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Commemorative Wooden Coin  

This item is placeable in yards, guild yards, houses and guild halls.
CHA: +50
WT: 0.1 Size: TINY
Class: ALL
Race: ALL
Item Lore:A collectable coin from a memorable time
Item Type:Misc
Lucy Entry By:unknown
Updated By:Cordite
Updated:Thu Oct 9th, 2008

Rarity: Common
Level to Attain: 1

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Item Lore: A collectable coin from a memorable time

Vendor purchasable during EverQuest's fifth and sixth anniversaries.


Uploaded November 27th, 2008
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10th anniversary
# Mar 19 2009 at 9:37 PM Rating: Decent
4 posts
As of 10th anniversary it is no longer sold.
Not available during 7th?
# Apr 13 2006 at 4:16 AM Rating: Decent
6 posts
Anyone know if this coin can still be gotten while 7th anniversary is going on?
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# Mar 18 2005 at 3:39 AM Rating: Decent
5 posts
His Location is in OT outside the Fort past the first Golem from the PoK book at location 2214.76, 2260.83, neg 49.03
# Mar 17 2005 at 12:53 PM Rating: Default
This now goes in Range and has + 50 Cha
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RE: Updated
# Mar 17 2005 at 4:11 PM Rating: Default
175 posts
Confirmed it does and Festive Doll has +15 to all major stats. And there's also a stat food "sold" on same NPC for FREE,but it's Lore so can only buy one stack at a time. hehe :-)
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# Apr 03 2004 at 3:28 AM Rating: Decent
Have no ider also... at sea right now so I can't try and find out either. Oh well almost back and i can drink some wine,or beer and play some eq!!!!
# Apr 02 2004 at 5:15 AM Rating: Decent
8 posts
I am trying to find out...Identified, nothing really interesting...
Future Quest?
# Mar 24 2004 at 12:19 AM Rating: Decent
312 posts
My guess is that at some point they will create a quest to reward those who bought these or something, maybe like, turn this in toa certain NPC and they will give you a good/fun item
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RE: Future Quest?
# Jun 12 2004 at 7:51 PM Rating: Decent
175 posts
Gee you had the same dream I would be nice if it was true. But it's EQ so it's unlikely. Just junk wasting space I'm sure
"Newbies are future experts who haven't yet learned what the rest of us already know,so degrading someone as a "noob" is itself an act of ignorance."--RWM
RE: Future Quest?
# Mar 18 2005 at 9:17 AM Rating: Decent
550 posts
This singlehandedly gets rid of 2 steins I've kept in my inventory for selling... I've found that buying/selling using the steins I bought has easily paid for itself 10x over.

Getting one for each character I have...
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This item
# Mar 20 2004 at 6:41 PM Rating: Decent
2,308 posts
No cost. It is free. You can get it and the doll for nothing at the same person who gives out the firework quest.
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Where do I find this?
# Mar 19 2004 at 10:11 PM Rating: Decent
27 posts
Anyone know where I purchase this or any of the food? (like hard candy etc). Cant find the Merchants for the 5th year events
RE: Where do I find this?
# Mar 19 2004 at 10:50 PM Rating: Decent
99 posts
Check your home city for a new NPC. It's the same one that gives out the scavenger hunt.

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RE: Where do I find this?
# Mar 20 2004 at 1:24 PM Rating: Decent
27 posts
# Mar 19 2004 at 8:19 PM Rating: Default
241 posts
So far its just something to take up space in the bank. I still got one for all my charactors.
# Mar 19 2004 at 7:48 PM Rating: Decent
143 posts
On what this may be for?

Edited, Fri Mar 19 20:05:10 2004
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