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Brantun's Crater Note  

WT: 0.0 Size: SMALL
Item Lore:An encoded note left by Brantun the halfling
Language:Common Tongue
Item Type:Book
Lucy Entry By:Durew [Kratos] - Luclin
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Page Updated:Sat Jun 15th, 2013
Rain of Fear Item

Rarity: Common
Level to Attain: 100

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Drops: This item is found on creatures.

Valley of King Xorbb

Quests: This item is used in quests.
Valley of King Xorbb

Zone(s) Found In:
Book Text:

From the hand of Brantun:

What manner of beasts are
these minotaurs? Taller
than two ceilings of a
Rivervale home, they stride
about the charred sides of
the crater like walking
trees. Their legs are
trunks; their arms are
boughs. I do not fear them,
but I respect their might.
Forgive my uneven writing,
but now it is dark. I sit
within the crater, hidden
by a night without Luclin.
The minotaurs lie around
the rim, exhaling low,
rumbling breaths, surely
dreaming of battle. Barleyburr
and I crept across this
entire crater, noiseless
but for our misjudged
footholds, though we could

not find an entrance to the
depths. When Barleyburr returns
from relieving himself, we
will slip away from this
camp and investigate the
forest to the east. We have
seen crystals being
transported from the east,
and we suspect a passage
leading below the valley.

From the hand of Barleyburr:

Ham! Would you believe it?
The goblins had a shank of
ham! Sorry, Thistlebrush and
Brantun, the smell found me
in the crater and kissed my
nose. I couldn't resist
her! I followed her past
the sleeping trees, as
Brantun calls the minotaurs,
and saw that fresh-cooked
beauty still gracing the

spit. I don't know how
those goblins could sleep
so close to such a
stimulating smell! After a
brief introduction to my
loving hands, she was mine,
and I kissed her back as I
walked past those dull,
snoring trees and into the
crater. Now my dear shank
of ham waits for me in my
pack, ready to aid me in my
journey. If all goes like
tonight, we will make short
work of this Xorbb business
and be back to Rivervale in
no time. Count on it,
Thistlebrush and Brantun! Soon
enough there'll be ham for

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