Classes: The Wizard

The Wizard - Master Nuker. The wizard's abilities are in direct damage spells and in individual and group teleportation.

What is the best way to develop and play a wizard? What strategies work best for soloing your wizard? How should a magician play in a group? What spells are the most and least effective? What skills should the wizard try to develop?

Post your strategies on how to best play and develop the Wizard and read, rate and comment on what others have to say.

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Have Wizard stun and damage shields been nerfed?Follow

Have Wizard stun and damage shields been nerfed?
#1 Apr 11 2009 at 5:09 AM Rating: Decent
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I actually posted something similar a month or so ago in the spell description, but I don't recall anyone ever responding. I posted earlier today about another class nerf, and just had to keep the ball rolling.

I can't believe no one has noticed this or posted about this.

1. The wizard stun line of spells for Markar's / Tashan's are no longer possible to "chain cast." Before, you could have several spells from this line memorized at the same time, and when one spell hits, cast another, then another, in an attempt to keep the mob perma-stunned. These spells have a long recast time, but by memming about 4 of these spells at once, it could save the life of a group in certain situations. By the time you cast your 4th (or so) stun, you would hope your first stun spell had re-popped, and then repeat the process.

Now, when you cast one of these spells, ALL of them "gray out." This means that the wizard "ability" to chain-stun has been effectively been removed from the game. I'd really like to see some other comments from other players on this issue. I'd also very much like SOE to correct it - but I can only submit a /bug report and hope.

2. The damage shield spells on the O'Keils line no longer stack with O'Keils levity. Before, you could cast your long-term levitate (O'Keils Levity) and then something like O'Keils Flickering Flame to get a total base damage shield of 10 points per hit. That's less than necro's and shadowknights, and MUCH less than druids and rangers. Is a tiny little 10 point damage shield too much for a petless silk-wearer? Why was this nerf imposed? I'd like to get some comments from other players on this issue as well.

Before any non-wizards viewing this get technical and begin bashing our class, please consider the following:

1. We are silk-wearers. That means we're very fragile.

2. We're the only silk wearers to get no pets. Major ouch.

3. Until we get into the 60's of levels, we are out-nuked by magicians, who also get the best pets in the game.

4. The PoK and the wayfarer camps have rendered obsolete most of our ports.

5. Some of our most useful spells ("Concussion" is one example), are extremely difficult for us to gain.

/rant off

/rude SOE

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Have Wizard stun and damage shields been nerfed?
#2 Nov 22 2009 at 6:22 PM Rating: Decent
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just want to say stn nerfs way older then post, and about the time u posted this they did something with our okeilys levi, to make it block slots 1 and 2 ds
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