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June 25, 2015

Here are today's updates:

Bestiary Updates: Jzil GSixSquire TorrentusMalarian MotherThe DoctorInquisitor DalinHigh Priest of BertoxxulousSteward of Bertoxxulousan ebony stalkerTsetsian PlaguelordZealot of BertoxxulousGreshvouleEmkel KabaeKazen Fecae


You can contact me via PM if you have any contributions to send in.

TLP Servers: Upcoming Raid Changes

Aristo took to the forums late last week to explain some raid changes that will hit the Time-Locked Progression servers in July.

As Holly mentioned, we've been doing some work on raid targets and high end zones on Progression Servers. There are more active players on Ragefire and Lockjaw than there ever were on our launch servers, and right now there's too much competition for some very limited resources. We know some of you have suggested moving the raid targets into private instances, but we firmly believe that competition is a definitive component of the original EverQuest experience.

At launch, as now, there is only one Lord Nagafen and only one Lady Vox. If you defeated them, you also had to compete with a server full of people who wanted to defeat them, too. That's a pretty big accomplishment.

So, in the spirit of making raid content more available while still allowing for competition and accomplishment, here's what we have planned for an update in July:

  • Nagafen's Lair, Permafrost Keep, the Hole, and Kedge Keep are now load-balancing zones. This will let more people have access to these zones for XP and non-raid items (WTB GEBs, PST).
  • We now have a way to prevent raid targets from spawning in extra load-balanced zones. We have done this with Lord Nagafen, Lady Vox, Master Yael, and Phinigel Autropos so they will only ever spawn in the base version of their zones.
  • All raid targets (dragons, Phinigel, Yael, and gods) now spawn more often than they used to, but have a much larger variance in their spawn times so they'll be more difficult to predict.
  • We've made the raid bosses more difficult, so that they will require coordination of more adventurers to tackle them successfully. Healing and support should once again be very important in these encounters.
  • Speaking of Hate and Fear, while we didn't implement load balancing, we did reduce the respawn time of all non-raid targets by two thirds. Any mini-bosses that didn't have persistent timers (such as the Fear golems) now have them and have additional variance in their respawn times. This means that they won't necessarily be spawned when the server first comes up.

In summary, we're increasing availability so that there are more chances at the content, increasing difficulty for both a greater challenge and to require coordination of larger groups of people, and increasing variance in spawn timers so that knowledge of the last kill time is less of an advantage.

We're hoping that the combination of these changes will both relieve some of the competition for experience and item content at the top end of the server but keep the integrity and uniqueness of the race for raid targets. Thanks for playing!

Recruit Reward Program Closed Down

Daybreak has announced that the Recruit Reward program has been discontinued. As posted on the official forums:

Hail Norrathians!

In July of 2013, the Beta for the Recruit Rewards program launched. This program allowed anyone with a then-Station Account to earn special items by inviting friends to join them in their favorite games.

Over the past two years, we have gathered a lot of excellent information and feedback about this recruitment program, on everything from system set-up and maintenance to the types of rewards that were found most desirable.

At this time, we have decided that we are going to end the Recruit Rewards Beta and will not be continuing with the program in its current form. Though we will not be launching Recruit Rewards, your feedback remains valuable to us as we explore the development of other new and different programs here at Daybreak.

What if I sent out invitations that weren’t accepted yet? Since the Recruit Rewards Beta program is now closed, the invites will no longer work. Please encourage your friends to create an account at www.daybreakgames.com and join you in game!

What’s going to happen to the rewards I already earned? Nothing! Those are yours to keep and enjoy; previously granted rewards will not be wiped or removed from your account.

But I was so close to the next level of Achievement rewards! Is there anything I can do? Since the program is now closed, you will not be able to earn any additional recruits towards your achievement. However, to say thank you for your participation in the Beta of this program, if you achieved Delegate Level (Tier One) or higher, we will grant you the in-game items available at the next highest tier in your primary game.

How are you determining my primary game? Your primary game is determined as the game where you chose to receive your first achievement reward (Delegate/Tier One Level) after successfully recruiting two friends who made at least $10.00 worth of qualifying purchases.

I have another question or issue with my Recruit Rewards account that isn’t answered here. What do I do? Please contact our Customer Service team at help.daybreakgames.com.

Thank you again for participating in and providing feedback about the Beta of Recruit Rewards.

Patch Notes - Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Here are the patch notes for Wednesday, June 17th update:

*** Highlights ***

  • Fixed an issue where a player could crash after logging back into a load-balanced zone (/pickzone) or gating to a point in a load-balanced zone when that particular instance had closed.
  • Corrected an issue causing players entering mission instances of some zones to be teleported to the non-instanced versions.
  • Fixed an issue regarding binding in a load-balanced zone; you should now properly be sent to an available zone when gating or returning to your bind point.
  • Fixed an issue with the leave on corpse option in the manage loot window that could cause crashes.
  • All Noble Exchange merchants can now be used to send or receive parcels. These merchants are available in every starting city, the Plane of Knowledge, the Bazaar, and other zones throughout Norrath.

*** Items ***

  • Bard - Reduced the casting time of the Arpeggio spells on certain breastplates from 0.3s to instant.

