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Bloody Kithicor: The Final Battle Vol. I  

WT: 0.5 Size: SMALL
Language:Common Tongue
Item Type:Book
Submitted By:Fleven
Lucy Entry By:Kerasota
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Planes of Power Item

Rarity: Common
Level to Attain: N/A

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Book Text:

All throughout Antonica,
forces were being prepared
for war. Quartermasters
scrambled to equip hastily
recruited troops. Men both
military and mundane trained
and practiced diligently on
both sides for what would
surely be a most terrible
war. Anyone who could
carry a weapon, carried one
during those days for none
knew when the army of dark
elves would advance.

The Teir'Dal likewise
prepared. They were confident
that they would be
successful. Indeed, they
had the blessing of Innoruuk
and his very daughter Lanys
T'Vyl to lead them. Together
with her mentor Laarthik
K'Shin, the two would lead

their great army against the
forces of High Keep further
increasing the strength of
the nation of Teir'Dal and
dividing the two cities
Qeynos and Freeport, setting
up a stranglehold upon the
races of light.

The morning was rainy and
cold when the dark elves
began their march. Lead by
Laarthik K'Shin and Lanys
T'Vyl, the hordes of Teir'Dal
were a consuming fire upon
the common lands. Platoons
of Teir'Dal broke off to
crush the rag-tag bands of
allied forces that rose to
stop their advance.
Regardless of the opposition
they faced, Lanys and
Laarthik pushed forward
toward their goal.

All around the sounds of
war rang out, metal against
metal, battle cries and
screams of the dying.

As the army approached
Kithicor forest, a rear guard
was left behind to prevent
the advancement of any of the
races of light through the
common lands. It was then
that the army began to
splinter and spread
throughout Kithicor forest
like a goblet of wine spilled
upon a table. Slinking
through the forest, a group
of 30 Teir'Dal crept into
Rivervale. They struck
quickly and the peaceful
halfling city was occupied
and subjugated under the
brutal heel of the dark elven
oppressors with little or to

no resistance. The Teir'Dal
raided the shops and took
whatever meager wealth the
halflings had. Any who
protested were quickly struck
down by the new rulers of

As the army continued to work
its way through the forest,
they began to meet with
heavier resistance as the
allied races of light sprang
forth from their hiding
places and ambushed the
Dark Elves. Battles began
to erupt in every corner
of the forest. As quickly
as a Teir'Dal was struck
down, another would come
forward to take its place.
As soon as a Teir'Dal
platoon would survive one
ambush, they would be

ambushed yet again.
Both armies were relentless.
Neither side could tell who
was winning. The smell of
death and of blood began to
replace the usually fragrant
smells of the forest.

Lord Tephys, Galeth Veredeth
and Firiona Vie waited just
outside the entrance to High
Pass with the assembled
forces of the Paladins of
Tunare and all others that
were willing to assist them.
The situation was very grave.
The armies approach was
heralded by a stampede of
frightened animals all
scurrying in fear of the
approaching dark elven
menace. It was shortly
thereafter that they began to
hear the sound of marching

boots, the clang of weapons,
and the rattle of armor
peppered with the occasional
scream approaching through
the forest.

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