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EQ Update #110

Updated Items: Frozen Spider Eye ;  Brittle Yellow Stone ;  Shard of Faint Power ;  Dingy Grey Stone ;  Petrified Holgresh Eye ;  Stone of Power ;  Regurgitated Crystals ;  Frozen Kodiak Claw ;  Blue Flecked Rock ;  Piece of a Petrified Dragon Eye ;  Shard of a Petrified Dragon Eye ;  Shard of Power ;  Petrified Dragon Eye ;  Worn Kromzek Insignia ;  Corrupted Ruby Amulet ;  Frozen Crystalline Eye ;  Runed Petrified Dragon Eye ;  Glyphed Petrified Dragon Eye ;  Ornate Petrified Dragon Eye ;  Polished Kromzek Insignia ;  Gleaming Kromzek Insignia ;  Gleaming Kromzek Insignia ;  Pristine Petrified Dragon Eye ;  Pristine Petrified Dragon Eye ;  Minor Coldain Historical Seal ;  Lesser Coldain Historical Seal ;  Coldain Historical Seal ;  Greater Coldain Historical Seal ;  Golden Crested Coldain Historical Seal ;  Platinum Crested Coldain Historical Seal ;  Diamond Studded Coldain Historical Seal ;  Pearlthread Drape of the Silverwing ;  Oiled Cloak of Dissolution ;  Song: Shield of Song ;  Blue Diamond 

New Quests: Achievement: Et tu, Kebaber? ;  Achievement: Seven at One Blow ;  Achievement: Gifts Unopened 

Updated Quests: Grannus of the Cleansing Steam ;  Grummus! ;  Raid Expedition: Anashti Sul, Damsel of Decay ;  Group: Anashti Sul, Enslaver of Souls ;  Achievement: Vanquisher of Anashti Sul, Damsel of Decay 

Updated Recipes: Recondite Blessedbond Breastplate 

Bestiary Updates: Guard Korik ;  an expedition guard ;  Vluudeen ;  The Fabled Gorul Longshanks ;  a Dark Mistletoe guard ;  Fleurmielle ;  Father Frostheart ;  Elder Gnarled Pine ;  a gangrenous grabber ;  a mangy rat

EQ Update #109

EQ Item Window Mission

Why we need a whole bunch of pics of items in the new item window...


The old item window was really cool (personally loved this UI for the look of it):




However, we need a pile of submissions of items with the newer item window:



Here's the why:

1. There was a big game update to items in 2008, user Oxgoad ran literally thousands of items through the item collector and basically everything I have checked so far means that Lucy entry from 2008 doesn't match all the data on the old item window. Example: races usable by, slots used in  --though the big change must have been something more mundane to impact that number of items. Also, the modern item window just shows more information.


2. Item collector has been down for some time. 6000 items recently had quest tag added to them. Getting these pics would make that known here (while the item collector is currently being worked on).


3. Most of the impacted items are junk in current era (and some were junk in Kunark and even classic era). So we are talking stuff that is rarely posted about, run through the item collector intentionally, or has pics submitted for. Except see #2...


Don't worry, if we have a pic in the old item window, we'll keep it too!


Also, we need pics of people wearing the equippable items that show for a lot of old items. There is an overlap in that we tend to need both kinds of pics for the same items (except most robes... we seem to have lots of those pics, usually for multiple races). Splintering Club was a "need both" until Drewinette took care of the item window part.

Lots of people could dabble in this in mission, if interested. Basically pick a zone from Luclin and prior content (though some PoP stuff I have peeked at might need this attention too) and kill/loot some stuff. Take some pics and submit them. Hopefully some are willing to give this a whirl.

EQ Update #108

EQ Update #107

EQ Update #106

Updated Items:  Icebelt ;  Bone-Clasped Girdle ;  Grotesque Girdle ;  Bile Etched Obsidian Choker ;  Skinner's Belt ;  Staff of Undead Legions ;  Withered Totem of Widdershins ;  Monsoon, Sword of the Swiftwind ;  Gilded Prodigal Harrier ; Fragmented Felwithe Prayer Beads ;  Mangled Medallion of Shar Vahl ;  Fractured Spiritstone of Everfrost ;  Shard of Cabilisian Diamond ;  Shattered Stein of Moggok ;  Corroded Mark of Neriak ;  Broken Band of Rodcet Nife ;  Damaged Idol of Rodcet Nife ;  Filthy Cleaver ;  Restraining Strap ;  How to Safely Dissect a Corpse ;  Vial of Vomitous Fluid ;  Pristine Unused Flask ;  Corroded Beaker ;  Sliver of Health ;  Bloody Scalpel ;  Luminous Bit of Life ;  Vivid Piece of Life ;  Vibrant Chunk of Life ; Shimmering Scrap of Life ;  Radiant Remnant of Life ;  Gleaming Fragment of Life ;  Shining Sliver of Life ;  Glowing Piece of Life ;  Bone Shell Mask ;  Right Eye of Sul ;  Half Face of Life ;  Half Face of Decay ;  Mask of Immortal End ;  Raw Crypt-Hunter's Wristguard ;  Raw Crypt-Hunter's Cap ;  Formula of Inversion ;  Raw Crypt-Hunter's Boots ;  Median Essence of Life 

New Quests: Collection: Dregs of Decay (Crypt of Sul) ;  Collection: Idols of Rot (Crypt of Sul)  ; Raid Expedition: Vim and Vigor 

Updated Quests: Anashti Sul, Damsel of Decay ;  Defenders of the Faith ;  Raid Expedition: Anashti Sul, Damsel of Decay ;  Collection: Shards of Life (Plane of Health) 

New Recipes: Mask of Immortal End 

Bestiary Updates: Atwin Keladryn ;  Zlandicar ;  Lyppsenfon Qeyton ;  a rotting chest ;  a bokon believer ;  a viscous pile of rot ;  Abroan Drian ;  a Blacksail reaver  ; Lashun Novashine ;  Vim ;  Vigor

Spawn Timers in Everquest

Spawn Timers: Necessary Evil?




User Shuraz recently updated the Zlandicar entry to let us know that the spawn timer for this NPC appears to be 3 days, 14 hours and change. Contrast this to most modern MMO where the spawn timers on most world-named is rarely more than 10 minutes, dungeon named are usally about 60% show up in an instance (as most games instance dungeons now) and dungeon final bosses tend to be 100% with 1 to 6 hour lockouts on repeating the instance.

What do you think of Everquest's longstanding timesink design with spawn timers? Even group-level dungeons from classic era such as Lower Guk have this in effect (ever camped any of the epic 1.0 named there?).

Should this approach be changed in new EQ content? Should it be changed retroactively? Note that somewhere around Omens of War era they changed something on the NPC side that let's them do the "rare's spawn more often" weekends (and this impacts some older zones haphazardly... I think Velk's is one of them).

I'll keep my personal views out of it, but let's hear from users. Spawn timers: your thoughts?