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Bloody Kithicor: The Final Battle Vol. III  

WT: 0.5 Size: SMALL
Language:Common Tongue
Item Type:Book
Submitted By:Fleven
Lucy Entry By:Kerasota
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Planes of Power Item

Rarity: Common
Level to Attain: N/A

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Book Text:

As Lord Tephys fell Firiona
Vie moved to assist him but
she quickly realized that she
was too late to save her
companion. Lanys T'Vyl
sprung upon Firiona like a
hunting cat after it's prey.
Firiona was surprised by the
uninhibited fury of Lanys
T'Vyl and by the sheer
strength of her blows.
Shifting her weight she dug
the side of her foot firmly
into the ground in a back
stance as she began to parry
the fierce thrusts and savage
slashes of Innoruuk's chosen.

Again and again, Lanys's
weapons struck down upon
Firiona's shield and sword.
Unlike Lord Tephys, she was
able to withstand the force
of her attacks. She did not

forget the training she
received from her mentor
Galeth. She realized the
importance of remaining calm
and level headed during
combat. Firiona and Lanys
were polar opposites on the
field of combat. Lanys foamed
at the mouth and struck
viscously while Firiona was
calm, almost relaxed, as she
turned aside her blows.
Biding her time and saving
her strength, Firiona simply
parried the blows of Lanys

Laarthik and Galeth continued
their deadly ballet. The body
that housed Laarthik's evil
soul was young and strong but
Galeth's old body was growing
weak. Little by little, he
felt himself loosing his

edge. He began to realize,
that this was a battle that
he could not win. He resolved
himself to hold off Laarthik
for as long as possible,
regardless of the outcome.

As Lanys's attack continued
against Firiona, the Chosen
of Tunare noticed the fury
begin to fade just a bit from
the dark elf's strikes. In a
single fluid motion, the
Paladin parried both of her
opponents blades downward
with her single sword as she
circled swiftly to the side
of Lanys. Swinging her shield
in a back handed motion as
she spun, she struck Lanys
brutally in the back of the
head, pushing her off balance

Though surprised and
momentarily dazed by the
sudden attack, Lanys regained
her composure in time to turn
aside the deadly sword thrust
that was aimed directly for
her midsection. It was from
this point forth, that
Firiona took the offensive.
This time it was she who
struck again and again, with
Lanys continually backing up
under the force of her blows.

Swarms of tiny insects began
to swarm around the battle
and the ground began to
tremble at the Great Mother's
displeasure. Firiona seemed
to grow in stature and her
golden hair began to shine
brilliantly as she was filled
with the love of the Mother
and surrounded by her

protection. She waged her
battle against the chosen of
Innoruuk without mercy,
making known the full
displeasure of the Tunare.

Lanys was becoming weak
and faltered under the
righteous anger. Her eyes,
once a blaze of hate and
fury were now glazed and
filled with exhaustion.
Defending herself
grimly, she called out,
"Laarthik, please help me!"

Hearing the cry of help from
his student and the chosen of
his race and god, Laarthik
was filled with a new found
rage. Roaring like a lion, he
drove the pummel of his sword
straight across and onto the
temple of the tiring Galeth

Veredeth. The savage blow
was too much for the High
Paladin of Tunare. Galeth,
for the first time in his
long life, fell before an
opponent on the field of
battle, bleeding and

Seeing the gravity of the
situation, Laarthik pulled
the large glowing blue sphere
found by the goblin Nurgal,
from out of his breastplate.
The orb glowing brightly,
pulsed and vibrated in
Laarthik's hands. The air
resonated and hummed with
energy. Holding the orb to
the sky, he cried out in a
strangled voice, "Innoruuk!
In the name of Lanys T'Vyl,
I beseech you! Attend her!"
The energy contained within

the orb was released.

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