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Deadtime Stories of Bertoxxulous Vol. II  

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Language:Common Tongue
Item Type:Book
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Planes of Power Item

Rarity: Common
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Book Text:

The Tale of Toluwon

In the Plains of Karana in
a time not so long ago, the
clergy of Karana erected a
small temple in honor of The
Rainkeeper. Among those
present at the building of
this temple was Young
Toluwon, a promising cleric
that had recently been raised
up from the position of
Acolyte. Young Toluwon
was one of the most promising
clerics to come in years. He
had shown wisdom beyond
his years, mastered the
honored rituals of Karana
in a short time, and
performed the extremely
difficult Ritual of Thunder
and Lightning for the first
time in centuries.
However, all this was soon

to come to an end for Young
Toluwon for he had a
different path to walk.

Young Toluwon returned home
soon after helping finish up
the final building stages of
the temple. He had to visit
his love in the nearby city
of Qeynos. When he arrived at
his lover's house, he found a
small note asking him to meet
her at a private locale.
Concerned, Toluwon made his
way immediately to the
locale, to find something he
could not believe. His lover
was a worshipper of the dark
god Bertoxxulous. She was
with a group of people in
brown robes muttering chants
to the Lord of Decay. Once he
overcame his disbelief he
knew what he must do. He

would join her, for she was
more important to him than
anything else.

When the decision was made,
the worshipers of
Bertoxxulous immediately sent
Toluwon out to prove his
faith. They sent him against
his old brethren at the newly
built temple in the Plains of
Karana. When he arrived the
priests were surprised to see
him back so early for they
knew he loved his woman
dearly. He assured them
everything was all right, and
told them that he needed to
get some rest. Little did
they know what dark plans
were about to unfold. In the
dead of night Toluwon crept
around and slit the throats
of each priest within the

temple. Then performing a
dark ritual told to him by
the priests of Bertoxxulous
he desecrated the newly
erected temple. Toluwon had
now become a full-fledged
member of Bertoxxulous'
clergy. This is how Bishop
Toluwon came to join the
legions of corruption.

Rise of Avhi Escron

Thousands of years ago in
lands long gone there was a
prophecy of power. It said
'One shall be born perched
between light and darkness.
They will grow and one day
shroud the world in golden
light or encompassing
darkness. For they will

choose.' Avhi Escron was
born shortly thereafter. She
was the child foretold in the
prophecy and the forces of
light and dark waged war over
her. As time passed Avhi
began to show signs of
extreme magical power,
unmatched by any ever known
to the world. The time for
her to choose was fast

As the time came upon her
Avhi was tempted by the
forces of dark with images
of unseen power, wealth
beyond imagining, and
endless lands to rule.
With these images in her
mind, Avhi chose the side
of evil, and the world fell
into an encompassing

The ancient evil, known today
as Bertoxxulous, was among
the powers that she now

Decay and corruption became
a daily part of Avhi's life
as she explored the dark arts
of necromancy, creating new
dark rituals, and spells
became commonplace as she
reached the pinnacle of her
power. Eventually Avhi
declared herself fully in the
service of the Lord of Decay.
Soon after she brought down
a mighty spell of foul
corruption upon the kingdoms,
laying waste to huge tracts
of land. And so Avhi
continued until one day she
was raised to the side of her
lord in the Plane of Disease.


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