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Eyepatch of Plunder  

Slot: FACE
Charges: Unlimited
AC: 10
STR: +10 DEX: +10 HP: +50
Effect: Captain Nalot's Quickening (Any Slot/Can Equip, Casting Time: 3.5)
WT: 0.5 Size: SMALL
Class: ALL
Race: ALL
Slot 1, Type 7 (General: Group)
Item Type:Armor
Submitted By:Hawkes
Lucy Entry By:keltana
Updated By:Drewie - D'Pikey
Updated:Thu Oct 9th, 2008
Scars of Velious Item

Rarity: Uncommon
Level to Attain: 55

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This item is the result of a quest.

Foraged in or Found in:

Uploaded November 27th, 2008
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Update 2015
# Apr 11 2015 at 5:12 PM Rating: Decent
14 posts
I put this over on the quest page, but here it is for the item page.

I've completed 4 of these in the past week for my alts. Nowadays Iceclad is empty. I got one for my Berzerker, Ranger, Warrior, and Monk, all in their late 40's. I also used my 73 SK for killing Lodizal and to lay waste to dire wolves to spawn the Dire Wolf Stalker. So here's a few thoughts on this:

1. Lodizal spawns on a regualar basis every 10+ hours or so and wanders around island #2 by the gnoll tents and ToFS. Green to my 73 SK. He is no longer camped much.

2. Stormfeather does seem to spawn on a 19+ hour respawn. I just parked my altt there and after 20 hours or so logged in every 2 hours. He is no longer camped either.

3. The Dire Wolf Stalker was the biggest pain. It spawns on island #3 when you kill a bunch of dire wolves. My 47 ranger got 1.5 lvls killing green's! :(. Finally I wised up and brought in the SK to lay waste to the wolf population and the stalker would spawn...occasionally. Having a pocket ranger for tracking really helps. This part took the longest because you couldn't just login, check, and logout. You have to be continuously killing the wolves until the rare spawns. Doing it with low lvl alts that actually get experience is going to be slower than just slaying every wolf with a higher level because the respawns will be slower.

4. Killing Tizmaks to get 4 'parts' is tedious but easy. Lots of velium weapons for pets or to sell for 5pp.

5. Bloodmaw turnin. This was strange. First my monk. He did the "run up, give a piece of meat, and FD" trick and it worked as advertised. Just gave the rest of the pieces in the still open UI window and BM despawned and I got the piece of the map from the gnome. They both respawn within about 5 mins. With my 48 ranger he used his Calm Animal spell (which is a lot lower than 48) and that worked just fine for the turn in. For my zerker and warrior though..things went strangely. I had a lvl 75 ranger come in and try to calm Bloodmaw. He conned indif to me, but simply would not take the meat. After quite a few tries, including different spells, the ranger brought in a DRU alt and the druid was able to do what the ranger could not, and I did the turnins for both of my alts. I have no idea why my low lvl ranger could make Calm Animal work, and the high lvl ranger couldn't make her's work. Baffling. Either the different lvl spells behave differently on Bloodmaw, or the level of the caster is the trick, or, if the caster is not the meat-giver maybe that has something to do with it.

Oh I also tried using a potion to look like an Elf but Bloodmaw was still aggressive. I thought, years ago, that had helped with a turnin, but I guess I was wrong. Or had the wrong faction. I wonder if a SHM in bear form could do the turn in?

After all that turn ins to the pirates happened and I got the eyepatch on all 4 of my melee alts. It's still a great item after all these years as a) it never runs out of charges, b) stacks with haste armor (but supposedly not with haste potions), and is great for melee types that are solo'ing and need a bit of extra help, or want faster kills. Good deal for those with dual wield.
Wont Stack
# Apr 05 2010 at 12:43 PM Rating: Decent
2 posts
As of April 5th , this will Not stack with Celerity or Talisman of Celerity
# Oct 15 2007 at 11:18 AM Rating: Decent
Can anyone confirm if this is considered spell or bard haste? If my monk has the 1.0 then there's no point in finishing this quest, right?
Drunken - 72 Monk
Kretak - 67 War
Kretok - 67 Shammy
# Dec 11 2012 at 2:24 AM Rating: Decent
1,172 posts
5 years down the line I have a nagging suspicion you're not still holding out for an answer to this question, but just in case you are: it's considered a spell haste, not a bard-haste/over-haste.
Level 3
# Apr 25 2006 at 7:24 AM Rating: Decent
136 posts
I just handed in the pieces of the map to "a lost gnome" and the rabid kitty raped me. O.o
- Vu~
Haven's Edge
RE: Level 3
# Apr 25 2006 at 7:38 AM Rating: Decent
136 posts
I dinged off of the hand in and turned in the map to Cappy at level 4. I can confirm that this quest works for all levels and the item can be clicked for haste at any level.

