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Brantun's Forest Note  

WT: 0.0 Size: SMALL
Item Lore:An encoded note left by Brantun the halfling
Language:Common Tongue
Item Type:Book
Lucy Entry By:Durew [Kratos] - Luclin
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Rain of Fear Item

Rarity: Common
Level to Attain: 100

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This item is a ground spawn.
Quests: This item is used in quests.
Valley of King Xorbb

Zone(s) Found In:
Book Text:

From the hand of Brantun:

I should have kept a closer
watch on Barleyburr. Ham? Of all
the stupid things he could
have done, carrying a pack
full of it into a forest
infested with bears was
likely the worst. Last
night we crawled beneath
the forest brush and peered
behind the rocks and
branches, scouting a breach
in the hillside. The
walking trees were awake,
sharpening their axes,
glancing into the darkness
with watchful eyes. There
was no chance we would
enter without spilling
blood. I considered
climbing the hillside
behind the brutes and
jumping between their

horns, staking their skulls
from crown to jaw with my
sword. But my time of
consideration was cut short
by a din of snapping
branches roaring at us from
our left. I grabbed Barleyburr
by the collar and sprinted
through the brush as two
massive bears charged. We
tore through the forest,
ignoring our bloodied feet
as we stumbled over rocks
and downed branches. With
few moments to spare, we
scrambled up the tree where
we now sit. After clawing
the bark clean from the
trunk for what seemed eons,
the bears disappeared into
the forest. Ham! They were
after that stupid ham Barleyburr
stole from the goblins! It
has been a cruel night,

trying to sleep sitting up
on this branch. It does
seem rather silly that
right now my anger is being
assuaged by the hunk of ham
that Barleyburr has just shared
with me. Indeed, it is
delicious, but was it
almost worth our lives?
Tonight we will sprint to
the waterfall and follow
the stream to the lake.
Perhaps there we can find
an entrance less heavily
guarded -- and with far
fewer bears!

From the hand of Barleyburr:

Sorry! Who would have
thought bears love ham as
much as I do? I've never
met a bear, but I always
pictured them resting in

their shaded caves, eating
honey all day. But, ah,
perhaps they like a little
ham with their honey, just
like I do! I would have
shared if they had been
more civil. But no matter:
I quite fancy the perch we
have here. I am an eagle,
surveying my domain,
nodding with kind regard to
all the small animals on
the forest floor who look
up to me with reverence.
Here, kind squirrel, have a
piece of ham from my beak!
Brantun, you really should
cheer up. It's a beautiful
day, we can see for miles,
and we have plenty of
provisions. Thistlebrush, when
you see us next, please
tell Brantun to stop

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