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From Pond to Paladin Vol. II  

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Planes of Power Item

Rarity: Common
Level to Attain: 1

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Book Text:

Morell-Thule, the forsaken
son of Cazic, and brother of
Terris, took notice of Terris
manipulations of the
slumbering God, for while
Terris is the Queen of
Nightmares, Morell is the
King of Dreams. For reasons
unknown, perhaps simply to
foul the plans of his wicked
father and sister,
Morell-Thule stole the gift
of life that had been taken
from the slumbering
Mithaniel and escaped into
his Demi-Plane of Dreams.
Knowing that his enraged
family would soon visit his
home, Morell divided
Mithaniels Gift of Life,
scattering one half across
all the swamps of Norrath,
the sacred lands of his

father, Cazic-Thule.

Where Mithaniels Gift of
Life fell upon the swamps
of Norrath, the first Froglok
Tads were born. Those first
Tads had the hardest trials
of our people. Until that
point, the swamps belonged
only to the foul and
destructive creatures of the
dark gods. Fortunately the
gift of life that had brought
our first ancestors into
being also empowered them
with the bravery and valor
Mithaniel Marr had
exhibited during his trials
in the mortal realms.

Once the swamps had been
seeded with the first of our
kind, the Lord of Dreams,
Morell-Thule, visited

Mithaniel Marr's twin
sister, Erollisi Marr. While
the Goddess of Love
blissfully rested in the
lands of the fair elves,
Morell-Thule visited her in
a dream and gave to her the
second half of Mithaniel's
Gift of Life. It was soon to
be evident to the fair elves
that their visiting daughter
of the Gods was with child
and they took her to an
uninhabited region of the
frozen northlands of
Antonica, where they could
tend to and guard her in

While the elves watched
after Erollisi, the first of
our ancestors grew from
Tads into adult Frogloks,
and Morell-Thule gifted

them with dreams of the
imprisoned Mithaniel Marr,
and visions of a means to
free the brave son of
Tarrew. So it came to pass
that from all the swamps of
Norrath, the first Frogloks
rose in arms against the
minions of Cazic-Thule,
fighting valiantly to the
site of Mithaniel Marrs
imprisonment, guided by
visions from the Lord of

For uncounted years the
Frogloks battled the evil
inhabitants of Norraths
swamplands, learning the
lessons of both victory and
defeat. Alas, Cazic-Thule
is an ancient and powerful
God and his minions are
numerous and diverse. Try

as they might, the ancestor
Frogloks could not reach
their imprisoned God, but
never did they cease their
efforts, despite the
daunting odds.

Then, after some time, a
small army arrived on the
borders of the swamp that
was Mithaniel Marrs prison.
Not an army of Frogloks,
but an army of Northmen,
the children of Erollisi
Marr. They too had been
guided by visions and dreams
of the imprisoned God from
whose life they were
conceived. Seeking justice
for the imprisonment of their
father, the Northmen joined
with the Froglok armies and
the alliance of Froglok and
Man succeeded in freeing

their father Mithaniel Marr.
The minions of Cazic-Thule
and the Avatar of Fear
himself fell before the
unity and valor of the
children of Marr. For the
first time in the history of
Norrath, the swamps were
not safe for the evil
creations of the dark gods.

It was in the brave and
selfless actions of the
ancestor Frogloks and
Northmen that Mithaniel
Marr discovered the mortal
trait of Valor, and because
of Morell-Thule's honorable
delivering of the truth of
our origins to our ancestors
in visions and dream,
Mithaniel also chose to
champion the virtue of
honesty as well as valor.

Such is the tale of my
Lord Mithaniel Marr, and
the origins of my fellow
Frogloks, and of our distant
brethren, the race of Men.
It is a shame that so many
of our kind, as well as
many of the race of men,
have strayed from the
virtues of our ancestors.
May Mithaniel Marr bless
us, his faithful servants,
with the powers to redeem
our fallen kin from the
clutches of evil.


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