- Vu~
Haven's Edge
The 5th map piece
# Apr 20 2006 at 12:12 AM Rating: Decent
136 posts
The 5th map piece is part of this quest.
- Vu~
Haven's Edge
Spawn timer
# May 07 2005 at 3:48 PM Rating: Default
I have heard tons of spawn times on Stormfeather so here is the real scoop. I have eyepatch on 12 toons btw and have just gotten stormfeather for the 4th straight spawn so i know =P He is a 30-36 hour spawn. Get there at 30 hours after he is killed and sit there for 6 hours. If he doesn't skip you will get him. I know he used to skip but he doesn't seem to anymore. Anyway that's the way you do it.
Spawn timer
# May 07 2005 at 3:48 PM Rating: Default
I have heard tons of spawn times on Stormfeather so here is the real scoop. I have eyepatch on 12 toons btw and have just gotten stormfeather for the 4th straight spawn so i know =P He is a 30-36 hour spawn. Get there at 30 hours after he is killed and sit there for 6 hours. If he doesn't skip you will get him. I know he used to skip but he doesn't seem to anymore. Anyway that's the way you do it.
Spawn timer
# May 07 2005 at 3:48 PM Rating: Default
I have heard tons of spawn times on Stormfeather so here is the real scoop. I have eyepatch on 12 toons btw and have just gotten stormfeather for the 4th straight spawn so i know =P He is a 30-36 hour spawn. Get there at 30 hours after he is killed and sit there for 6 hours. If he doesn't skip you will get him. I know he used to skip but he doesn't seem to anymore. Anyway that's the way you do it.
# Mar 08 2005 at 8:23 AM Rating: Decent
stormfeather down...5:22am PST on brell =) haste is mine muaahahaha
Turtle Soloed
# Jan 06 2005 at 11:31 AM Rating: Decent
16 posts
I am 66 Ranger. I soloed the turtle on Karanna. He dropped 2 pieced of the map and two enduring breath rings. No spells but I know he does drop spells too.

Turtle summons for those that dont know... that was a surprise to me. I had it down to 10% and I was at 24%, I got nervous and backed off to heal myself. I poped 3 baby heals on myself and went back to see him at full health and ****** at me.

I was lucky enough to be able to escape and get to full health again. I attacked with Trueshot and got several good hits this time before being summoned.

Long story short... he is soloable by a 66 Ranger unless your a dud.
sf down
# Nov 24 2004 at 6:32 AM Rating: Decent
35 posts
Stormfeather down at 11:15 GMT 23rd-11-04 on erillisa marr
# Nov 18 2004 at 6:24 AM Rating: Decent
18 posts
One on sale on FV atm for 24k.
not bad for the time sink it can be
SF is dead on Xegony
# Oct 13 2004 at 12:00 AM Rating: Default
2 posts
Just confirming that SF is dead on Xegony as of 0045 est. on 10/13/04. Now I just have to get my map from the tizmaks and the dire wolves, and I'll have my very own eyepatch! Woot!
45th Ranger of Karana
Ancient Ones
# Oct 06 2004 at 9:14 PM Rating: Default
3 posts
SF taken down finally at about 3pm EST on 10/9/04 on Veeshan server. all i need is Lodi now
# Sep 28 2004 at 4:35 PM Rating: Default
41 posts
Got it for my shd. This is one of the sexiest face pieces in the game.
# Aug 29 2004 at 5:51 PM Rating: Decent
2 posts
For those of you that think Stormfeather has the same decay time as Lodizal you are mistaken. I finally got SF today and I checked, he has the normal decay time.
haste stacking v_v
# Aug 28 2004 at 11:19 AM Rating: Decent
1 post
it's been really bugging me about whether or not this haste stacks with the "Mirculous Vision" on my gloves.. i have gotten many mixed answers about this, but none were really straight forward yes or no. When i first got the gloves i assumed that if i cast the spell haste on them and if both icons appeared on the buff list taht meant stacking.. but i have heard otherwise. :/ With the current UI skin i use they are totally different icons, Captain Nalot's Quickening is the same one used for all Shaman haste and Mirculous Visions is the same for all Enchanter haste. Captain Nalots is often overlapped whenever a shammy joins the group.. but Miraculous visions seems to "stack" with everything.. at one time i had Captain Nalot's, Miraculous Visions, and Vallon's Quickening all on my buff list! >< If these effects don't stack they really need to fix it, so that only the highest spell/clicky haste is shown on your buff list.. i would really like to know if the haste on my gloves is just over-powering my eyepatch haste.. because i still keep both on at all times.. but if they don't stack i won't have to recast Eyepatch every 10 minutes at least. :/ Please help!~ n_n
RE: haste stacking v_v
# Sep 01 2004 at 8:27 AM Rating: Decent
From what i have learned in my playing days, is that you can have only 1 spell haste and one item haste at a time, there will be times where say your gloves and eyepatch stack, but only the highest haste will be working the other one is just using a buff slot. hope that helps
Death of a Stormfeather
# Aug 15 2004 at 3:31 AM Rating: Decent
1 post
Finally killed SF at 0350 est. Camped my Ranger there all day, ended up coming across a GM event near the Lodizal spawn point. That was a battle in itself. When i got my nap on Lazy-Boy SF was up. Logged my SK in killed him in no time flat. Now the happy owner of new eyepatch.

Dread Lord
You bring it i'll tank it with more aggro then a Warrior ever could, and wont taunt a single time..
simple question
# Aug 14 2004 at 5:32 AM Rating: Decent
5 posts
Can I do this quest at level 39 or should I use one of my mains?

