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Glorious Armor of Horizon's Void  

WT: 0.1 Size: SMALL
Language:Common Tongue
Item Type:Book
Merchant Value:99 pp 9 gp 9 sp 9 cp
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The Burning Lands Item

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Rarity: Common
Level to Attain: N/A

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Vendor listing - Premium only

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Book Text:

Glorious Armor of Horizon's

For the finest armor you will
ever find anywhere in all of
the planes, you must make a
comfortable home for a Jinn.
If your muhbis is adequate,
the jinn that inhabits your
armor will grant it glorious

Making an attractive muhbis
begins with quality
materials. Don't go mucking
about in the ground nor
ripping the skins from the beasts of Norrath.
Instead, seek out Sun
Piercing Bodhissatva for
quality supplies.

For the basics:
Create mighty heavenly steel
plates by hammering a small

brick of high quality ore with
a smithy hammer and quenching
it in water and a primordial
dynastic radiance.

Similarly, make exultant
beneficent steel rings with
the same ore, but extrude it
into a wire and cut and shape
it with pliers. Quench the
same way.

You should work with the
finest square of refined
leather to make an incomparable
harmonious leather square.
You'll need some tanning
chemicals thinned with a
primordial dynastic radiance
and, of course, a sewing

Finally, for a luxurious silk,
beneficent flawless silk

swatch, start with only the
finest silk, and prepare it
with some primordial dynastic
radiance. A simple thread will
go fine with it as the silk
will stand out all the more.
If I need to tell you what
tool you need, why are you
reading this book?

Once you have these, you are
not done. Combine one of each
into a beneficent harmonious
transmogrifant patch. You will
use filament silk thread to
bind the parts together. A
sewing needle, smithy hammer,
and pliers will come in handy
for fine adjustments.

Now. The muhbis. The magic of
the jinn will transform their
new muhbis home to match the
will of their owner. So, you

are doing is providing base
materials for the Jinn to work
with. It will convert as
You can do this as
blacksmithing or tailoring.
For tailoring use silk
patterns with a sewing needle,
and for blacksmithing use a
hammer and a plate pattern.
Bracers and gloves require a
single patch, Boots, helms,
and sleeves require two, the
legs require three and the
chest item requires four.

Only those jinn in a
diminished inhabited muhbis
will be interested in the
adamant triumphant cloud
binding muhbis. To attract a
jinn in an exultant inhabited
muhbis, add five primordial
dynastic radiance to make a

heavenly glorious void binding

To use a muhbis, the one who
wants their armor will need a
binding muhbis, appropriate
for what they want, an emblem
for their class and an adamant
triumphant cloud subsumption
or heavenly glorious void

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