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EQ Update #228

Just some various updates for today.

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EQ Update #227

In this update, Ayr`Dal Heritage Crate items were given some more information in their descriptions as to what item they came from. It looks like we have all the items from this crate on the site now but the Wanderer's Ayr`Dal Scalemail Suit individual ornamentations. Please uploaded those via the item collector. We have screenshots for all the different suits thanks to KoryuRagestorm! We could use screenshots for all the other items as well.

Work is being done back behind the scenes on fixing the posting issues. I just recently got ahold of all the database tables I needed in order to properly figure out what I need to prune from the forums and have put together quite a bit of information on what I'll actually be pruning. I'm still working on other things that will be pruned as well. Some of these tables are very big in size (gigs) so they will need to be partitioned even after pruning. This should help drastically improve the performance of inserting new posts and the site "should" no longer go unresponsive.

EQ Update #226 & Incoming Bonus XP and Savings!

It's that time of the year again for Daybreak Games to give us some bonus experience and marketplace savings! Check out what this dark elf with a dragon on his shoulder has got in store for you.


EQ Marketplace

From 12:00PM PT on Thursday, August 31, 2017 until 12:00PM PT on Tuesday, September 5, 2017, ALL players on ALL servers will receive Double XP! Additionally, members will receive 25% off ALL Marketplace items! If you’ve been waiting to pick up something from the Marketplace, now is the perfect time!

Not an All Access member yet? With bonuses, discounts, access to new content, and more, there’s never been a better time to join!


And our site update for the day is more Ayr`Dal Heritage Crate updates.

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EQ Update #225

In this late night update, all new comments are updated. Also the item collector was patched (Thanks Rswiders!) and it looks like we got most if not all the Ayr`Dal items already in the item database. Check out our quest entry here on the Ayr`Dal items. Keep them coming in if we don't have them all. We'll get all of it sorted soon.

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EQ Update #224

In this update, more work was done on FV city NPC's. Updated screenshots with map locations and more vendor loot was added that was missing. Also some static tradeskill containers were added in FV as objects that can be found in the NPC tab on the zone.

A wiki page was created for Forges with locations with links to a map on where you can find them. You'll see a link to this page on the static tradeskill container for now. The reason for this is because the container pages are limited in their design and only allows for so many characters. Eventually all container pages will be phased out to point to a wiki page instead, so not only can content admins edit but anyone with account can edit these pages as well.

Edit: The item collector has been patched.

Lost Dungeons of Norrath is live now on Ragefire!

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EQ Update #223

In this update, some Firiona Vie city NPC's were updated with screenshots, locations and merchant loot that was missing.

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EQ Update #222

In this update, various things were updated.

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