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Hotfix for March 18, 2014

A hotfix was put out to live servers this afternoon:

*** Hotfix ***

  • The new rare global drops have been disabled in Heroic Adventures and Missions for the time being.
  • Karl Kranigan is a bit more sturdy now. It will no longer be possible to accidentally kill him while working on the 11th anniversary task "Stealing My Life Back."

This means the recently added Rain of Fear raid-equivalent random rare drops recently added to Call of the Forsaken content will no longer drop in instanced zones for the time being. Most likely, this is in response to reports of certain NPCs in heroic adventures dropping the items at a much higher rate than intended.

March 18, 2014

Here are today's updates:

New Items: Heroic Mold-covered StoneLegatus StudMagister WrapCenturio LoopCastusLegatus GorgetCenturio ChokerLegatus KnifeFerioCenturio SpauldersLegatus CloakTritum

New Bestiary: a newly formed bansheea newly formed nettling wraitha newly formed samhaina newly formed turmoil toada newly formed wraitha newly formed black widowa newly formed dark visagea newly formed gargoylea newly formed hobgoblina newly formed phoboplasma newly formed shiverbacka newly formed torment bata newly formed spinechillera newly formed dark visagea newly formed torment bata newly formed spectrea newly formed nettling wraitha newly formed frightfingera newly formed phoboplasma newly formed gargoylea newly formed mephita devistating pooka

Updated Items: Fine FeathersBlack Panther SkinStone of MarkingDrakkin Steel Longsword

Updated Quests: Monk Velium BracerSpirited SpiritFrostcrypt #2 Event: Beltron the Shade KingTears of a God - Karana's FavorEstle #3: The Other Brother

Updated Bestiary: Meelanaa panthera corrupted pantherOgre MercenaryOgre Mercenary petRa`tuk Kjyt Gykka shadowed stonemitea cragbeast hatchlingWarden Ottaha pool of deathly shadowFear of OthmirsFear of RavensFear of ShissarsFear of the Evil EyeFear of HalflingsFear of Wurms

March 17, 2014

March 16, 2014

Producer's Letter: Happy Birthday EverQuest!

EverQuest Producer Thom Terrazas talks about special anniversary events, new features, and upcoming content releases in a new letter to the community.

Bonus experience is currently on, lockout timers are currently reduced, the Plane of War is coming in April, and Tier 2a (or what is expected to be "Tier 2a") of the Call of the Forsaken expansion is planned for a May release.

Check out all the details after the jump!

SOE All-Access Program Update

Today Linda "Brasse" Carlson, Director of Global Community Relations at Sony Online Entertainment, updated the SOE All Access FAQ. As previously announced, the new and improved All Access plan is slated to start April 16, 2014. Today's update includes information on multiple month purchases, Silver membership (EQ/EQII), multiple game memberships on one account and multiple memberships on different accounts, and EQN Landmark info. 

You can check out the updated FAQ on the Station Forums here. Updates are noted in BLUE.

March 14, 2014

Here are some Friday night updates for you. Enjoy your weekend!

