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Bloody Kithicor: The Council Vol. II  

WT: 0.5 Size: SMALL
Language:Common Tongue
Item Type:Book
Submitted By:Fleven
Lucy Entry By:Kerasota
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Planes of Power Item

Rarity: Common
Level to Attain: N/A

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Book Text:

"Perhaps you are not alone
as you think my friends,"
said a voice from the crowd.
Two high elves step forward,
resplendent in their ornate
armor. One, an older male
with lines of battle etched
into his face, the other is a
younger female with the
beauty of a goddess herself.
Both appeared to be a bit
travel worn but fully armed.

Lord Tephys stood, an
obvious wave of relief
flashing across his face.
"Ladies and Gentlemen of
the council, allow me to
introduce Galeth Veredeth,
High Paladin of Tunare and
chief advisor to King Thearis
Thex." The members of the
council were impressed and
quickly invited the newcomers

to join their meeting.

"Thank you Tephys my old
friend," Galeth said with a
look of sympathy for the
tired elven Lord. "The young
lady accompanying me is
Firiona Vie, Paladin of
Tunare and my finest student

Firiona bowed politely to the
table saying, "The honor is
mine your lordships."

"Ah yes!" said Tephys with
sudden recognition. "You
have truly grown in the grace
of Tunare since last I saw
you young Firiona, we
welcome you to our table.
Now, please tell me you
bring good news Galeth."

"Indeed I do," replied the
Paladin. "I'm pleased to
announce that the entirety
of the Paladins of Tunare
are at your disposal."

Cheers erupted from the
council and the crowd.
Galeth holds up his hand for
silence and continues, "As
we speak our legions are
sailing across the Ocean of
Tears and should arrive in
a fortnight. The remainder
of the Koada'Dal forces shall
have to remain in Faydark
however, as we are constantly
besieged by the orcs of
Crushbone. This is all King
Tearis can spare. The only
stipulation we insist upon is
that Lord Tephys must lead
the armies defending

Lord Tephys attempted to
argue against this at first,
but was quickly and
unanimously outvoted as the
entire council, led by Carson
McCabe, insisted that it was
a grand idea. A messenger
stepped forward and
whispered something in
Carson's ear.

Carson stood with a smile on
his face and spoke, "In
addition to this most
fortunate news, I've just
been informed that
adventurers from all over
Norrath are volunteering by
the dozens to aid our cause!"
Again the crowd and council
were swept away by rampant
cheers of thanks.

Lord Tephys once again stood
and addressing everyone said,
"With that said gentlemen, I
believe this council is
adjourned. We all have a lot
of plans to make and little
time to spare. By the grace
of Tunare, we just might have
a chance."

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