Classes: The Paladin

Paladins - Icons of Virtue. The paladin combines the strength and battle prowess of a fighter with the healing and buffing of a cleric.

What is the best strategy for developing your paladin? Can a paladin be soloed, and if so, how? How should you play your paladin within a group? What skills should you concentrate on developing? What spells are most useful, and least useful? What armor and weapons should your paladin be seeking out?

Post your strategies on how to best play and develop the Paladin and read, rate and comment on what others have to say.

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POP Era 65 Paladin Returning used Hero Upgrade to 85 andFollow

POP Era 65 Paladin Returning used Hero Upgrade to 85 and
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So I figured it out. Yes stun stun stun stun bash reprove now is a good method. Can solo 2 to 3 levels above my level with a wizzy merc. Almost never need to toss myself a heal. Guess you guys figured I needed to figure it out on my own ;) . The agro is kind of nerfed for groups with my stuns. Need to use the hate spell in order to keep agro on me. Learned that one with a ranger showing me how easy he can steal the agro from me if he wanted. And the casters seem to do it without even trying if not using the hate spells. Glad to be back on this game. I just wish there were as many people playing as the old days with multiple choices of zones to group in. Dead Hills are getting boring.
POP Era 65 Paladin Returning used Hero Upgrade to 85 and
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Linden Ofhonor of The Rathe
105 Paladin 13,600 AA's
Member of Frayed Knot

A few things to consider, first, I would never suggest making a heroic Paladin..Take your time and get to know and develop your class..Its extremely important to understand class abilites, and how they work in conjunction with Discplines, spells, etc....Take the time to build and experiment with various configurations. But..To each his own..I run EQ on a 42 flat screen using 1920/1080 resolution, My GUI consists of 12 hotbars (120 hotkeys total), which i have carefully setup up, Understanding Discplines AA's and the timers they run on is crucial, setting up the GUI and building upon it as you level and add to your abilities will make you that much better. The combinations I use are unique to each situation, Ill post some for each Style of play I cover. At the end of this, Ill mention some AA's that I waitied WAY too long to get, and should be a priority as soon as possible, anyway, Ill start with Soloing.

Spell configuration...Brilliant Vindication, Wave of Grief, Crush of Povar, Impose for Honor, Ardent Force, Force of the darkened Sea, Force of Adency, Staunch Stance, Burst of dayspring, Burst of sunrise, Contrition, Grief, Sorrow..Thats my standard configuration using a Wizzy merc, (Depending on the zone, i may add Consecration for added and increased DPS for those huge 400k Slay undead crits that can result, Albeit rarely, but it does..When Soloing Wizzy is on Burn nonstop, unless splitting a pull using Balefire AA, then "Passive", Fade, Burn. With some AA into your wizzy merc (Hate modifiers, etc), keeping and maintaining aggro should not be a problem at least it isnt for me, using a set lineup of Aggro spells. On those occasions it happens, Divine Call works great to pull the mob away. or Simply stun.

With that said, and wizzy set on Burn...Ill pull with Force of Disruption AA, (2) Impose of Honor (3) Crush of Povar (Force of Disruption, and those 2 spells will be more then enough to maintain aggro over your wizzy burning]. begin stunning (Those three stun spells I use primarly because they are on independant timers and do not push, If an addtional stun is needed, I have Divine Stun as a backup (With the Push however). ** TIP ** We get a really cool AA called, "Blessing of the faithful", this is an awesome DPS increase when utilized properly, this can be done, by turning your wizzy merc to Passive when the mob is down to around 10 percent, this will ensure that you strike the killing blow to the mob that will proc Blessing of the Faithful. This is a 2 minute buff and increases dmg and healing, when I solo in Chapterhouse, i can usually keep the proc up most of the time. Verses undead, you can expect Slay Undead procs for around 235k (Using Lance of the Bloodfiend) (double the normal Slay undead crits). and heals for double..Now at this point, if you really wanna kick up and max out 100 percent DPS....Here is how you do it....After proc (dont forget to put wizzy back on burn), activate the following...(1) Second Spire of Holines (2) Holyforge (3) Valor of Rage (4) Intensity of the Resolute (5) Infusion of the faithful..While these are all running you do more then double the DPS your merc will on Burn.
Other solo spells, "Brilliant Vindication, when cast, grants a 15 second duration boon that doubles the healing power of your next healing spell...the rest of the spells should be self explantory.
Defensive configuration I use for those times I get 3-4 mobs in chapterhouse on me...(1) Third Spire of Holiness (2) Armour of the inquisitor (3) Holy Guardian Discipline With those activated, Ill hit Beacon of rightousness for AE aggro, depending on hate meter, I might use "Unflinching Affirmation" to pull immediate aggro off my merc, if thats not up..Divine Call is a good one too. Balefire AA, and Shackle AA for splitting and pulling singles, Halt undead AA is a alternate pulling Ability, Snares the mob and allows time to get off all aggro abilities and spells usually before the mob gets to me. So thats solo mode for me. a few adjustments hear and there on different zones. Grouping.

Grouping, this has several approaches for me, But mainly, I MT. So my spell configuration looks like this. (1) Brilliant Vindication (2) wave of Grief (3) Crush of Povar (4)
Impose for Honor (5) Force of the darkened Sea (6) Force of adency (7) Ardent Force (8) Staunch Stance (9) Burst of Dayspring (10 Burst of Sunlight (11) Grief (12) Sorrow...Stun on incoming, then hate abilities and spells, then the chain stun...This works well for me...

For Raiding...Now this is the cool thing about us Paladins...While we are not gonna parse on Dmg, our utility and role is basically everything else, From Offtanking, to backup Healing, Group heals, AE Heals and cures via Splashes, And when needed we can tank several Bosses and hold our own. Our skills are many, in the course of one raid, we might be used for ramp, fall back to healing, swtich to offtanking, AE heal, then in a rotation to MT. This is what I love most about raiding with my paladin, I llook to improve my contributions on knowing when to step up, and what actions best serve the raid at that moment.
My general spell configuration for most raids is like this...(Not everyone will agree with this, but ill explain it)...(1)Brilliant Vindication(2) Wave of Grief (3)Wave of Sorrow (4) Wave of contrition (5) Splash of Atonement (6) Impose for honor (7) Steadfast Stance (8) Blessed Light (9)Burst of Dayspring (10) Burst of Sunrise (11)Grief (12) Sorrow.....Heres why..Our best ability is healing, yes Healing, i know a lot of pallies dont like to admit it, but, our spells and abilities/AA's just work like that...Every cleric will love a paladin that knows when to start chain casting Group heals, boosted up with the clickies and healing AA's for maxium group heals, Parsing with commanding respect. I go with this as a general configuration, because if needed to pull a mob off a caster, or offtank, Aggro AA's work well....Well, I could go on dozens of more pages but gonna cut it short....If your thinking about creating a well rounded and fun class, make a wont regret it...

105 Paladin / The Rathe.

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