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EQ Update #62

EQ Update #61

Updated Items: Glorious Spitegem of Allure ;  Glorious Spitegem of Courage ;  Glorious Spitegem of Deftness ;  Glorious Spitegem of Foresight ;  Glorious Spitegem of Resilience ;  Glorious Spitegem of Scholarship ;  Glorious Spitegem of Stability ;  Glorious Spitegem of Swiftness ;  Glorious Spitegem of the Beneficent;  Glorious Spitegem of the Brute ;  Glorious Spitegem of the Defender ;  Glorious Spitegem of the Fulcrum ;  Glorious Spitegem of the Gallant ;  Glorious Spitegem of the Hunter ;  Glorious Spitegem of the Resourceful ;  Glorious Spitegem of the Sturdy ;  Glorious Spitegem of the Valiant ;  Glorious Spitegem of the Vengeful ;  Extravagant Spitegem of Allure ;  Extravagant Spitegem of Courage ;  Extravagant Spitegem of Deftness ;  Extravagant Spitegem of Foresight ;  Extravagant Spitegem of Resilience ;  Extravagant Spitegem of Scholarship ;  Extravagant Spitegem of Stability ;  Extravagant Spitegem of Swiftness ;  Extravagant Spitegem of the Beneficent ;  Extravagant Spitegem of the Brute ;  Extravagant Spitegem of the Defender ;  Extravagant Spitegem of the Fulcrum ;  Extravagant Spitegem of the Gallant ;  Extravagant Spitegem of the Hunter ;  Extravagant Spitegem of the Resourceful ;  Extravagant Spitegem of the Sturdy ;  Extravagant Spitegem of the Valiant ;  Extravagant Spitegem of the Vengeful ;  Elegant Spitegem of Allure ;  Elegant Spitegem of Courage ;  Elegant Spitegem of Deftness ;  Elegant Spitegem of Foresight ;  Elegant Spitegem of Resilience ;  Elegant Spitegem of Scholarship ;  Elegant Spitegem of Stability ;  Elegant Spitegem of Swiftness ;  Elegant Spitegem of the Beneficent ;  Elegant Spitegem of the Brute ;  Elegant Spitegem of the Defender ;  Elegant Spitegem of the Fulcrum ;  Elegant Spitegem of the Gallant ;  Elegant Spitegem of the Hunter ;  Elegant Spitegem of the Resourceful ;  Elegant Spitegem of the Sturdy ;  Elegant Spitegem of the Valiant ;  Elegant Spitegem of the Vengeful ;  Quintessence of Elements ;  Magister Knife 

