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Server Downtime - Friday 1/22/16 at 7:00AM PST

Roshen announced earlier this evening that all EverQuest Live Servers will be brought offline on Friday, January 22, 2016 at 7:00AM Pacific for an update. Servers will be unavailable for approximately two hours.

Update notes appear below:


*** Highlights ***

- Addressed a zone stability issue.

*** Previously Updated ***

- Corrected the rewards given for TBS Champion achievements.


Game Update Notes - Jan. 20, 2016


Grab your coffee and sit back in your chair for a bit of a read.  Here are the rather extensive patch notes from today's update:


*** Highlights ***

- Made many fixes to The Broken Mirror (TBM) items and Phinigel raid instances. See the Items and Progression Servers sections below.
- Corrected a bug that prevented the items that advance progressive spell ranks from being awarded when you complete TBM progression achievements. If you have already completed these achievements, you will be awarded these items the next time you log on. Using any item will grant you the maximum rank you have earned.
- Corpses in Shadowrest are being removed and items will be parceled to players with some restrictions. See the Miscellaneous section below for details. 

Server Downtime

All EverQuest Live Servers will be brought offline on Wednesday, January 20, 2016 at 5:30AM Pacific for an update. Servers will be unavailable for approximately four hours.

Keep an eye on the EverQuest forums and social media for status updates and for news if additional downtime is needed

Patch Notes will be posted here when they become available.

EQ Update #9 of 2016

Transfers open for Progression Servers

Yesterday, DBG announced that they are opening up the Account-to-Account transfer service to their progression servers, Ragefire, Lockjaw and Phinigel!

From the EQ Website: "Account-to-Account transfers are a way that players can manage their characters. This service allows people to move characters from a single to multiple accounts so those characters can play together at the same time, or move characters spread across multiple accounts into one account to help save on membership dollars each month.

BEFORE you transfer a character from one account to another, remember that you need to contact our Customer Support team! For more information about this, see the knowledge base article here."


More news about upcoming server downtime is below...

EQ Update #8 of 2016

We Could Be Heroes



Just For One Day



Will Lucan D'Lere ever get to prove his faith in his god? (Cross game lore suggests he is still a Paladin, despite doing "evil" things. Maybe it's time for a Seige of Freeport and Lucan to stand tall... Erollisi Marr would certainly take notice of someone that loved his people, his city above all else  --maybe she'd even tolerate some harmtouching and skelly petting to go along with some hand laying-on, after all love is blind.)


Updates continue...


New Items: Mockery of Remorse

Updated Items: Woven Skull CapWhitened Treant FistsElectrified Scythe of the Whipping WindSylvan Cloth Robe OrnamentRuned Belt of BoromasDamsel of Decay Chain Feet OrnamentDamsel of Decay Plate Legs OrnamentRaw Deathseeker's HelmetRaw Deathseeker's BootsNeglection FlayerEmblem of the CrystalwingLesser Essence of DecayGreater Essence of DecayDarkbrood Mask

New Quests: King Me!Raid Expedition: Wither and DecayRaid Expedition: Anashti Sul, Damsel of DecayRaid Expedition: Anashti Sul, Enslaver of Souls

Updated Quests: The TraitorTalym Shoontar's HeadGoing Postal (West Karana to Qeynos)Damp Paws (Second Trial)Postmaster's ChallengeBane of DecayLxavnom Labors

Bestiary Updates: Sir Lucan D`LereChou WhinstoneWylin DodmilLord of Loathing [Plane of Hate: Revisited]Vessel DrozlinKeeper of SoulsAnimist SimolTorin Krentara shrine bruiserTaruun GalorgSir Lucan D`Lere (undead)Jimmic AdleKhala Dun Erelka dream devourera decrepit confectionera dutiful defenderan ornate guarda serpenta forest guardiana rabbita hoofed protectora distracting daydreama vivid daydreama forest watcherThe Monstrous MinnowHigh Priest M'kari [Plane of Hate: Revisited]Kerath PunoxGrandmaster R'tal [Plane of Hate: Revisited]Master of Spite [Plane of Hate: Revisited]Mistress of Scorn [Plane of Hate: Revisited]High Bokon BoromasAnashti Sul, Damsel of Decaya blighted chesta bokon believera viscous pile of rota gangrenous grabberThe Maestro's Trove

EQ Shadowrest Conspiracy

A dormant feature for almost 5 years, Roshen announced today that EQ devs are about to "clean house" on the Shadowrest zone.

Why is this happening now, as in what is the point of it?



Conspiracy theorists suggest this is the first sign of the coming apocalypse  ...err... server mergers, could this be true?


Maybe Shadowrest is being recycled into a new end-game raid zone? Hardcore heritage? New monster mission based on putting flowers on graves?


Anyways, here's some potentially true and helpful info taken from Roshen's actual post on the official boards:


"We’re going to start clearing out old Shadowrest corpses on February 10th, 2016. Please travel to Shadowrest and loot your items from your corpses before then.

We’re talking about VERY old corpses from back when corpses still had items left on them (over FIVE years ago), we recommend you take a moment to clean up your Shadowrest corpses if you think that there’s any chance that there are items still out there waiting to be looted.

When this happens, we’ll be parcel mailing to your characters any items that are still on a corpse, before we get rid of those corpses forever. This has the possibility of filling up your parcel boxes. If your parcel box fills up,you’ll lose items that are over the cap.

Instructions on How to Clean Your Shadowrest Corpses:

If you get a message saying "You currently have a corpse present in Shadowrest" when you log in, you probably want to pay Shadowrest a visit!

Once in Shadowrest, hail Keeper of Lost Things. Say [bodies] to the Keeper to get the number of corpses that the Keeper has stored and to get the instructions on how to retrieve your corpses. Once you have summoned your corpses, right click on the corpses and loot all of your items. You may need to use the command /corpsedrag if your corpses are stacked in a location that you cannot target.

Note: You still may have items on corpses in Shadowrest even if you don't get this message when you log in.

We appreciate everyone that makes the effort to go through their old corpses before February!"



And will give O-board poster Fanra (yep, that Fanra!) props for posting something more helpful:


"This post has everything except for how to get to Shadowrest. For those wondering, in Plane of Knowledge speak to Devin Traical. The location of Devin Traical is approx. -13.29
483.51,-90.64 in PoK. I'm not sure if she appears in the Find window.

Tell her "Travel" to go to Shadowrest."