Human Monkey - Lanys
RE: simple question
# Aug 14 2004 at 6:43 PM Rating: Decent
18 posts
Camp ur 39 toon there, and do it with your main, Tracker Highly Recommended
# Jul 31 2004 at 8:54 PM Rating: Decent
1 post
I have read everyones posts..and done the numerous timers....19+4...31-34-36 hrs and still no show...what is going on...Is it true that there are some people who know of certain place holders for him...and that killing them will make him spawn in a timely manner..or is it all rumors?looking for some advice...keep camping him and lose my sanity or what? hehe

46th lvl zerker on Bristlebane

Edited, Sat Jul 31 21:57:32 2004
Eyepatch Story
# Jun 29 2004 at 5:35 PM Rating: Excellent
2 posts
Here's a story you all might enjoy. I was heading to ToFS with some friends to fight and explore, and, when I zoned into Iceclad (almost the first line of text I saw, in fact), was some wizard shouting that he had just killed Lodi, and the map pieces were rotting. I happened to have a friend in the zone that sent me a tell and said "loot that!", so I shouted that I was coming and I looted that piece. I went into the tower and we jacked around for about 5 hours or so, going up floors and exploring and having fun. At one point I died and had luckily bound myself in Iceclad. I ran back into the tower to wait for a rez (since a group member was going to run their high level cleric to the tower to rez me) and another friend who was fighting with us zoned out of level 4 and zoned back in to keep me company. Unfortunately, she then fell asleep. And proceeded to sleep for about 4 hours while we were in the tower fighting without her (this is important to the story for later). While I was in the tower, I closed the window and looked up the map piece quest, then laughed about it. Yeah right. Finally, I left the tower and ran to the gnome camp and hailed the Pirate to start the quest. She said to find the lost pirate (you don't have to start the quest from the beginning, but here's a useful bit of info that no one seems to mention. The lost pirate is located on the opposite end of the pirate camp island as the camp itself. He is down by the waterside, on a spur of rock) I didn't know where this lost pirate was, so I decided to search for him a bit by running around the island along the shore. About that time my friend in the tower woke up and zoned out. We laughed and I told her how to get back to the dock so she could translocate to N Ro.

Well, I was running around, having found the lost pirate by accident, up the slope onto the main section of the island, when I happened to see a griffin. What do you know.... Stormfeather. So, I attacked, and it was a close fight. I was JUST able to kill it (since a cougar decided to jump in and **** me off) and loot it before the cougar killed me. (I'm a warrior, by the way) So, map piece number two. Now I started considering actually doing the quest, or at least trying to. I talked to the pirate and he gave me the container, and I placed the pieces in it. Then I looked up about the dire wolf stalker.

Of course, at that moment, I happened to notice that my friend (who plays a level 65 ranger) had just logged on and, for no reason, had logged on earlier than normal before her normal raids. I asked her for help and she said she had 40 minutes to spare. She brought a 65 warrior friend, I found out where I had to go for the stalkers, and we started killing. The stalkers don't spawn on top of a corpse, they spawn at certain points (it was under a tree LOL) and they proceed to agro and fight dire wolves until they finally get killed. So, you need a tracker to find them before they are killed by numbers. With only 5 minutes before their raid, the warrior found a stalker and they cleared out the dire wolves while I killed it. Map piece number 3. After thanking them (and getting a SoW from the ranger LOL) I ran to Great Divide for the final piece.

The quest said, kill Tizmaks for NO DROP "Chunks of Meat".... actually they are NO DROP "Tizmak Meat", and I just happened to get all four that I needed after only killing about 6-7 Tizmaks. I don't know if they're rare, but they didn't seem to be. I put them in a bag and ran to the entrance to Bloodmaw's cave (which is right under the cave into Velks). It was full of kodiaks, and they would have most likely wasted a warrior on his own. And, right then, my SoW wore off. So I shouted for a SoW, saying I was going to do a suicide run for a quest. It just so happened that a druid was running by right then (65 I think) scouting out this zone to hunt in. So she said she'd SoW me, and asked me what I was up to. I told her I needed to get to Bloodmaw, and she said she'd clear the way, since she wasn't busy. I thanked her and she cleared all the way to Bloodmaw. But Bloodmaw was KoS and started attacking when I went to hand him the meat. She rooted it and was going to kill it. But I said no, see if you can charm it. She did (since druids can charm animals and I just HAPPENED to run into one that would help me) and the turn in worked. I talked to the captive and BOOM, 4th piece. Then she mentioned she was heading to ToFS to check it out, and wanted to know if I wanted a ride to Iceclad by chance..... who was I to refuse?

So, I got to Iceclad, ran to the lost pirate, turned in the combined map, killed the stupid cougar that spawned (not too hard, even though he was blue) and then, turned the final piece in for my very own Eyepatch of Plunder.

Time of quest (time that I actually spent doing the quest): Approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes.

At level 41.

I KNEW you'd enjoy that story!