New Items: Centurio VisorThe Blue TowerHeroic Stone of the SovereignHeroic Stone of the SovereignTerebroLegatus BandGolden PalmCeleste StarburstCitrine StrobeBold BlowfishFireworks FamiliarSpirited StoutResplendent RucksackBread of BravadoSalubrious SmoothieBrilliant PeonyCourageous CasseroleMagnificent MerlotStalwart StewHeroic Ironhand BracerHeroic Ironhand HelmHeroic Ironhand VambracesHeroic Ironhand GauntletsHeroic Ironhand BreastplateHeroic Ironhand BootsHeroic Ironhand GreavesHeroic Darktouch BreastplateHeroic Darktouch GauntletsHeroic Darktouch BootsHeroic Darktouch HelmHeroic Darktouch WristguardHeroic Darktouch GreavesHeroic Darktouch BracerHeroic Darktouch VambracesHeroic Spiritskin SleevesHeroic Spiritskin Chain WristguardHeroic Spiritskin CoatHeroic Spiritskin LeggingsHeroic Spiritskin GauntletsHeroic Spiritskin WristguardHeroic Spiritskin BootsHeroic Spiritskin CoifHeroic Stormheart CoatHeroic Stormheart LeggingsHeroic Stormheart SleevesHeroic Stormheart WristguardHeroic Stormheart BootsHeroic Stormheart GauntletsHeroic Stormheart CoifHeroic Manafiber SleevesHeroic Manafiber RobeHeroic Manafiber GlovesHeroic Manafiber WristguardHeroic Manafiber CapHeroic Manafiber SandalsHeroic Manafiber PantsHeroic Stealthinfused GauntletsHeroic Stealthinfused SleevesHeroic Stealthinfused CoifHeroic Stealthinfused BootsHeroic Stealthinfused CoatHeroic Stealthinfused LeggingsHeroic Stealthinfused WristguardHeroic BulwarkHeroic Ring of the GuardianHeroic Soulbound HelmHeroic Soulbound GreavesHeroic Soulbound BracerHeroic Soulbound BootsHeroic Soulbound GauntletsHeroic Soulbound VambracesHeroic Soulbound BreastplateHeroic Blessedbond GauntletsHeroic Blessedbond GreavesHeroic Blessedbond HelmHeroic Blessedbond BreastplateHeroic Blessedbond BracerHeroic Blessedbond BootsHeroic Blessedbond VambracesHeroic Conjuredflame SleevesHeroic Conjuredflame SandalsHeroic Conjuredflame CapHeroic Conjuredflame PantsHeroic Conjuredflame GlovesHeroic Conjuredflame WristguardHeroic Conjuredflame RobeHeroic Dreamhunter BracerHeroic Dreamhunter BreastplateHeroic Dreamhunter GreavesHeroic Dreamhunter BootsHeroic Dreamhunter VambracesHeroic Dreamhunter HelmHeroic Dreamhunter GauntletsHeroic Rageblade CoifHeroic Rageblade WristguardHeroic Rageblade BootsHeroic Rageblade SleevesHeroic Rageblade GauntletsHeroic Rageblade CoatHeroic Rageblade LeggingsHeroic Orobane BootsHeroic Orobane LeggingsHeroic Orobane TunicHeroic Orobane WristguardHeroic Orobane CowlHeroic Orobane ArmwrapsHeroic Orobane GlovesHeroic Soulreaper WristbandHeroic Soulreaper PantsHeroic Soulreaper CapHeroic Soulreaper SleevesHeroic Soulreaper GlovesHeroic Soulreaper RobeHeroic Soulreaper SandalsHeroic Soulreaper WristguardHeroic Mindbroken GlovesHeroic Mindbroken SandalsHeroic Mindbroken SleevesHeroic Mindbroken PantsHeroic Mindbroken WristguardHeroic Mindbroken CapHeroic Mindbroken RobeCompendium of Ogre Cultural CraftingCompendium of Iksar Cultural CraftingCompendium of Human Cultural CraftingCompendium of Vah Shir Cultural CraftingCompendium of Drakkin Cultural CraftingCompendium of High Elven Cultural CraftingCompendium of Barbarian Cultural CraftingCompendium of Dwarven Cultural CraftingCompendium of Froglok Cultural CraftingCompendium of Halfling Cultural CraftingCompendium of Gnomish Cultural CraftingCompendium of Erudite Cultural CraftingCompendium of Dark Elven Cultural CraftingCompendium of Troll Cultural CraftingCompendium of Half Elven Cultural Crafting

Updated Items: Collector's Excavator ClawsChest of ValorHelm of Rile

Updated Quests: Skunk HuntingEverQuest Anniversary Events: An Overview

Updated Bestiary: Burynai SapperConstruct of SathirShopkeeper ChirrinCulturist Devari