Classes: The Magician

Magicians - Dealers of damage. With the combination of a strong pet and the second best set of direct damage spells, magicians can deal out some serious damage.

What is the best way to develop and play a magician? What strategies work best for soloing your magician? How should a magician play in a group? What spells are the most and least effective? Which pets are the most effective, and when should you use one type over another? What skills should the magician try to develop?

Post your strategies on how to best play and develop the Magician and read, rate and comment on what others have to say.

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What is the Best Mage Pet for SoloingFollow

What is the Best Mage Pet for Soloing
#1 Jul 31 2004 at 9:40 PM Rating: Decent
Best Mage Pet for Soloing gang
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What is the Best Mage Pet for Soloing
#2 Aug 02 2004 at 6:00 AM Rating: Default
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Depends on level and where... For the most part Air is the best in areas where mobs can cast spells, Water can be used against casters as well but is better in gorups, Earth can root and has the most HPs and Fire.... well fire should only be used soloing if you have Mastered this pet. 50+ Fire pets self buff when summoned so Fire pets cannot be chain summoned and used, sure you can chain summon then they sit still, self buff while you are dying and attack when you are probably dead. Post 61 I know alot of Mages swear by the Air pets especially when equipped with a pet kit with fist. The 61 Air pet is a monk and the Fists are HTH based attack. 62 Water is Rogue best focus weapon is Summoned Shiv. 63 Fire is Wizard and can Ice Comet, as well as sit still for about 2 minutes self buffing with Arcane Shield, DiamondSkin, O's FlickeringFlame, and FireElementalAura. 65 Earth is a full blown Warrior this is the pet that most benefits from Plate Armor kit, Blades, girdle and muzzle. Not sure if putting an Elemental Defender increases his bash/stun ability or not but I equip him with one weapon and a shield.
What is the Best Mage Pet for Soloing
#3 Aug 04 2004 at 6:55 AM Rating: Decent
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Now I realize that my mage is still relativly low lvl, however I like the earth pet, and not just for soloing.

Yes this over grown dirt clood has its draw back, namely the mob is rooted and thus the pet takes damage longer.

Yet it is the ability to root that makes this pet so much better in a number of situdation.
1. Soloing in dungens.
The key to soloing inside it the ability to minimize adds. You get to fighting too many mobs and you loss. Keeping the goblin, or what ever firmly rooted in place keeps it from running for help. Also if thing go bad, and you get low hps only the root of the earth pet will keep the mob from finishing the job.
2. Componit Collection
My mage is doing reasearch therefore he need to kill a lot of green mobs for componits. If you have to nuke everything to death your collection rate will be slow. And it is a real pain to be chassing fleeing mobs all around. The earth pet will solve all of these problems with its ability to root.

About the only time I dont use the earth pet is in groups. Here the root can mess with Mt agro. This is mainly a problem with folks who don't realize that the person nearest the rooted mob get agro. Therefore in a group i use whatever nonearth pet that is the highest lvl.
What is the Best Mage Pet for Soloing
#4 Aug 09 2004 at 7:19 AM Rating: Decent
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Air - For general purpose work, it's stuns give it exceptional damage mitigation and it's death to casters.

Water - Is a good alternative vs. anything that isn't cold resistant as it's DD is a good additonal source of damage, be prepared to heal it more though as it doesn't have the HPs of Earth or the damage mitigation of Air. Another advantage is that post 50 Water Pets will backstab runners.

Fire - Never, they suck, they suck horribly. Pre 50 Fire Pets are actually useful in groups as they provide a nice extra source of DD and their squishyness isn't an issue. Post 50 Fire Pets are just very bad wizards, poor AI gives to bad spell selection and you can't even Elemental Draw them as you'll just cause them to waste mana renewing their Skin line.