Oogleck Skullcrusher
Ogre Warrior of E'Ci
RE: Eyepatch Story
# Jul 14 2004 at 6:25 AM Rating: Decent
16 posts
Nice story man, I too had a stroke of dumb luck... I zoned in just to check out the zone and Stormfeather was up... Got my stalker map instantly, gotta love track. Camped lodi an hour and the friggin turtle didnt spawn. Gonna finish the quest up tomorrow. Grats man, happy for you.
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RE: Eyepatch Story
# Jun 29 2004 at 5:38 PM Rating: Default
2 posts
PS - about the friend that fell asleep in the tower... she just happened to have a noodle cleric at her disposal, and just happened to be at the dock when Stormfeather killed me, and just happened to be willing to give me a full res. muhahaha.
haste stacking
# Jun 15 2004 at 11:56 AM Rating: Decent
5 posts
Some types of cast haste do stack, such as a chanter's augmentation line of spells and a Shaman line of haste. Its not clear whether or not the effects stack, but in your buff window you could stack lets say Alacrity and Speed of Vallon. I am on my 23 hour of camping Stormfeather, as soon as i finish the quest i will post whether or not CNQ stacks with either.
RE: haste stacking
# Jun 24 2004 at 3:57 PM Rating: Decent
63 posts
Any right click or proc item haste is the same as spell haste (as opposed to 'worn' haste which is always active.

There are three types of spell haste. The first is standard. It includes right click (like the item above), 'std' bard songs like chorus of celerity, and chanter/shammy/bl cast haste. You can have only one, and the highest haste % takes effect. You may get two icons, but the haste % isn't stacking, the other stat boosts are.

The second is std bard stacking haste song, of which there are two---the Er Vaj line. You will seldom see this because its 5 and 10% and will not bust the haste cap and requires the bard to be brass instrument equipped...just not worth a slot in most instances.

The third is the bard stacking, CAP BUSTING, variety. You can have only one and the highest % is Vah Shir line, Rizlon's or the new goD Echo of Trusik.

In addition, there is worn haste (always on while worn). You get one and the highest % of what you are wearing.

For total haste you get one of each, added together, up the the haste cap (100 for melees post 60). You could have haste of 41% worn + 70% enchanter top haste = 100% (cant go past the cap). If a bard in that group is singing Rizlona's Call of Flame, its cap busting and adds 30% to the 100% for a 130% total.

Clear as mud?
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RE: haste stacking
# Aug 21 2004 at 6:10 PM Rating: Good
150 posts
So where would tribute haste fall, does it count as worn haste or is it a 4th catagory which will stack with the other 3?
RE: haste stacking
# Aug 30 2006 at 4:47 PM Rating: Decent
35 posts
Tribute bonuses fall into the 'worn' category. I am sure it is the same with haste but I know for sure with my experimenting with flowing thought (mana regeneration) that tribute falls under the 'worn item' cap.
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Stormfeather dead
# Jun 11 2004 at 5:07 PM Rating: Decent
37 posts
Stormfeather spawned around 2:15 am EST on 6/11 on Saryrn server. Died shortly thereafter under the fury of my blades. Good luck to all who seek this map piece.
Khirsath Kanan
70 Plainswalker of Tunare
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lodi's drop
# Jun 05 2004 at 12:24 AM Rating: Decent
I have the 4th piece, can I MQ it for a friend?
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RE: lodi's drop
# Jun 09 2004 at 9:28 AM Rating: Decent
You have to do the combine of the 4 sections of the map in a 4-slot container that A Lost Pirate gives you, so it's impossible for someone to MQ's a map piece.
- Catnip, level 57 druid on Whisperwind
I can confirm 31 hour spawn cycle
# May 10 2004 at 1:40 PM Rating: Decent
9 posts
Confirmed, 31 hour spawn cycle almost to the second.
# May 04 2004 at 3:31 PM Rating: Decent
3:17pm cst on Veeshan today.
# Apr 28 2004 at 8:27 AM Rating: Decent
StormFeather spawned on Sunday April 25 at 8:30 am est...Kill by a Bard for exp...sigh

I finally got him on Tuesday April 27 at 8am cst.

Good Luck & Good Hunting
Haste Stacking !
# Apr 28 2004 at 3:38 AM Rating: Decent
5 posts
OK - this is how haste works.
If you have an item that you wear that gives you haste (flowing black silk sash & silver chitin hand wraps for example), that is ITEM haste.

If you have a haste spell cast on you, INCLUDING a haste spell from an item such as the Eyepatch of Plunder (The actual spell is called Captain Nalot's Quickening), then that is SPELL haste.

Spell haste and Item haste DO stack.
The best haste item you are wearing will be hasting you, and any others won't work - same with the spells.

I believe that Bard song haste stacks also, but cannot confirm this 100%. Everything else I've said is correct.
RE: Haste Stacking !
# May 16 2004 at 5:18 PM Rating: Decent
11 posts
As for bard haste, there are 2 (actually 3 but it doesn't really matter for this post) different types of haste. Usual haste (as Warsong of Zek - 60% haste) and overhaste (as Rizlona's Call of Flame - 30% haste). The usual haste is considered like spellhaste and doesn't stack with another spellhaste, yet the overhaste will stack with another spellhaste. And of course both stack with item haste.
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Monk Haste
# Apr 20 2004 at 10:29 AM Rating: Default
58 posts
So... will this, or will this NOT stack with Monk epic Haste and Item haste? I have heard both, but I allways figure if people could be getting another 20% or 18% haste then this would be much more popular.

