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EQ Update #21 2016

Evil Mastermind?




How many different quests are currently live for this NPC? Our database says 2, but user input of late is suggesting there may be more?


Updated Quests: Behari is MissingEnchanter Epic 2.0: Staff of Eternal Eloquence

Bestiary Updates: Tolkar ParloneGaruc AnehmFirwyn


EQ Update #20 2016


New Items: Blue VialPhantasmic Plate Glove Seal of the BerserkerFearlinked Silk Sleeve Seal of the StargazerFearlinked Silk Sleeve Seal of the AssassinFearlinked Silk Sleeve Seal of the CryomancerFearlinked Plate Boot Seal of the ArcanistFearlinked Plate Glove Seal of the AssassinFearlinked Plate Helm Seal of the DefilerFearlinked Plate Chest Seal of the MagusFearlinked Plate Sleeve Seal of the MagusFearlinked Silk Chest Seal of the OracleFearlinked Leather Boot Seal of the DuelistFearlinked Leather Chest Seal of the BerserkerFearlinked Chain Sleeve Seal of the ArcherFearlinked Chain Glove Seal of the BerserkerFearlinked Chain Chest Seal of the StargazerFearlinked Chain Sleeve Seal of the ChampionFearlinked Chain Boot Seal of the AdvisorFearlinked Chain Wrist Seal of the WarmongerPrize: Ping's Peaceful Potion PackagePrize: Nimbus of the Howling WindPrize: Jaled Dar's First Shielder's PendantPrize: Bracer of the Centaur ArcherPrize: Bridle of the Highland LionPrize: Bridle of King KalakorPrize: Painting: Fit For KingsPrize: Rotting ContractPrize: Painting: Terris-ThulePrize: Mask of Scaled CunningPrize: Doll's MaskPrize: Crown of Fire NimbusPrize: Dragorn War MaskPrize: Miniature Eyepatch  ermit's Hideawayrost Wurm Saddlember Wurm SaddlePrize: Idol of SeverilousPrize: Baby Red DragonPrize: Rallosian Orc ContractPrize: Dragon-Marked AmuletPrize: Drake of Pure NaturePrize: Dragonflame RingPrize: Building Block - Flat Rectangle - DraconicPrize: Building Block - Cube - DraconicPrize: Path of Ice NimbusPrize: Path of Ice NimbusPrize: Crown of LightningPrize: Path of Fire NimbusPrize: Painting: Terris-ThulePrize: Painting: Estarim FamilyPrize: Painting: Unrestrained FuryPrize: Guard of the Fallen Dragon OrnamentPrize: Piercing Fallen Dragon OrnamentPrize: Crushing Fallen Dragon OrnamentPrize: Bow of the Emerald Dragon OrnamentPrize: Gnome Pirate ContractPrize: Painting: Lady VoxPrize: Painting: Lord NagafenPrize: Piercing Emerald Dragon OrnamentPrize: Slashing Emerald Dragon OrnamentPrize: Fist of the Emerald Dragon OrnamentPrize: Dragorn ContractPrize: Terrifying ContractPrize: Painting: Strength of GanakPrize: Fiery Dragonhide PackPrize: Slashing Fallen Dragon OrnamentPrize: Idol of TalendorPrize: Tekko of the Vermilion Dragon OrnamentPrize: Venomous Raptor SaddlePrize: Nature-Touched Wurm SaddlePrize: Guard of the Vermilion Dragon OrnamentPrize: Firescale Wrulon Saddle

Bestiary Updates: Commissioner Edrun  Glorious CistinaV`Dralk the Construct of Shade



*We are aware that the item collector has truncated some of the names. This usually sorts itself the next time an item is collected (which is soon because it basically tells itself "oh this item name has changed" when in fact it was just a collection error. --I personally don't know enough about it to say what causes this.



EQ Update #19 2016




So we just had some Updates to Grevak and his "Lizard Doll" quest that make it clear this is a newbie home-city quest that fills the same niche as Cindl wanting polar bear pelts, that rumoured dwarf that likes crushbone belts and so on.




So what other starter cities have a parallel quest? (One would assume they all do). Clearly we need updates as to the full drop range of items from these. Are there multiple armor tiers in each city or just faction-based variations (Paladin guild bone chip quest in Kaladim is coming to mind here vs. the Crushbone belts quest out of the warrior guild).

Lastly, it looks like we could use additional screenshots of these NPC.


