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Fearlinked Seals  

WT: 5.0 Size: SMALL
Item Lore:Instructions for creating Fearlinked Seals
Language:Common Tongue
Item Type:Book
Merchant Value:25 pp 0 gp 0 sp 0 cp
Lucy Entry By:Amio - Township Rebellion
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Rain of Fear Item

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Rarity: Common
Level to Attain: 1

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Book Text:

Fearlinked Seals

The power of fear is
still being researched, and
each new disocvery brings
us something useful to
apply to old works.

Primed Fragment of
Fearlinked Zeal are power
sources straight from the
Plane of Fear itself. While
they don't hold the full
power of a true fear shard,
they carry enough power to
craft magnificient

The method to
attune a Primed Fragment of
Fearlinked Zeal is little
different from using a
Shifting Sphere of Veiled

Like their
counterparts, the seals
that can be created must be
crafted to fit in
specific pieces of armor.
Practitioners of various
trades can be called upon
to create a seal strong
enough to hold these items;
you will want to seek out a
skilled Blacksmith, Tailor
or Tinkerer for this base.

For a smith, the creation
of a seal will require a
seal pattern, scorched
ore, two bars of platinum
and a chainmail template
pattern.The pattern should
reflect which location the
will be placed on the body.
The chainmail template

pattern is used for both
chain and plate seals. When
the smith brings these
components together, remind
them to use an equal
specimen of Fearlinked
Water and purified mana to
cool the creation.

For a tailor, the creation
of a seal does not differ
in any significant manner.
They will require a seal
pattern, platinum thread
and a bit of befouled
silk. The tailor will need
to infuse this work with
Fearlinked Water and a vial
of purified mana to
reinforce its ability to
withstand the power. And of
course the tailor will have
to shape this work
specifically to a location

on the body, remind them to
use the appropriate silk
template pattern.

For tinkerers, the
following will be required
for seal construction via
tinkering. The tinkerer
will require a seal
pattern, appropriate ore,
two bars of platinum and
the appropriate chainmail
template pattern. They
should be able to heat
these components with three
gnomish heat sources and
then properly cool it with
Fearlinked Water and a vial
of purified mana.

Once you have obtained or
constructed the proper seal
base you will be able to
construct the final

product, a seal of great
power, using ambleshift's
opal automated amalgamator.
The base seal will house
the Primed Fragment of
Fearlinked Zeal and can be
attuned via the
mechanoinstruction. Do not
forget to include
epicthieck's lubricating
goo to prevent the
amalgamator from
overheating! Within the
amalgamator you must also
include either metal
tempering chemicals,
tanning chemicals, or silk
curing chemicals depending
on your desired material.
If that weren't enough, you
must also include a pattern
or mold appropriate to the
piece and type of armor you

are making. Plate armor
uses a plate template mold,
chain requires a chainmail
template pattern, leather
uses a leather template
pattern, and silk requires
a silk template pattern.

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