So I am guessing they don't stack. Also, 40% celestial tranq + 36% item haste is **** near cap anyhow, right?
53 Human Rogue

RE: Monk Haste
# Apr 25 2004 at 10:33 AM Rating: Default
It will stack
RE: Monk Haste
# May 30 2004 at 8:38 PM Rating: Default
6 posts
does NOT stack with monk epic, they are both spell haste and spell haste dosnt stack with spell haste.....
RE: Monk Haste
# Jun 15 2004 at 12:05 PM Rating: Decent
5 posts
monk epic haste, i should clarify myself
RE: Monk Haste
# Jun 15 2004 at 12:05 PM Rating: Decent
5 posts
monk haste is not spell haste, its a bard song FYI
RE: Monk Haste
# Dec 16 2005 at 12:09 AM Rating: Good
194 posts
Bard haste songs ARE spell haste, except for a few specific songs, like the Vah Shir and Ervaj lines. The monk epic effect is a bard song but a normal one, and does NOT stack with spell haste. The effects may stack, but only the highest haste will work.
Down on Xegony!
# Apr 10 2004 at 10:39 PM Rating: Decent
1 post
Xegony server...
April 10, 10:55 PM went down.
Camp time was 38 hours 20 minutes.

Some cool people kept me company and were good enough to not KS the spawn on me although they could have easily. Thanks LDain and Swiftre.

Also Swift was good enough to let me loot a map piece of Lodi during my camp.

Off to the Dire wolves...

60 Ranger Xegony
Time on Zeb
# Apr 07 2004 at 1:00 PM Rating: Decent
80 posts
After reading all this business about 19-30-31-38 hour spawn, I would try to time it right. I've had my ranger camped there for almost 4 months straight and nothing. Well night before last I couldn't log on until 1am. When I did, there were 3 peeps sitting around SF's corpse....

First time I had seen it alive or dead, so I wasn't upset, no I know the time. I came back at 18hr's to make sure noone else was already camping it. There wasn't so waited till 20hrs after kill and nothing. Came back this morning at 29 hours and waited till 31 and a half, but nothing...

Was playing my alt, waiting on 38 hour spawn, but couldn't find a group, so I logged on my ranger to see what was up, and there SF was coming up over the backside of the hill where he spawns. I estimate that he'd been up for less then 15 min because there were people that had just zoned out.

Killed first at 1am Tuesday. repop at 1230ish pm wednesday. Just shy of 36 hours. This is on Zeb, and from talking to others in game that have camped him multiple times, it's rarely or never 19 hours. This is just Zeb, not speaking for other servers.

Sorry got to run, time to get this mask already sheesh...

Clear up a couple things:

1) Hear the wings flappin" -- True -- If you can hear anything over the annoying wind blowing, then you can hear the wings, but he's large so you'll prolly just see him first.

2) Combine part is no longer bugged. I didn't talk to anyone to start it and after I got all the pieces, I went straight to the lost pirate and said I'll find the parts of the map and he gave me the bag. DID NOT have to zone to get combine to work.

3) As soon as I turned back in, A Rabid Snow Cougar poped on top of lost pirate and began attacking. About the same fight as SF, hits a little harder then a snow cougar(around 80 max) and a little more hp (around 2khp est.) Very easy fight with no buffs on a 55 ranger, could do either with a 40-45 ranger if snare dotting and buffed. If you've ever fought Midnight, SF and Rabid Snow Cougar are the equivalent. Rabid dropped nothing.

Hope this helps and GOOD LUCK with camp because never again for me....

Edited, Wed Apr 7 14:12:06 2004
# Apr 06 2004 at 9:33 PM Rating: Decent
1 post
Well i have ben camping Stormfeather for the last part of this Quest for about 3 days on and off and read up about ppl waiting 60+ Hours for this spawn , well last nigh on April 6 2004 at 2:03 am i came home ,and just for the **** of it loged on to see what was what , well when i loged on i was already where he was supose to spawn , and i turned to my left and there he was right on the top of the hill where every one says he spawns, and he aggroed me , it was an easy kill took maybe 1 min to bring him down , to sum things up im now the new owner of my own Eyepatch of Plunder =)

Syphore 65 Ranger Tallon Zek
Druids Love This Too !
# Mar 12 2004 at 8:51 AM Rating: Decent
24 posts
Ok at level 32 me was running around igloos killing cougars when a bard came along and pulled the whole camp , none the less to say i rooted 1 killed it and then rooted another killed it , then decided i would not be ksing them anymore after letting them know of my displeasure i decided to move to other side of zone and kill the direwolves , to my luck the Direwolf Stalker was up . I checked my guild noone wanted it so i kicked its **** . Then same bard came over after dropping all the cougars and took all my direwolves , well aside from screaming at them i decided to go camp cougars again , and wasnt but a couple hours later a /ooc was shouting lodi map piece rotting free to loot . There was only me and bard in the zone i took off for a copy =) , got the map piece was 2 on the corpse . Then back to igloos and wasnt 30 minutes later Stormfeather was up, was awesome luck , I asked guild for help no one cared or seemed to be interested so i killed it with some time kiting for mana , Waited until next day to finnish this quest and get eye patch of plunder . Was lots of fun outside of being chased out of camp by the bard but also helped me get the named , This is awesome for druids for working on melee skills , they are a pain in rearend no matter the class .