*** Quests & Events ***

  • Arx Mentis raids - Glowing Essences of the Citadel now have a small chance to drop in Tier 2 Arx Mentis raids and drop more commonly from Calix Quirinus.
  • All Arx Mentis progression raids - Now drop exactly six Essences of the Citadel rather than between four and eight.
  • Anniversary - The 5th-13th Anniversary events have been extended to run until July 15th.
  • Heritage - The Crushbone and Permafrost Hardcore Heritage events have been extended by a week and will now end on 7/1.

*** Spells ***

  • Buffs with limited charges that are consumed when their focus effect is applied now continue to apply their remaining effects until the spell that was focused by that buff is finished resolving. This corrects a problem where the critical chance portion of spells (like Chromatic Haze and Frenzied Devastation) was never applied during the buff's final charge, because the buff was removed after the focus effect was applied but before the critical chance modifier was checked.

*** NPC ***

  • All Noble Exchange merchants can now be used to send or receive parcels. These merchants are available in every starting city, the Plane of Knowledge, the Bazaar, and other zones throughout Norrath.
  • Added factions to many NPCs in newbie zones that did not have them before, causing guards to hate them once again.

*** AA ***

  • Bard - Restored the doppelganger effect and removed the shadowstep component on the AA line "Lyrical Prankster".
  • Beastlord - Corrected a bug with ranks 4-6 of the AA line "Nature's Salve" that caused them to cast the spell associated to rank 3 of the ability. Ranks 4-6 should now increase in power and trigger the effect on your warder as originally intended.
  • Rogue - Corrected an issue that caused rank 6 of AA Extended Envenomed Blades to not function.
  • Rogue - Corrected an issue that prevented all ranks of the AA Enduring Vision from working.
  • Wizard - Arcane Fusion no longer deals damage to non-NPC targets. This should ensure that wizards who fail their Bucolic Gambit are slightly less likely to annihilate themselves.
  • Corrected a typo in the description of the buff cast by the AA "Glyph of the Cataclysm".
  • Corrected several inconsistencies with the casting level of AA abilities.

*** Progression Servers ***

  • Restored the spell merchant Gadallion to the Southern Desert of Ro in all eras.
  • The Wizard spell Rend is now available on Progression Servers in all eras.
  • The Potion of Companion's Amnesia is now available for purchase in the marketplace on all Progression Servers.
  • "an old froglok" in Upper Guk no longer spawns on Progression Servers until the Planes of Power expansion is unlocked.
  • Luminescent Weapon Grade Ore is no longer be available for purchase on Progression Servers until Rain of Fear has unlocked.
  • Some cookie molds that were not available at launch are no longer available on Progression Servers.
  • Recipes that call for Thalium Ore are no longer visible on Progression Servers until Dragons of Norrath.

*** Miscellaneous ***

  • Steamfont Mountains will now correctly use load balancing as intended.
  • Corrected an oversight that prevented players that were created on the Vox server from being able to select the suffix "of Vox".

*** UI ***

  • There is now a chat message of how much time you have before you can run /pickzone again, if you have a timer remaining.
  • You now get a message in chat with what instance you are in when you run /pickzone in a load-balanced zone. This will only appear when it is possible for the window to open, meaning any circumstance where /pickzone won't function (such as combat) will prevent this message from appearing.

- Changed -

*** Previously Updated ***

  • Fixed the Deepwater Harpoon quest. Returned the missing sentries to West Freeport, and Sentry Xyrin will again attack the nearby spectres on the island when inspired to do so.

Ragefire Founder's Chest Available Until EOD Today

If you play on the Ragefire or Lockjaw progression servers, be sure to grab your free Ragefire Founder's Chest by 11:59pm PT tonight (Wednesday, June 3rd)! The chest—which is a 10-slot giant-size lore bank box—can be snagged on each of your Ragefire/Lockjaw characters from the Marketplace.


The Future of ZAM Network

Hello Wowhead, TF2 Outpost, ZAM.com, DestinyDB and LolKing users! Today, we’d like to make an announcement regarding the future of ZAM Network, as many of you may have noticed some recent changes occurring with our staff.

In the next few months, ZAM is going to be setting up shop in the Los Angeles area to be closer to the companies that we care so passionately about. While not everyone on the ZAM team will be able to move to the new offices, the potential new and expanded focus made moving to a new headquarters a top priority. Being within driving distance from Blizzard, Activision, Riot, and many others will allow us to give you unprecedented new insight into your favorite games so we can continue to increase the quality and depth of our coverage. We also hope to expand our content as well, especially with the incredible access to video, art, and editorial talent within the LA region.

While we’re growing the ZAM team to include these new faces, you shouldn’t be worried about any loss of service with the current sites. Wowhead, LolKing, TF2 Outpost, DestinyDB and our other top-tier sites will continue to operate as normal and will only improve throughout the year.

Over the last 15 years, we’ve devoted all of our energy into making this network the best place to get information for the biggest online games. The next step in ZAM’s growth is coming, and we hope you’re excited.

Daybreak General Maintenance: June 2, 2015

Daybreak will perform a general maintenance beginning at 6am PDT on Tuesday, June 2, 2015. The current estimated downtime for this maintenance is three to five hours, depending on the service.

This maintenance may impact the following Daybreak services across all games:

  • Commerce functions, including purchases, for all games
  • Game & Web logins for all Daybreak sites
  • Forum access (login, posting, and viewing abilities) for all Daybreak games.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a game-specific maintenance. There will be no update or patch notes.

Thank you for your patience as we complete this maintenance.

~The Team at Daybreak