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Fun with Fear Machines  

WT: 0.1 Size: SMALL
Item Lore:A tinkering handbook that uses planar energy shards
Language:Common Tongue
Item Type:Book
Merchant Value:30 pp 0 gp 0 sp 0 cp
Lucy Entry By:Amio - Township Rebellion
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Page Updated:Fri Nov 30th, 2012
Rain of Fear Item

Average Price: No Data Pricing Data...
Rarity: Common
Level to Attain: 1

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Vendor listing - Premium only

Zone(s) Found In:
Book Text:

- Tinkering with Terror -

If you're reading this
book, I'm going to assume
you're familiar with the
fear shards and the
remnants of fear energy
they brought called planar
energy shards.

If you have no idea what
I'm talking about, go find
these fear shards and look
around. You'll see!

Anyway these little shards
pack a punch. And they have
some useful tinkering
applications that I'll be
showing you.

When trouble finds you,
sometimes you need to throw
dangerous explosives at it.
These tick tock bombs are
just the tick-et! You'll
need to build the basic
bomb and add a different

Coat the energy shard in
the materials. Assemble.
Basic Bomb:
Planar Energy Shard
Sulfurous Coal (3)
High Quality Carbon Powder

Bomb Type:
Fear - Dream Dust
Sticky - Planar Goo
Blast - Planar Energy Shard

Sometimes you need
something to drink, without
the hassle of making it
yourself. This device is
for you!

Uses: Planar Goo,
Chocolate, Generic Coffee
Beans, Taelosian Tea Leaves

Recharge: Class Six Battery
Brewer Construction:
Planar Energy Shard
Mana Battery - Class Six
High Quality Sheet Metal
Metal Rod
Gnomish Heat Source
Magnetized Bolts
Steam-powered Piston

Make metal into a case,
hook parts together.

Ready to blast off to fun?
Fear energy combined with
gnomish ingenuity provides
a way to get up and off
your feet.

Pack Construction:
Planar Energy Shard
High Quailty Sheet Metal
Large Lantern
Sharkskin Tubing (2)
Gnomish Heat Source (2)

Use metal as base. Insert
shard, connect gears and
use tubing for steam jet

Planar goo, a tainted and
apparently delicious
substance, can also be used
in tinkering!

I've developed a launcher
that fires a blob of goo!
Your enemies will go
nowhere fast.

Uses: Goo Gun Ammunition
Goo Gun Construction:
Planar Energy Shard
Steel Casing
High Quality Sheet Metal
Metal Rod
Magnetized Bolts
Steam-powered Piston

Connect the parts for a
firing mechanism.

This is used in the Goo
Gun. Planar goo is the
perfect substance to use,
since it is perfectly

It's apparently delicious
as well, but don't eat the

Ammunition Mixture:
- Bottle
- Planar Goo (3)
- Water Flask (3)

Mix thoroughly. Pour into
bottle, and get ready to
load the goo gun!

What's better than a sword?
A sword that causes panic
in your enemy!

This powered weapon will
emit a stream of misted
fear energy. It won't work
with every strike, though.

The weapon is servicable
for standard combat.
Steamblade Construction:
Planar Energy Shard (3)
Dream Dust (3)
High Quality Sheet Metal
Cured Leather Tubing
Metal Fastening

Tinker the blade out of the
sheet metal and attach the
gears and fastenings.
Attach tubing along blade.

Sometimes you just need to
get out of the way now.
That's what this device
does! Using planar energy,
you can teleport yourself a
short distance away.

It is really short. But
hey, it's better than

Device Construction:
Planar Energy Shard (3)
High Quality Sheet Metal
Metal Rod
Cured Leather Tubing
Reflective Shard
Metal Fastening
Gnomish Heat Source
Magnetized Bolts

Combine all parts, and hook
up the shards and heat.

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