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Bloody Kithicor: Nurgal's Stone Vol. I  

WT: 0.5 Size: SMALL
Item Lore:Bloody Kithicor: Nurgle's Stone Vol. I
Language:Common Tongue
Item Type:Book
Submitted By:Fleven
Lucy Entry By:Kerasota
Item Updated By:Gidono
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Page Updated:Thu Oct 9th, 2008
Planes of Power Item

Rarity: Common
Level to Attain: N/A

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Vendor listing - Premium only

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Book Text:

The goblins of the pickclaw
tribe were not known for
their wit. In fact, because
of their extreme lack of
intelligence, they have been
abused in trades by just
about every merchant in
Norrath. If one were to
wonder why the citizens of
Highkeep permit the clan to
live in the mines beneath
their homes, the answer is
quite simple, they are good
miners and they trade the
ores cheaply.

The goblins would slave day
in and day out looking for
the "shiny rocks" for which
the stupid humans gave
them coin. The fact that
these same rocks actually
made the coin is a feature
that has escaped them

thus far.

In addition to the humans of
Highkeep, the goblins also
make secret trades with both
the Teir'Dal of Neriak and
the Koada'Dal of Faydwer.
The Teir'Dal would reward
the goblins with decent arms
and generally paid the best.
They were dangerous to deal
with as they were just as
likely to kill you as pay
you. Trading with the
Koada'Dal was rather
uncommon. The Koada'Dal
only came seeking the few
rare stones they used to
create their arcane runes,
which was fine for the
pickclaws as no one else
wanted those dull looking

The pickclaw miner Nurgal
was on par intellectually
with of the rest his clan.
Nurgal was quite happy this
day as he had found a new
vein in his section of the
mines. In fact, he'd already
pulled three shiny yellow
bricks today and was sure
to get at least a fistful of
copper for them! After
chipping a few more layers
he hit something very hard
with his pick, so hard that
his pick bent.

"Whaza!" he exclaimed.

In the crevice he revealed
was a slightly glowing blue
rock. "Hmm," he thought,
"me never seen a blue rock
afore." He tried chipping
at a little bit more but

could not even put a scratch
into it. Finally in a
display of rare brilliance,
and after ruining several
more tools, he decided to
carve around the rock and
yank it out.

The rock was spherical in
shape, about 8 inches in
diameter. Nurgal's eyes
gleamed with a dull brilliance
as he guessed how many
allies he could buy with
this rare find.
He quickly concealed
it in his belt pouch, wary as
always that some of the
larger goblins might see it
and take it from him. He
quickly scrambled out of the
hole he was working in and
started off to the city to
find the dark elf ambassador.

The dark elves had always
given Nurgal the best prices
for rare finds, and this
would be no exception he

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