currently selling for 60 - 75pp on Stromm if you can believe it. Too bad the Charcoal and Russet Oxide don't sell for the same.... I'd be twinked beyond belief!
P.S. Like Ragik said a looooong tiem ago Iron Oxide = Rust!!!
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# Jan 10 2004 at 2:41 AM Rating: Decent
274 posts
Used to make :

Divine Crystalline Glaze and Red Rust Extract .. which are used to make Faithstones that sell for like 1500+ depending on which server you are from.
Drop Info
# Nov 12 2003 at 4:37 AM Rating: Default
66 posts
An Iron Oxide dropped for me just now off of "a destroyed construct" in Ruins of Old Paineel (The Hole).
Safe journey,
# Sep 02 2003 at 9:02 PM Rating: Decent
25 posts
Got one in the Mines of Nurga of a goblin.
# Sep 02 2003 at 9:31 AM Rating: Decent
63 posts
Drop of a Stonegrabber in DSP.
# Jul 22 2003 at 5:00 AM Rating: Default
2 posts
I sold 2 of these to vendor for 1sp each because I thought they were garbage... bad mistake? =\
Iron Oxide
# Apr 17 2003 at 11:23 PM Rating: Decent
Also Dropped off Shimmering Rockfiend in 'The Grey'
# Jan 06 2003 at 1:13 AM Rating: Default
43 posts
why do these sell for so much? along time ago, maybe a year, i was hunting in steamfont waiting for a rare spawn killing elementals and they dropped these no prob, i just let them rot, all of a sudden i saw these later for so much and im like, ok? why dont they just kill elementals, havent killed any latly so maybe they made the drop rare or something, but i could have been making big bucks:(
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RE: why
# Jan 07 2003 at 10:48 AM Rating: Excellent
3,705 posts
These Used to be worth about 2pp. Then the new pottery items came out that use Divine Crystalline glaze. Most notably, the goldent idols, and faithstones/spiritstones. When these first came out, the drop rate on iron oxides was low, these were rare, and the demand for golden idols was high (since they are used in the solstice earring quest, which has Flowing Thought 1, as an effect). The price quickly shot up to 1kpp per iron oxide. However, SOE changed the drop of iron oxides. It used to be that you could only get them in a few locations. Steamfont (groundspawns, and dropped by elementals), najena, Nagafen's lair and the hole. NOW, elementals everywhere in Norrath and on Luclin drop these, and the drop rate has been increased. On my server (Rodcet Nife) the value of these has fallen to about 50pp. They are NO LONgER rare. as a nice side effect, the cost of golden idols has dropped to under 1500pp. :)
Xaanru's stuff
RE: why
# Jan 07 2003 at 3:57 AM Rating: Decent
410 posts
Dunno about before recently, but the drops off elementals and stonegrabbers have become rare, if not on the boarderline of becoming very rare. SOE might have nerfed the drop rate, or people used it as vendor food. Who knows. I just want to be able to sell mine for 750pp again :(
# Dec 26 2002 at 1:21 AM Rating: Decent
410 posts
Due to heavy farming of the creatures that drop these, the price in bazaar has dropped hellaciously. The lowest price today was 75pp. The average was between 150-250, kinda like the HQ Lion Skins. Just a heads up in case you've got plans for ubercoin.
New drop location
# Dec 05 2002 at 10:07 AM Rating: Good
23 posts
One dropped off of a rock critter in The Grey last night. I would like to tell you which one, but a guildmate looted it out of a pile of dead mobs, and I am not sure which one it came from.
RE: New drop location
# Feb 04 2003 at 2:49 AM Rating: Decent
I have gotten a few off of Stonegrabbers in Merus Seru ..
Twilight Sea
# Dec 01 2002 at 9:25 PM Rating: Decent
40 posts
Had about 4 of em drop off of Fire and Earth Elementals in The Twilight Sea. Previous post stated that they don't drop there, but I had got a few during my 4 hours while hunting. I have heard that the drops have been increased in varying zones due to public outcry from EQ players, so it may have been changed in the recent months. I'm not certain it it drops off of the other elementals...
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