42 Native Druid Morden-Rasp !!

Edited, Fri Mar 12 09:00:00 2004
# Feb 17 2004 at 5:54 PM Rating: Decent
50 posts
This effect stacks with Ranger swiftwind, also you can have the effect up with the highest lvl Ench haste, but I don't know if they both work together or not. High lvl SHM haste overwrites the effect tho.
# Feb 13 2004 at 2:31 PM Rating: Decent
10 posts
Now that I have the eyepatch - I give you my strategy..its not the best by far, but it worked for me. After countless hours of camping stormfeather, I said forget it, and decided to leave an alt character bound to the docks where stormfeather spawns. Every day when I would log on to play some eq, I'd first check my alt and see if stormfeather was up. Sure as sheit, one day he was and I finished the quest in under an hour. Hey, not the quickest strategy, but I dont have time to figger out if hes a 19, 29, 38, or 40 hour spawn lol. grats me, and grats to you in advance ;p
RE: spoiler
# Dec 06 2004 at 4:25 PM Rating: Decent
50 posts
Good idea, man. :)
Simple Question
# Feb 06 2004 at 2:00 PM Rating: Decent
13 posts
Can i do this quest at any lvl? and if so, at what lvl can i start clicking it to get the effect.
RE: Simple Question
# Mar 09 2004 at 12:53 PM Rating: Decent
151 posts
you can click it as soon as you get it, as for what lvl you can do the quest, if you were to loot the pieces? Go hail the npc and find out.
# Jan 31 2004 at 6:29 AM Rating: Default
1 post
j ai commencÚ et fini la quest pour mon war en 4h30, ki dis mieu ?-)
# Jan 22 2004 at 12:52 PM Rating: Decent
the weird thing is, i use this + monk epic and it stacks even though both are spell effects....then whistling fists ALSO stack :)
RE: nope..
# Feb 01 2004 at 5:42 PM Rating: Decent
I believe those stack because the monk epic is a song effect and not spell.
RE: nope..
# Feb 22 2004 at 2:42 PM Rating: Decent
308 posts
The haste components won't stack. You'll only get the single highest haste out of them all, not all of the hastes added together. The songs have other effects besides the haste, so you still benefit from those effects (AC, STR, etc.) on top of the Quickening.
RE: nope..
# Feb 27 2004 at 8:39 PM Rating: Decent
256 posts
This is somewhat true. Always keep in mind there are different 'Versions' of haste.

Version 1 Haste Stacks with the rest of the versions of haste (2, 3), along with a haste item.

Although, as you stated, a Version 1 haste won't stack with another Version 1 haste, it will just take the greatest one.
Haste this, haste that...
# Jan 09 2004 at 4:12 AM Rating: Decent
80 posts
Does this effect stack with swiftwinds effect for rangers? A simple yes or no will suffice
RE: Haste this, haste that...
# Jan 09 2004 at 4:27 AM Rating: Decent
9 posts

The effect is a spell based haste, wich stack with any item haste effects.
It does not stack with other spell based effects tho (like VQ, Alacrity++)
Just got it after 6 days of camping with KSers
# Jan 05 2004 at 12:30 PM Rating: Default
21 posts
My friend had been camping stormfeather for 6 days straight. he was thee almost all the time and nothing popped. He was also being harrassed by some rude people in a guild called <Alpha Storm>. They are known for KSing and in general being all around jerks on the stormhammer server. Funny thing is my friend helped this guy named Himas from that guild earlier with parts of the quest then while he is camping Stormfeather the guy and 4 other from <Alpha Storm> come over and the guy tells my friend "the Stormfeather camp is mine don't KS me". How's that for gratitude. Anyways after 6 days of being harrassed by these people I asked him for his username and password and tell him I will check on Stormfeather if I get a chance in the middle of the night. SO I go watch a movie and come back and...nothing up. Then I go to sleep and wake up in the the middle of the night and again...nothing. So I jump in the shower and realize I forgot to camp him but I was like oh well, he'll be ok for a few minutes. I jump out get dressed and go to log out as I am on my way to work and I notice he is standing at the soulbinder nekked. I was like wtf! Then I saw the text..."you have been slain by Stormfeather" I hit the track button,run over and loot his corpse and commenced to beat the begesus out of that bird. Needless to say he was stoked when I called him at work with the news!
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#Ertuu, Posted: Dec 07 2003 at 7:01 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) I was bored on night, it being like 2 am, and i was like ya know, i want an eyepatch of plunder like my cool monkie friend, so i went out, did bloodmaw, stalker, and i even got stormfeather...iam soo lucky =D 3 maps in 2 hours...almsot there!
lucky bard boy
# Dec 07 2003 at 7:00 PM Rating: Default
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I was bored on night, it being like 2 am, and i was like ya know, i want an eyepatch of plunder like my cool monkie friend, so i went out, did bloodmaw, stalker, and i even got stormfeather...iam soo lucky =D 3 maps in 2 hours...almsot there!

-sullon zek forever
-I am Ertuu.
lucky bard boy
# Dec 07 2003 at 7:00 PM Rating: Default
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I was bored on night, it being like 2 am, and i was like ya know, i want an eyepatch of plunder like my cool monkie friend, so i went out, did bloodmaw, stalker, and i even got stormfeather...iam soo lucky =D 3 maps in 2 hours...almsot there!