Bestiary Updates: The Statue of Rallos Zek ;  Wilcher Rifunuse 

Zone Updates: Shard's Landing

EQ Update #60

Updated Items: Efreeti's Key ;  Burning Embers ;  Jacinth ;  Spell: Zephyr: Loping Plains ;  Spell: Ring of Loping Plains ;  Spell: Circle of Loping Plains ;  Zebuxoruk's Ink Additive ;  Vial of Muriatic Acid ;  Vellum Parchment Solution ;  Veeshan's Ink Additive ;  Tome Cover Supplies ;  Tome Binding Kit ;  Thaumaturge Treatment ;  Systematic Discoveries ;  Stiff Hide Solution ;  Spell Research Kit ;  Song Writing Kit ;  Saryrn's Ink Additive ;  Runic Parchment Solution ;  Runic Charta Arcanum Solution ;  Rough Hide Solution ;  Rough Charta Arcanum Solution ;  Rock Salt ;  Ro's Ink Additive ;  Quill of the Storm Warden ;  Quill of the Prophet ;  Quill of the Maestro ;  Quill of the Lord Protector ;  Quill of the Knight ;  Quill of the Forest Stalker ;  Quill of the Feral Lord ;  Quill of the Dread Lord ;  Quill of the Divine ;  Quill of the Coercer ;  Quill of the Archon ;  Quill of the Arch Lich ;  Quill of the Arch Convoker ;  Quill of the Arcanist ;  Quill of the Arcane ; Prayer Writing Kit ;  Parchment Solution ;  Oil of Vitrol ;  Necrotic Treatment ;  Luclin's Ink Additive ;  Knight's Treatment ;  Ink of the Martyr ;  Ink of Reach ;  Ink of Proficiency ;  Ink of Obstruction ;  Ink of Myopsis ;  Ink of Finesse ;  Ink of Expedition ;  Ink of Deftness ;  Ink of Clout ;  Ink of Catastrophe ;  Ink of Bruising;  Ink of Breaching ;  Ink of Barrage ;  Ink of Affliction ;  Ink Additive of the Nameless ;  Hybrid Research Kit ;  Holy Treatment ;  Gnomish Heat Source ;  Fine Vellum Parchment Solution ;  Arcane Thickener ;  Al'Kabor Thickener ;  Aqua Fortis ;  Aqua Regia ;  Arcane Treatment ;  Bertoxxulous' Ink Additive ;  Book Binding;  Charta Arcanum Solution ;  Cazic's Ink Additive ;  Crude Hide Solution ;  Divine Treatment ;  E'ci's Ink Additive ;  Elemental Treatment ;  Enchanting Treatment ;  Extending Thickener ;  Fine Charta Arcanum Solution ;  Fine Parchment Solution ;  Fine Runic Charta Arcanum Solution 

Updated Quests: Plane of Sky Quest Room ;  Achievement: The Artisan's Wares 

New Recipes: Army Ant Potion

Bestiary Updates: Key Master ;  Challice ;  a goblin penkeeper ;  Stormer ;  Leneaon Cloudsong ;  a soggy plant part ;  a spell research merchant [Research Supplies - female] ;  a goblin interrogator

