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Delicacies of the Deep  

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Language:Common Tongue
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Book Text:

Delicacies of the Deep

In the time that I have
spent sailing the Gulf of
Gunthak, I have found many
types of sea creatures
here. I tried cooking them
all, being the culinary
expert that I am, and have
decided to list some
recipes for the more
flavorful dishes!

Sea Cucumber Soup
While the sea cucumber does
not have a lot of taste on
its own, it has the ability
to absorb a lot of flavor!
Over an open fire I cooked
the Sea Cucumber in a Pot
with a Jug of Sauces, and a
packet of Spices. The
flavor was very nice, and
warms the soul.

Abalone Steaks
Fishing for Abalone is a
hard task. Their shells
make it hard to catch them.
A net is almost required,
but sometimes you can snag
one on your line. I used a
simple recipe to cook them
because they have a flavor
that I did not wish to
drown out. I cooked them
over a fire with spices and
some butter. What a nice

Crispy Gourami
Gourami are small but tasty
fish. For them I decided
to fry them up! Using my
trusty non-stick frying pan
and some butter to add some
flavor, I fried the Gunthak
Gourami. It turned out ok;

I still prefer some of the
other recipes to this one.

Dried Seaweed
Ahh, the Bay Seaweed. What
an unflavorful thing it is!
I made this recipe on one
trip when the fishing was
extremely poor and the only
thing I could catch was
clumps of Seaweed. Using
some spices to try to add
some flavor and a smoker I
dried it out. Doing this
helped to make it last a
very long time.

Sea Urchin Stew
The sea urchin is very
tasty when made into a
stew. Take a pot and mix
in some cream, vegetables,
and the sea urchin. After
simmering for a bit the

flavor will mix together
and come out as a very
delightful stew.

Grilled Eel
Grilled eel has to be my
favorite recipe of the
deep! After the grueling
exercise of actually
catching a moray eel I set
to work to fry it. I
decided to drown them in a
Jug of Sauces then cook
them over the fire while on
Skewers. Oh what a treat!


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