-sullon zek forever
-I am Ertuu.
# Dec 05 2003 at 2:32 AM Rating: Decent
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i can tell you that the 19hour spawn is totaly wrong, it maybe was true, but now it isn't anymore... i've camped him 1week, during the whole week he spawned on a 28-34 hours cycle...(i think) and i wasn't up during the 3first day at his spawn time, si i had to wait till he spawn during the day on the 4th day... now, my alt got the eyepatch. she has to ask a druid for a lull on bloodmaw, fd trick didn't worked for me... even when i finaly managed to get trade windows open, he always gave me the meat back saying that he don't need it..
arnalh freesinger
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from vallon zek
RE: stormfeather
# Jan 06 2004 at 4:57 PM Rating: Decent
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FD worked for me on blood. Ran around the back of him and fd'd. af course i had to wait for him to turn back around beacouse of agro. but when he did, i opened inventory, picked up meat with cursor and got up, opened trade window and put one meat in and fd'd again. Put rest of meat in window waited 1 minute and traded. went like a charm =)
Munk Iksar *rathe server*
RE: stormfeather
# Jan 02 2004 at 11:31 AM Rating: Decent
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I just finished this camp and agree, either there are two different timers or the 19 hour timer doesn't occur any more or as often. I just missed SF after camping him 66 hours (a guildie got him at 68 hours after I had loggged) and I got him the next cycle when he popped at 35 hours. So after reading about 19 and 33 hours timers, I'd guess it is actually 33 hours plus some variable value (1 or 2 hours) or a multiple of 33 plus the variable value.

Click for more info.

Edited, Fri Jan 2 11:35:53 2004
# Nov 19 2003 at 1:02 PM Rating: Default
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did the tizmaks meat in under an hour. they drop velium, so it's not all bad. went to bloodmaw, handed him the 4 meats, he despawned, but i didn't know he was supposed to despawn, so i freaked. i check the quest, doh, you just say "can i have the map please" (something like that) to the gnome, boom. easiest part to get.

i run to iceclad to scope out where stormfeather spawns. i sit there for 45 minutes, and bamn, he spawns directly on my head. that's luck. on the way to the dire wolves, a shaman is taking out lodi, i throw in some stabs, boom, i have that piece.

then to the dire wolves. i had a friendly guild bard agro as many as he could, then i would hydra my wizard and aoe them to death. after about 20 minutes, give or take, stalker spawns, i have that peice.

i get the book from the lost pirate (down on the shore, a stones throw from stormfeather spawn), combine. give it back to him, he hands me back other thing. at this point, a rabid cougar spawns. he was slightly harder than regular ones, but not a real challenge, he does aggro right away and only dropped a mq cougar pelt. give to captain nalot (he's in the igloos on the same island), and boom shakalaka, i have my mask.

as far as i can tell, it DOES not stack with other speed spells, but i haven't tested it with bard songs. this comboed with my ragebringer, i have constant 60% haste. i believe that is the fastest anyone has finished this quest. go me.

*point and laugh*

52 rogue

Edited, Wed Nov 19 13:06:00 2003
hiya bietch
#Midion, Posted: Nov 23 2003 at 1:56 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) u suk...been here on and off for two weeks
# Oct 21 2003 at 10:55 PM Rating: Default
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Does the clicky stack with other haste items?
RE: Stacking
# Nov 03 2003 at 2:07 PM Rating: Default
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The haste effect on the Eyepatch will stack with haste (worn) items but not with player cast haste spells. In essence, the right click effect is the same as player cast.

Just an FYI, if you hang around in IC long enough, you can usually find Lodizal corpse rotting with the 4th piece of the map on it. I have stumbled across that stupid turtles corpse about a 1/2 dozen times while power leveling over the last 2 months (Bertoxx server).

For those of you wondering about the power leveling, Druids work best for this. Snare a handful of the Shadow Guardians from around the Tower of Frozen Shadow, drag them away from the tower, cast damage shield skin and normal damage shield on yourself and let them pound away on ya. After you heal yourself a few times, you'll notice the mobs just standing there. Theres 2 ways to go about this now, #1 if your below lvl 61 or do not have earthern roots, the player your PLing must do at least 11 damage (nuke oe melee). Then the druid can cast grasping roots on the mob which does 10 damage and lasts 48 secs. If your above 61 and have earthern roots spell, just have the player do one damage to the mob and then the druid can cast earthern roots on the mob (0 damage lasts 60 seconds) you can easily PL a player from lvl what ever well into the upper 20's or even low 30's, from there, do the same thing in Over There. Ya, I know, Druids have too much time on there hands. So let the flaming of druids begin yet again.

Urruku Ya Zi Xul
Weilder of the sword, Caster of the flame.
RE: Stacking
# Nov 17 2003 at 12:37 PM Rating: Decent
78 posts
Not sure about other haste spells, but I can assure it stacks with Vallon Quickening/ Speed of Vallon, but not with Talisman of Alacrity
RE: Stacking
# Nov 27 2003 at 1:29 AM Rating: Default
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It does not stack with any shaman haste spells.
Talisman of Alacrity
or Swift like the Wind

it will stack with any 50+ enchanter haste however I beleive!

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RE: Stacking
# Dec 08 2003 at 2:32 AM Rating: Default
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It does not stack with any shaman haste spells.
Talisman of Alacrity
or Swift like the Wind

That's right. It's all the more strange since ToAlacrity WILL stack with some chanter's haste... thought Eyepatch's clicky haste worked like a Bard song

> it will stack with any 50+ enchanter haste
> however I beleive!

won't stack with Visions of Grandeur either for some reason
RE: Stacking
# Feb 12 2004 at 2:16 AM Rating: Good
148 posts
Okay, so some of the spell slots stack for the effect... but does the actuall haste stack, or does it just take the quicker of the two spells?
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RE: Stacking
# Feb 22 2004 at 3:07 PM Rating: Default
308 posts
The haste components of spells and *most* bard songs will not stack. You will receive your haste from the most powerful spell haste component, and all other spell haste components will not be used.