Earth - Good for overburning mobs with, they have a significant hp advantage over all other pets, and good ACs. Their downside is that they waste far too much good damage time doing useless Roots, having the 2 fold effect of making them actually worse tanking pets than Air (Air's stun provides better damage mitigation than Earth's HP and AC advantage can assuage) and stopping runners from running - meaning that in areas with enough space the pet doesnt get the break of beating the runner to death with no reciprocal damage. The upside of the Root is that Earth have a tremendous effective taunt, meaning you can virtually unload as much DD into a mob as you wish without reprisal.
What is the Best Mage Pet for Soloing
#5 Aug 14 2004 at 1:45 PM Rating: Decent
Thanks so much gang. I have been soloing in Plane of Nightmare with my Earth pet, doing very well, good AA. I had no idea that the Pet could wear the Plate armor< LOL.

What other areas are good soloing areas?


EQ Gamer Anchorage Alaska since 1999. Premiered the game at "Surf City" during that time. Played on Mith Marr, Antonious Bayle, Stromm and Drinal.

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What is the Best Mage Pet for Soloing
#6 Aug 15 2004 at 5:44 PM Rating: Decent
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I just wanted to offer another point of view. I've been playing a magician since 2000, so, while the learning seems endless, I do have quite a few hours logged on this class.

At around level 4-8 I used the earth pet a bit, but I didn't like how little damage he did to the mobs. At these levels, I was doing a lot of fighting alongside my pet, so I didn't need mobs to be rooted off me. In fact, if they're rooted, the mob can't run at low health, so we'd get no freebie hits on mobs' backs (and they were still hitting me and the pet until the bitter end.)

I'd read that water pets were a good all-around pet so I switched to them primarily. Good damage, second in HP to the earth pet, fastest regen, almost immune to poison. Yup, they're a good pet for soloing.

If I was in a group where we were fighting casters, I'd switch to the air pet. Those stuns are awesome for interrupting casts, but the low hp on this pet made it dangerous to use for soloing. If the group was fighting non-casting mobs, then the fire pet was great for mad damage output.

When I hit around level 30, I decided to give the fire pet another try at soloing. My fighting tactic switched from simply nuking the mob while the pet tanked to alternating nukes and pet heals, due to the fire pet's lower hp. The fire pets tore up the mobs and I used them quite a lot up through the level 49 version. The votes are in and the post 49 fire pets has been judged utterly useless. I agree. /mourn Sparky

The post 50 pets are modelled after player classes:
Air = Monk (excellent at avoiding hits & keeps mobs stunned motionless through a good portion of fights)
Water = Rogue (backstabber and still a good all-around pet but takes more hits than the air pet. Very good for duoing and grouping. Your best choice if you solo by aggro kiting)
Earth = Warrior (still a lump, as far as I'm concerned, but the generally acknowledged choice for chain petting.)
Fire = Wizard (but unlike a good wizard, he makes bad casting choices and has a pathetic mana pool. Melees about as well as a wizard.)

At this point I switch my pet choices depending on what and where I'm fighting. No one pet is good for every situation. The key is to learn how each one excels.

Every magician has their own preferences for fighting and this will color their opinions. My soloing preference has been mainly in outdoor zones, single pulling mobs and killing them as quickly as possible. I, like many other magicians, don't do a lot of chain petting. In my mid fifties I switched to grouping and duoing mainly. Just those factors put the earth pet very low on my list of best pets.

I just wanted to point out this last part because there really is no "best pet" answer that applies to all of us.
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What is the Best Mage Pet for Soloing
#7 Aug 17 2004 at 5:03 PM Rating: Default
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For Soloing, I would say Earth Pet, simply because it has lots of HP's, does a decent amount of damage, and can be chain summoned.

I would always say Solo with Earth pet. Always. Air for groups pre-49, Water Post 50. Fire can also be used in groups, as it has some pretty nift nukes post 50, and can also Chain Stun. But you asked for solo, so hands down, use Earth!

As for soloing places - no idea. Heh .. have GoD? Use Expeditions.
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What is the Best Mage Pet for Soloing
#8 Sep 01 2004 at 10:06 PM Rating: Decent
Might I make one simple suggestion to all.... Use the pet for there givin purpose, and post 50 Use the pet to your lvl unless your in Ldon dungon then stick with water (air pet stun is nice but can push mobs too close to others for adds). If in Grp ask your grp which they would prefer than make your own mind up.
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