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EQ Update #15 2016

Return the Day/Night Cycle to Kithicor!



Once upon a time, travelling through Kithicor was a dreaded thing. This was increased by the nighttime nastiness of the different spawns. For years the zone has been stuck in a perpetual state of undead everywhere (though they seem to have been adjusted to make running the zone edges much safer than it used to be... but maybe that's just me not being a blind human anymore?).

What would be nice (especially for progression servers) is the proper lower-level daytime version to exist. Not just for travel but for questing and hunting those lower level targets. Back in the day you got to learn the zone layout and had to pay attention to the in-game clock. Let's have that back! After all if Castlevania could pull it off on the NES, surely Daybreak can figure it out in 2016.

As a side note, since Kithicor as a zone basically gets ignored once any server is into Kunark, the item listings in the database for the NPC are very lacking. Also, they may have changed stuff with the perma-set version of NPC. Basically we could use some updates on what actually drops in Kithicor today.


Note: a few intrepid hunters have really helped clarify Veeshan's Peak old named and the fact that they seem to drop pretty much everything they are supposed plus some augmentations added around LDoN era. Thanks to all that keep contributing to this site!


Updated Items: Hurrieta's TunicShimmering Bracer of ProtectionCrimson Robe of AlendineBloodstone of Armored ProtectionEnchanted Orb of Burning SpikesLegatus GirdleVial of Tamed MercuryRuined Battleworn Morning StarDrop of GreaseRune of CoruscationGlyph of Glowing Experience

New Quests: Anashti Sul, Enslaver of Souls

Updated Quests: Rogue Test of StealthHurrieta's TunicGearheartCoalition Trader Next TaskRainkeeper Final FavorMonk Epic 1.5: Fistwraps of Celestial DisciplineWanderlust Guild: Pie-Eyed Pipers (#7)Lost LumplingAchievement: I'm a People Person!Achievement: Death isn't Easily UndoneAchievement: Erollisi Day HatersTDS Progression #2: Gathering Clouds

Bestiary Updates: TerrorGearheartHurrieta IronforgeWebclaw Murkwavea ghoul scribeSilverwingrotting knightan enraged stoneservanta mosquitoGlorious CistinaAnashti Sula hedge gardnerer

EQ Update #14 2016

Severs Down - Wednesday, Feb. 17th, 2016


Wednesday, February 17th, 2016 at 6:30AM PST

All EverQuest Hamsters will be given a mini-vaction while all EQ Live Servers are brought offline.  Their vacation starts at 6:30AM Pacific Time on Wednesday, February 17, 2016, and they will be unavailable for approximately 3 hours. 

 Keep an eye on the EverQuest forums and social media for status updates and for news if additional downtime is needed.

Patch Notes are posted below:

Hamster: Zippy The Bard (Pictured)


February 17, 2016

*** Highlights ***

- A new Legends of Norrath prize pack will be available March 1st! Look for Legend of the Dragonbrood in March for your last chance to buy Legend of the Storm Break, which is only available through February 29th!
- Type 9 armor augmentations found in The Broken Mirror now fit into range and charm slot items as intended.
- Changed how AA Weapon Stances work, and created a new version of the ability for Shadowknights and Paladins.

EQ Update #13 2016

EQ Update #12 2016

Rare Items:

Worth the Pain?


Do you hunt for rare items?

I've done the Blued Two-handed hammer quest, my necro that moved to FV took my collection of rarities (like treant staff) with her. Of course on FV you can get super rares like the flowers of functionality in baz due to the no-drop rules (so it isn't quite the same --wish I had kept my collection on a normal server... oh well).

On Regular servers, what rare items were you pleased to have acquired?


Also, it looks like there may be some long-standing loot discrepancies in Veeshan's Peak due to revamps. Anyone that feels like hunting old dragons please report what still drops on an NPC like Xygoz vs. a newer NPC like Milyen Vioren (whom we don't even have a pic of yet).


Finally, it looks like Lucy the item collector is broken. PLEASE post in the "site feedback forum" how you feel about this. Especially you premium people... this update would have been 5x longer if the item collector was working.




Updated Items: Writhing Rubbery ShieldDamsel of Decay Cloth Feet OrnamentGreater Essence of DecayRaw Deathseeker's HelmetGlistening OilStaff of NullBlueberriesVoracityWater Lily ; Hypocricy

Updated Quests: Helm of RoTunare WardenSilk Ornate Tranquility ArmorDon't Get Boarded ; Seductive Subterfuge

Bestiary Updates: Milyex Viorena meeda hune soldiera banished efreetielementalbone skeletonVizier AlbertInnoruuk, the Prince of Hate [Plane of Hate: RevisKoth the Lobe-gorged [Plane of Fear: Revisited vera skeletal sentinelThe Maestro's Trovea deathbone sagea grimling bonecrackerXalgozMaestro of Rancor [Plane of Hate: Revisited] ; a rotting followerVenomfangThe Maestro's Trove

Erollisi Day is almost upon us!

From the EQ Forums:


Happy Erollisi Day! Let’s celebrate!

“Good tidings and blessings of love to you! The days of Erollisi are upon us!” – Emissary of Erollisi


You can’t avoid it. Love is in the air, and Norrathians near and far are honoring and celebrating Erollisi Marr. Join in the festivities with favorite returning holiday-themed items, events, and achievements!

From Wednesday, February 3rd through 11:00PM PST on Wednesday, February 17th, seek out the Emissary of Erollisi and Grimble Grumblemaker in the Plane of Knowledge to embark on these special, time-limited adventures. If you haven’t completed the Erollisi Day Achievement, you can check under the “Special” tab in your in-game Achievement window to see what is needed!

Want more details on the Erollisi Day events? Read up on the holiday on Fanra’s EverQuest Wiki!

Looking to do some lovely holiday shopping? The Erollisi Day-themed Marketplace items will arrive on Friday, February 5th and will be available through Sunday, February 28th.

Go forth with heart, fair citizens of Norrath, and spend some time adventuring with those you love!

Another Double Experience Weekend!

In a move to make up for the on again, off again double experience weekend at  the beginning of the year, DBGs announced this morning that they'll end the month with a Double Experience Weekend. 

From the Everquest Forums:

"Well, Norrathians, it has been quite a month, both in and out of game, and we honor your steadfast commitment to your adventures. To end the month strong, this weekend will be a Double Experience Weekend for all players!

From 12:00PM PST (Noon) on Friday, January 29, 2016 through 12:00PM PST (Noon) on Monday, February 1, 2016, all servers (yes, including Ragefire, Lockjaw, and Phinigel) will have double experience!

Take some time and end January stronger than ever! We’ll see you in Norrath."