The Enchanter

The enchanter can be soloed, with a little patiece and care, but is more useful in a group.  It has the weakness of a spell caster without the attack powers many of the other classes have.  However, Enchanters are very valuable group members.  At higher levels, enchanters are considered invaluable and are probably second only to clerics in popularity when forming a group.  They are sort of an all around magic class, with a little of every type of spell.  They can buff you up to make you worth about another level and then buff down the monsters to make them easier to attack.  They have some limited attack spells, and have spells such as root and lull which can make life easier for the whole party in battle.  With an enchanter in the party, the group can take on much higher level monsters and get a correspondingly higher experience and gold return.  An enchanter's main work includes buffing the party and lulling unwanted combatants before the battle, and debuffing and playing traffic cop during the battle via the wide arsenal of stun spells and charm.  Properly played, an enchanter can keep a group of mobs off balance while the party picks off one at a time.  Basically, the enchanter keeps the party alive by keeping the extra Mobs off the group.  In addition, they receive a number of illusions and environmental spells, allowing the enchanter to travel anywhere he wants and sell too just about anyone at a good price.  Because of this, faction is less crucial to enchanters than other classes.  Enchanter are also the only class that realistically can use the jewelry making skill to make magical items.   If you like to group, and don't mind being the one giving support to the others, this is a good class to play.

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