There are a couple of bard haste songs that will stack with spell haste, but they are very specific songs, and will only add a small amount of haste. It seems like most people don't even bother using these songs, though.

Usually, a more powerful haste buff will over-write a less powerful haste buff, but it is possible to have more than one haste-type buff in effect on your character. However, most of the time this is because one of the buffs has effects in addition to haste; you do not receive additional haste from the buff, but you will still receive the other effects of the buff. For example, a monk can use Captain Nalot's Quickening (Eyepatch of Plunder), Jonthan's Whistling Warsong (Robe of the Whistling Fists, Whistling Fists), and Celestial Tranquility (Celestial Fists), all at the same time, but they only receive the 40% haste from Celestial Tranquility; Captain Nalot's Quickening (20% haste) is not used, and they receive no haste from Jonthan's Whistling Warsong (25% haste), however they do receive the additional AC and STR from Jonthan's Whistling Warsong.
Little help here
# Oct 15 2003 at 11:13 PM Rating: Default
8 posts
can any1 explain this quest front to back zone to mob in a language that is understood to Ps that are not uber?
RE: Little help here
# Oct 24 2003 at 10:57 AM Rating: Excellent
16 posts
I'll be happy to. Simply, you must acquire 4 items.

First Piece of an Iceclad Map this is dropped by a named wolf, A Dire Wolf Stalker. Kill everything in the area of n5708, p5944 and he'll eventually pop.

Second Part of an Iceclad Map this drops a griffon named Stormfeather. This is arguably the hardest, not because he's a tough mob, but because he has a very long spawn time. Anywhere from 19-36 hours. He spawns on one of the last islands, near a group of gnomes. Sorry, not sure of exact loc, atm.

Third Part of an Iceclad Map this is a mini-quest in Great Divide. Kill Tizmaks til you get a No Drop meat. Now find Bloodmaw, he's located in the cave system below Velks entrance. Give him the meat, then talk to the gnome captive, who'll give you his piece of the map.

Fourth Part of an Iceclad Map These drop off of Lodizal. He drops two every time.

Ok, now that you have the four pieces, speak to the lost pirate. say "I will find the parts of the map". He'll give you a Lore, No Drop book, which is a 4 slot container. You may need to zone out in order to use it. Put all 4 pieces in the book and combine. Now give it back to the Lost Pirate, and he'll give you back a Completed Iceclad Map. Take this to Captain Nalot, and he'll give you the Eyepatch of Plunder.

You can get the book at any time, just remember to leave a spot in inventory for it, since it is a container.

(Note, some of this taken verbatim from other postings)
RE: Little help here
# Jan 04 2004 at 9:11 PM Rating: Default
Stormfeather spawns at ~ 660,5950

Saw this with my own eyes, just didn't see it FIRST. #@$$@# Still camping....

Edited, Sun Jan 4 21:13:18 2004
RE: Little help here
# May 15 2004 at 6:44 PM Rating: Decent
4 posts

Reverse the 2 numbers and you have the correct spawn point.

The location you have given (660, 5950) would put you somewhere near the port in site.

5950, 660 is correct.
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RE: Little help here
# Oct 16 2003 at 1:11 PM Rating: Decent
39 posts
Whoa there, explane it a little better, man! Then maybe I can help.
I believe that blood and gore is only for the innocent.
#Fallgore, Posted: Oct 01 2003 at 12:29 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) I wish we could send verant tells and info on what we need... LIKE THIS! I tried to camp this guy for 8 hours, and I have school too, which makes it 100times harder..... I wish Verant would make this about a 8 hour spawn, not a 17-22 hour spawn. Cause this really sucks, not only a 17hour spawn, but then he can skip his spawning, which makes this much more aggrevating. *grr....*
RE: Wish this would work...
# Oct 15 2003 at 7:28 AM Rating: Default
9 posts

You SEEMS to have the approach of "noobie " D&D;
"Roll One 6-sided Die
1-3 You find the treasure
4-6 Roll again"

Or why not sign for a complete "Plane of Time" equipment set, when loggin into game for the first time...
#Fallgore, Posted: Oct 01 2003 at 12:29 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) I wish we could send verant tells and info on what we need... LIKE THIS! I tried to camp this guy for 8 hours, and I have school too, which makes it 100times harder..... I wish Verant would make this about a 8 hour spawn, not a 17-22 hour spawn. Cause this really sucks, not only a 17hour spawn, but then he can skip his spawning, which makes this much more aggrevating. *grr....*
effect question
# Sep 26 2003 at 10:34 AM Rating: Decent
67 posts
In the above description, it posts the effect as being triggered. I've seen other posts that list it as a proc. I'm wondering, is this a right clickable haste to cast? Can it be cast on others or only on yourself? Or is this simply a proc, like the fleeting fury proc on the iksar berserker's club? Thanks in advance for the info.
#Edontulate, Posted: Oct 12 2003 at 4:07 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Proc? not unless you think u can swing you Face at a mob...
RE: effect question
# Oct 10 2003 at 9:12 PM Rating: Decent
105 posts
Self only 20% haste. right click.
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