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The Darkened Sea: Arx Mentis

Arx Mentis is one of eight new zones in EverQuest's 21st expansion, The Darkened Sea, which launched for All-Access members last week (it launches this coming Tuesday, November 11, for Free-To-Play players). Here is a look:

The Darkened Sea hides many secrets. A coral castle, enchanting sirens, watered-down dwarves, and even dinosaurs! On a remote island in the vast ocean is a mysterious city with an intricate citadel floating above it.

Hundreds of years ago, Lord Inquisitor Seru led the traitorous rebellion which eventually led to the fall of the mighty Combine Empire. After this notorious attack, the followers of Seru branched off, isolating themselves on this lone island. They created a city there, and have had years to build it up.

November 5, 2014

November 4, 2014

Here are today's updates:

New Items: UsasiumLumba CalybsaVariegated Carnation PinSparking BaubleTemple Raider's CloakHighwater Robe of CompulsionHighwater Cap of CompulsionWingbladeBlood Raven MaskHighwater Pants of CompulsionTideworn Gloves of the ExhumerBarely Seaworthy PlankingCorsair's Amethyst Inlaid BandRaptor Bone RingCombine Sailor's LogFreebooter's Black Pearl NecklaceAncient Cartographer's ChartsAquamarine Wedding BandPainted Harpy StatuetteCrumpled InvitationSpectacles of the WarleaderThe Endless Song Page IVThe Endless Song Page IIIArmeliumScroll: Chromarift Rk. IIIScroll: Legion of the Indagator Rk. IIIScroll: Captivation Rk. IIIScroll: Pacified Mind Rk. IIIScroll: Enticer's Echo Rk. IIIScroll: Enticer's Aura Rk. IIIScroll: Bewildering Flash Rk. IIIScroll: Decree of Tashan Rk. IIIScroll: Remote Color Concourse Rk. IIIScroll: Runic Torrent Aura Rk. IIIScroll: Shield of Consequence Rk. IIIScroll: Quiescent Harvest Rk. IIIScroll: Leap of Stormbolts Rk. IIIScroll: Silverstorm Pillar Rk. IIIScroll: Ethereal Flash Rk. IIIScroll: Synapsefreeze Rk. IIIAugust Seashine HelmAugust Seashine GlovesAugust Seashine ArmbandAugust Seashine SleevesAugust Seashine BootsAugust Seashine GreavesAugust Seashine CuirassAugust Moonsilver CapAugust Moonsilver GlovesAugust Moonsilver ArmbandAugust Moonsilver SleevesAugust Moonsilver BootsAugust Moonsilver BreechesAugust Moonsilver RobesCastaway Wristguard of the Conjuror

November 3, 2014

Here are some updates for today:

New Items: Stick RingHighwater Breastplate of the RevenantSage's Comprehension II 2 BenefitHero's Knowledge 10 BenefitIllusory Sanctuary FloraRusted PointLuminous EmeraldArciloritum OcunaliaDance of the Hero 10 BenefitCrested Ale MugGeomantic Research NoteTransforming Hammer of the Caverns OrnamentTransforming Longbow of the Caverns OrnamentTransforming Tower Shield of the Caverns OrnamentWell Worn MugGuardian's BladeFused Coral QuarterstaffHighwater Coif of the AssassinPerfectly Split WishbonePhantasmic Plate Chest Seal of the SeafarerSynthesis ChamberMinor Essence of the CitadelWand of Pelagic TransvergenceFragment of the Citadel KeyReginasaur's ToothTorn Ebon BatwingSilver Wolf PeltGhostly Bonesetter's Taxidermy KitOld Tyrannosaurus Hide CloakPolished Stone CollarDeepwater ShawlFire Eyes' SkullBulwark of Honor II 1 BenefitStrength of Body II 1 BenefitSpectral LongswordOrson's Pocket WatchWater Logged Stone IdolBroken Golden ChainInferno Venom DirkDrip StringFire CoralCastaway Gloves of the ConjurorSkeletal Parrot's Right WingSkeletal Parrot's Right LegSkeletal Parrot's Left WingSkeletal Parrot's Left LegThaell Ew's Tiny Limb Taxidermy KitBloodfeather's Tiny Torso Taxidermy KitSwift Fin's Chest of SilverCitribloom BudSkeletal Parrot's TorsoCombine WrenchStone FlowerStrange Triceratop's HornSmooth Geomantic SandstoneMechanical AquiferGeomantic SteelBuccaneer's Chain ShouldersEmpty Bloodwine FlaskCrumbling Mural FragmentHistorical Thaell Ew Tablet (Caza)Marauder's BloodstoneSanguine Mind CrystalAzure Mind CrystalBunny-Thumper MeadCastaway Wristguard of the ExhumerMarauder's Eelskin CloakGuard of the Blood RavenBuffer of the QuastoriSmall Reptilian SkullPortal Key Attuner ;  more after the jump...

Frostfell 2014-2015 Schedule

Here is this year's Frostfell quest schedule (the below listed quests are searchable with the term "frostfell"):

The Frostfell celebration is so exciting, it’s going to carry through right into the New Year! Frostfell starts tomorrow, Wednesday, December 3, 2014, and will run until 11:00PM PST on Wednesday, January 7, 2015. Let’s take a look at the events we have planned for this year’s Frostfell:

November 2, 2014

November 1, 2014

The "backend.exe" error that was affecting selective people using the Item Collector should be fixed now. If you're still encountering a problem with it, please let us know.

If you'd like to help populate the database with items, you can head over to the download page, do a quick install, and run it in the background as you play EverQuest (it passively picks up items when you open up item links in game). Thank you!

New Items: Siren's Vocal CordsSynthesis ChamberFused Coral WandFused Coral HammerFused Coral JavelinFused Coral MaceRumbling Thunder BeltCastaway HelmFused Coral PikeFused Coral SwordStorm Serpent's BeltDark Storm BeltCastaway TunicFused Coral SpearFused Coral RodRainfall BeltCastaway BootsFused Coral BludgeonFused Coral ClubShifting Wind BeltStorm Serpent's RingStorm Serpent's SigilCloak of DarkwaterShifting Wind RingRumbling Thunder EmblemBelt of the StormguardStormguard SigilRumbling Thunder SealRainfall EmblemArcing Lightning Ring ;  more after the jump...