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EQ Update #152

EQ Update #151

EQ Update #150

Everquest Halloween Events 2016

From the official boards:


Nights of the Dead is coming to haunt Norrath!

NotD Comic


As the nights grow darker and the dreadful chill begins to set in, it can mean only one thing… Nights of the Dead is returning to Norrath! Prepare yourself for the arrival of ghosts and ghouls, and be on the lookout for both tricks and treats as festive merchants return for the holiday celebrations. Do you think that you’re ready for these frightful adventures? Nights of the Dead will haunt Norrath through Wednesday, November 9, 2016!

NotD Forge Helms

Keep your eyes peeled for these Nights of the Dead highlights:

  • A variety of Nights of the Dead themed Helms will be dropping across the land.
  • Add a festive touch to your home with seasonal items that are available in the Marketplace for a limited time.


Players can also enjoy the Nights of the Dead celebration with the return of their favorite holiday events! To find out more about returning events, check out Fanra’s wiki here.

Nights of the Dead won’t last long, so be sure to head out into the world and enjoy some of the festivities before they’re gone! The event is scheduled to run until Wednesday, November 9, 2016 at 11PM PDT. Will you be kicking off your Nights of the Dead celebration with a trick or a treat?



What are your favourite EQ Halloween things to do?

(Whether official quests/events or just personal traditions)

EQ Update #149

Updated Items: High Quality Rockhopper Hide ;  Damaged Hopper Hide ;  Water Etched Wand ;  Veiled Lantern ;  Mark of Passion ;  Hope Sapphire ;  Earth Idol ;  Silver Amulet ;  Crystallized Sulfur ;  Words of Cazic-Thule ;  Simple Defiant Alexandrite Shard ;  Sword of Ruin ;  Desecrator's Bracer ;  Nardoo ;  Flame of Vox ;  Tro Jeg Brain ;  Oracle's Orb ;  Mark of the Naturalist ;  Lined Towel ;  Hewed Augury Stone ;  Engraved Mithril Statuette ;  Adorned Cap ;  Pewter Figurine ;  Mark of Storms ;  Mark of Natural Spirits ;  Mark of Life ;  Mark of Aggression ;  Etched Opal of Nature ;  Etched Diamond of Nature ;  Embedded Silver Figurine ;  Vial of Purified Air ;  Shadowed Crystal ;  Hope Emerald ;  Follower's Sleeves ;  Robe of Benefits ;  Mark of the Martial ;  Heating Stone ;  Fleshy Vine ;  Withered Branch ;  Runed Ornamental Mace ;  Pearl Studded Medal ; Mark of Premonition ;  Mark of Dark Fate ;  Crystalline Idol ;  Blessed Water ;  Grade A Muscimol Extract ;  Words of Projection ;  Ornate Defiant Cloth Pantaloons ;  Small Rough Marble Figurine ;  Scorched Rock ;  Memory Crystal ;  Mark of Swordsmanship ;  Mark of Shadows ;  Mark of Psalms ;  Mark of Poetry ;  Mark of Melody ;  Fire Blossom ;  Thick Silk ;  True Silver Idol ;  Peridot Studded Medal ;  Ornate Defiant Leather Cap ;  Mark of the Steadfast ;  Mark of Reliance ;  Mark of Contention ;  Glorious Flower ;  Emerald Studded Medal ;  Fine Feathers 


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EQ Update #148

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