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Deadtime Stories of Bertoxxulous Vol. III  

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Language:Common Tongue
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Rarity: Common
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Book Text:

Fall of the Wemmal
Royal Family

The Wemmal Family had ruled
their small island in the
middle of the endless sea for
years. Not knowing of the
other continents and lands of
their world, it was a
self-contained island filled
with peace. One day that
changed, for chance brought
the sole survivor of a
shipwreck to a beach on their
land. The survivor was
Banford Paffa a cook
from a pirate ship that
had been wrecked in a
nasty storm. The islanders
discovered him on one of the
beautiful beaches and brought
him to the royal family.

The Wemmal's were taken

with this seemingly charming
pirate from lands unknown.
They offered him a position
on the cooking staff for he
knew many exotic dishes
previously unknown to the
islanders. However, the
Wemmal's would soon learn
that their new cook had a
dark secret. Banford was a
worshipper of Bertoxxulous,
the Lord of Decay. He set to
slowly poisoning the food
he served to the royal
family. Soon after all of
the royal family became sick
and dying. It was discovered
that Banford had been
poisoning them, but by then
it was to late, and the
Wemmals were dead. The
islanders maddened by grief
for their beloved royals
lynched Banford and hung

his corpse from the islands
tallest tree. Bertoxxulous
pleased with what Banford
accomplished gave him a new
form in the Plane of Disease,
where he now serves his lord
for eternity.

Origins of the Bubonians

In the deepest depths of some
forgotten tomb, Tarkon Praez,
a necromancer in service to
Bertoxxulous, was performing
experiments on a tribe of rat
men that he had previously
enslaved. During this time he
bred a variety of rat men,
but none of them were what
he wanted. Tarkon wanted a
ravenous, festering, and foul
breed that would strike
terror and fear into the

hearts of the pure. Tarkon
decided to pray one day to
his dark god for guidance.

After many hours of prayers,
foul rituals and sacrifices,
Bertoxxulous enlightened
Tarkon with a vision of what
he must do. He would travel
to the farthest reaches and
find the necessary
components to perform
a ritual of the darkest evil.
The four components
Tarkon was to gather were
a unicorn heart, tail of a
phoenix, tears of a virgin,
and the blood of a faerie.
After many trials and
tribulations he had gathered
the necessary components
and began the dark ritual.
What took form was more
than he expected. An

extremely evil crazed race
of rat men that carried a
foul plague in their blood
and minds. He dubbed them
the Bubonians and set them
on the land.

The Bubonians tore apart the
lands near the tomb of their
creation, spreading disease,
death, and destruction
wherever they went. They
continued unhindered for a
time, until they were
banished from the world by
a good and noble order of
knights. Bertoxxulous took
the Bubonians into the Crypt
of Decay and that is where
they have festered ever
since, waiting to lay waste
to the world once again.


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