New Items: Dragon-Marked AmuletPrize: Crushing Emerald Dragon OrnamentPrize: Emblem of DruushkPrize: Painting: Ice Dragon AvatarPrize: Building Block - Flat Square - DraconicPrize: Bulwark of the Emerald Dragon OrnamentPrize: Claw of the Fallen Dragon OrnamentPrize: Building Block - Long Wall - DraconicPrize: Building Block - Column - DraconicPrize: Bow of the Fallen Dragon OrnamentSpell: Illusion: Arc WorkerSpell: Illusion: RelifeSpell: Illusion: HadalSpell: Illusion: Phantom FroglokSpell: Illusion: ChetariSpell: Illusion: Sarnak WarriorSpell: Illusion: Lightning WarriorSpell: Illusion: Plains WyvernSpell: Illusion: DragornSpell: Illusion: MastruqSpell: Illusion: Silver GnomeworkSpell: Illusion: Ancient Sarnak WarriorSpell: Illusion: BokonSpell: Illusion: Aqua GoblinSpell: Illusion: Runic Tattoo Nihil MaleSpell: Illusion: GirplanSpell: Illusion: Plaguebringer ; Legend of the DragonbroodHeartless SpinesCrypt-Hunter's Legionnaire VambracesCrypt-Hunter's Legionnaire Greaves

Updated Items: Large Patchwork BootsLarge Patchwork PantsLarge Tattered ShoulderpadsLarge Tattered WristbandsSplintering ClubAction Goblin: BlueAction Goblin: Green

Updated Quests: Return Skalmarg's War Banner to the WraithguardFergarin #1: Intercepted CorrespondenceFergarin #3: ConfessionBypass HeimgulFavors of the HopelostAchievement: I'm a People Person!

Bestiary Updates: Chief Sanre`Rexsaa twisted chestGiladan the BotanistAedrosa coldain skinnera treasure chest (The Rise of the Ancients)Sliggles the SneakBokon Revel the Rebornan avatar of Tranquility ; a twisted chestGiladan the BotanistAedrosa coldain skinnera treasure chest (The Rise of the Ancients)Sliggles the SneakBokon Revel the Rebornan avatar of Tranquility

EQ Update #18 2016

EQ Update #17 2016

Small but Dangerous?


The bestiary wiki listing says: "The spiderlings are the non-posionous version of the spiders. They are non-aggressive, but EXTREMELY social and will join in if you're fighting one anywhere near them. While they can be excellent xp for the younger player, they do come in a variety of level ranges. It is very important for the newer player to /consider the spiders closely to ensure they're of a reasonable level before taking them on."


But are they still social? I remember them being nuts in the Feerott ages ago, but my recent experiences in Nektulos on progression it didn't seem so...

Also, we could use some images of the other colour variations. I prefer my spiderlings in yellow myself.

Updated Items: Sunshard DustVelium Silvered RuneBarbed Scale WhipDiamondRelic FragmentsNoteBuckler

Updated Quests: The Lost CirclePlaguebringer ProofDrosco the Zombie (good)Achievement: ExcommunicationInto the Temple (b)In Defense of Health

Bestiary Updates: undead clericGuardian of the GladeMarcia Attamilgad [Rare Items]Yulin the FlameweaverCrista Faelorin

Zone Updates: Sul Vius: Demiplane of Decay

Yep.. still here and and so are EQ Events!

Don't get wiggly, the Zam site may have changed but our beloved and favorite EQ website is still here!  And speaking of Everquest, here's the latest directly from Roshen on the EQ Forums:

War Games, the Plane of War anniversary event, is back for a limited time! This event is active NOW on live servers, and will be available until Wednesday, April 6, 2016 at 11:00PM Pacific Time.


This mission scales to your level, and can be requested by players that are level 65 and up from Commander Gorok who can be found in the Plane of Tranquility. Don't miss your chance to get a head start on collecting Commemorative Coins that can be used for special EQ Anniversary rewards!

Roshen Loves EQ Players!

Another direct pull from Roshen over at the Daybreak Official boards:


We’re having a Bonus Week here in Norrath! What does that mean? From 12:00PM (Noon) PST on Wednesday, February 24th through 12:00PM (Noon) PST on Wednesday, March 2nd, we’ve got two special opportunities happening in game.


Is there an item in the Marketplace you’ve been eyeing? Are you on the Phinigel server and planning on leveling up for the upcoming Kunark unlock? Good news! During Bonus Week, the Member Marketplace Discount will be raised to 30% OFF! That’s a significant increase from your standard membership discount (10%).

Not a member yet? This would be a great time to become one! Find our more details about the benefits of membership and purchase at https://www.everquest.com/membership.


If you’re on one of our regular servers, get ready for the fruits of your labor to be sweeter than ever. Why? This week, there are Double Rare Spawns!

(Sorry, TLP players – double rare spawns do not apply on Ragefire, Lockjaw, or Phinigel).

We'll see you in Norrath!