EQ Update #59

Updated Items: Elegant Sulstone of the Bowyer ;  Elegant Sulstone of the Brawler ;  Elegant Sulstone of the Compassionate ;  Elegant Sulstone of the Dagger ;  Elegant Sulstone of the Elements ;  Elegant Sulstone of the Fighter ;  Elegant Sulstone of the Fist ;  Elegant Sulstone of the Focused ;  Elegant Sulstone of the Knight ;  Elegant Sulstone of the Tactician ;  Elegant Sulstone of the Thoughtful ;  Elegant Sulstone of the Wizened ;  Stalwart Sulstone of the Bowyer ;  Stalwart Sulstone of the Brawler ;  Stalwart Sulstone of the Compassionate ;  Stalwart Sulstone of the Dagger ;  Stalwart Sulstone of the Elements ;  Stalwart Sulstone of the Fighter ;  Stalwart Sulstone of the Fist ;  Stalwart Sulstone of the Focused ;  Stalwart Sulstone of the Knight ;  Stalwart Sulstone of the Tactician ;  Stalwart Sulstone of the Thoughtful ;  Stalwart Sulstone of the Wizened ; Extravagant Sulstone of the Bowyer ;  Extravagant Sulstone of the Brawler ;  Extravagant Sulstone of the Compassionate ;  Extravagant Sulstone of the Dagger ;  Extravagant Sulstone of the Elements ;  Extravagant Sulstone of the Fighter ;  Extravagant Sulstone of the Fist ;  Extravagant Sulstone of the Focused ;  Extravagant Sulstone of the Knight ;  Extravagant Sulstone of the Tactician ;  Extravagant Sulstone of the Thoughtful ;  Extravagant Sulstone of the Wizened ;  Glorious Sulstone of the Bowyer ;  Glorious Sulstone of the Brawler ;  Glorious Sulstone of the Compassionate ;  Glorious Sulstone of the Dagger ;  Glorious Sulstone of the Elements ;  Glorious Sulstone of the Fighter ;  Glorious Sulstone of the Fist ;  Glorious Sulstone of the Focused ;  Glorious Sulstone of the Knight ;  Glorious Sulstone of the Tactician ;  Glorious Sulstone of the Thoughtful ;  Glorious Sulstone of the Wizened ;  Regal Sulstone of the Bowyer ;  Regal Sulstone of the Brawler ;  Regal Sulstone of the Compassionate ;  Regal Sulstone of the Dagger ;  Regal Sulstone of the Elements ;  Regal Sulstone of the Fighter ;  Regal Sulstone of the Fist ;  Regal Sulstone of the Focused ;  Regal Sulstone of the Knight ;  Regal Sulstone of the Tactician ;  Regal Sulstone of the Thoughtful ;  Regal Sulstone of the Wizened ;  Bottle of Shared Adventure III ;  August Sulstone of the Bowyer ;  August Sulstone of the Brawler ;  August Sulstone of the Compassionate ;  August Sulstone of the Dagger ;  August Sulstone of the Elements ;  August Sulstone of the Fighter ;  August Sulstone of the Fist ;  August Sulstone of the Focused ;  August Sulstone of the Knight ;  August Sulstone of the Tactician ;  August Sulstone of the Thoughtful ; August Sulstone of the Wizened ;  Resplendent Sulstone of the Bowyer ;  Resplendent Sulstone of the Brawler ;  Resplendent Sulstone of the Compassionate ;  Resplendent Sulstone of the Dagger ;  Resplendent Sulstone of the Elements ;  Resplendent Sulstone of the Fighter ;  Resplendent Sulstone of the Fist ;  Resplendent Sulstone of the Focused ;  Resplendent Sulstone of the Knight ;  Resplendent Sulstone of the Tactician ;  Resplendent Sulstone of the Thoughtful ;  Resplendent Sulstone of the Wizened ;  Spell: Focused Storm of Arrows Rk. II ;  Spell: Purefont Rk. II ;  Spell: Earnest Touch Rk. II ;  Spell: Shield of Nettlespikes Rk. II ;  Spell: Frost Gift Rk. II ;  Murkglider Blood ;  Pyrilen Flame ;  Jasper ;  Silver Amulet ;  Exquisite Platinum Embossed Rune ;  Spell: Servant of Bones ;  Raw Crypt-Hunter's Wristguard ;  Raw Crypt-Hunter's Chestpiece ;  Bow of Hope ; Fresh Meat ;  Basilisk Eye Stalk 

New Quests: Achievement: Quarm: Early Bird Bonus (Temporary) 

Updated Quests: Breakdown in Communication #3: Riwwi ;  Achievement: The Artisan's Wares 

New Recipes: Spell: Frost Gift Rk. II ;  Spell: Shield of Nettlespikes Rk. II ;  Spell: Earnest Touch Rk. II ;  Spell: Purefont Rk. II ;  Spell: Focused Storm of Arrows Rk. II 

Bestiary Updates: Guardian of Felia ;  a cave basilisk genitor ;  a cave basilisk ;  a burynai excavator ;  a burynai sapper ;  a deformed basilisk ;  Shirlell Isnamgam ;  Erthwin Firgrove ;  Eunice, Well-Wisher

Everquest July Update Patch #2

July 13, 2016

*** Highlights ***

- The new Quarm Event Server is now available for all All-Access members! All members who create a character and log on to Quarm before July 27th at 11PM PDT get two Bottles of Shared Adventure III to claim! One can be claimed on Quarm and one can be claimed on any other server.

*** Items ***

- Corrected a bug that prevented items that grant passive AA abilities from functioning as intended.

*** Quests & Events ***

- Emollious (Raid) - Emollious' various forms will now be more consistently neutralized by Jerill's traps. 
- Fixed an issue that prevented Eron Nurwistle from allowing you to reset your progress on his tasks if you misplaced your jewelry. 

EQ Update #58

Back from the Mob Graveyard




In May 2016 Prathun replied to a forum posting on the official boards reversing the decision to remove several named from Siren's Grotto, calling it an oversight. Note that Siren's Grotto was revamped in 2003. This change applies to all servers!



EQ Update #57