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Brantun's Kitchen Note  

WT: 0.0 Size: SMALL
Item Lore:An encoded note left by Brantun the halfling
Language:Common Tongue
Item Type:Book
Lucy Entry By:Durew [Kratos] - Luclin
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Rain of Fear Item

Rarity: Common
Level to Attain: 100

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This item is a ground spawn.
Quests: This item is used in quests.
Valley of King Xorbb

Zone(s) Found In:
Book Text:

From the hand of Brantun:

If you ever read this,
Thistlebrush, you will know my
rage. You will see it in
every jagged stroke my pen
makes. The goblins found
us. Barleyburr stood with my
sword brandished, ready to
defend me, but the large
goblin with a club knocked
the weapon away and threw
Barleyburr to the ground. I
could do nothing, so weak
was I with loss of blood.
We were dragged through the
tunnels and berated by the
goblins. To them, Thistlebrush,
we are nothing but food. No
fear did the one with the
club show when he locked us
within this kitchen and
began beating us.
"Tenderizing the weak

little halflings," he
called his task. He has
left us here, unbound. No
doubt he thinks we are no
threat. The cleaver he
carelessly left on the
cutting board will prove
him wrong!

From the hand of Barleyburr:

I cannot watch. It is
horrible! Thistlebrush, I have
taken refuge under a
kitchen table and in this
message. If only I could
write without taking my
fingers out of my ears! I
can still hear the thuds
and smacks of metal cutting
deep into clammy flesh.
When a small goblin burst
into the kitchen, Brantun
leapt to his feet and was

upon the creature in a
moment -- I don't know how
Brantun managed with such
injuries! He sprawled the
goblin out atop one of the
tables, next to -- I wish
it weren't so -- one of our
halfling brethren already
gutted and skinned. I never
saw such rage in my life as
Brantun smashed the cleaver
into the middle of the
goblin's face, cutting a
valley that flooded with
black blood. The goblin
kept jerking and shrieking
as Brantun cut and cut,
turning that hideous goblin
face into a black slew of
broken flesh and bone. Even
now, after the goblin has
long stopped moving, I hear
the swinging and plunging
of the cleaver as Brantun

takes revenge on behalf of
our kind. I wish he would
stop, Thistlebrush. This is not
good for one's soul! But he
is coming toward me now,
limping, hands and arms
covered in blood. He's
grabbing for the bo--

From the hand of Brantun:

It is done. It may not have
been the one with the club,
but the goblins will know
better than to think us
defenseless. We are making
our escape now, pressing
deeper toward our goal.
Thistlebrush, if Reyalie or
Feltwine have delivered you
this message, we need your
help. Give to us a
distraction. Preoccupy the
goblins that we might delve

deeper toward the heart of
terror. We will remain in
hiding, if possible, until
you can accomplish this.
And tell Barleyburr, when you
see him, that some things,
though terrible, must be
done for the sake of
survival and the pride of
our kind.

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