The Cleric

This is the most popular class in Everquest.  Not for people trying to play them, but for people trying to group with them.  Clerics rarely have difficulty finding a group.  If you play a Cleric you will have lots of friends, since a Cleric is an absolute must for a well balanced party.  AD&D has ruined the reputation of Clerics.  They are such wimps in that game that nobody wants to play them.  This isn't true in Everquest.  Sure, Clerics are most important for their healing and curing abilities, but Clerics are pretty decent fighters, especially at lower levels, when given the chance, and you don't want to go after undead without one around.  Still, a Cleric's main job is to keep the party alive, and in a well balanced party, you will mostly buff, heal and med.  Clerics are able to wear full plate armor, giving them a level of protection unmatched by other spell casters.  Coupled with your heal spells, you should be able to keep from dying a lot.  One thing you should know is that Clerics are constantly in need of money, because they have to buy both spells and heavy armor.  This is a class for the person who likes to socialize and wants to be welcomed wherever he goes.

Cleric Resources: