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EQ Update #77

New Items: Necronominon ;  Agonizing War Helm 

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EQ Update #76

EQ Update #75

Patch Wed March 22nd, 2017


All EverQuest Live Servers will be brought offline on Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017 at 6:30AM Pacific* for maintenance. Servers will be unavailable for approximately three hours.

Keep an eye on the EverQuest forums and social media for status updates and for news if additional downtime is needed.

*Convert to your local time

EQ Update #74

EQ Update #73

EQ Update #72

New Items: Teir`Dal Heritage Crate 

Updated Items: Sand Wasp Larvae ;  Ritualistic Torture Veil ;  Immaculate Crystal Crown ;  Marble Slivers ;  Sand Verbena ;  Sooty Fine Runic Papyrus ;  Mossflow Stone ;  Wrathful Teir`Dal Leather Wrist Ornament ;  Wrathful Teir`Dal Leather Legs Ornament ;  Wrathful Teir`Dal Leather Helm Ornament ;  Wrathful Teir`Dal Leather Hands Ornament ;  Wrathful Teir`Dal Leather Feet Ornament ;  Wrathful Teir`Dal Leather Chest Ornament ;  Wrathful Teir`Dal Leather Arms Ornament ;  Suit of Wrathful Teir`Dal Leather ;  Wrathful Teir`Dal Cloth Wrist Ornament ;  Wrathful Teir`Dal Cloth Legs Ornament ;  Wrathful Teir`Dal Cloth Helm Ornament ;  Wrathful Teir`Dal Cloth Hands Ornament ;  Wrathful Teir`Dal Cloth Feet Ornament ;  Wrathful Teir`Dal Cloth Chest Ornament ;  Wrathful Teir`Dal Cloth Arms Ornament ;  Suit of Wrathful Teir`Dal Cloth ;  Wrathful Teir`Dal Chain Wrist Ornament ;  Wrathful Teir`Dal Chain Legs Ornament ;  Wrathful Teir`Dal Chain Helm Ornament ;  Wrathful Teir`Dal Chain Hands Ornament ;  Wrathful Teir`Dal Chain Feet Ornament ;  Wrathful Teir`Dal Chain Chest Ornament ;  Wrathful Teir`Dal Chain Arms Ornament ;  Suit of Wrathful Teir`Dal Chain ;  Suit of Malevolent Teir`Dal Scalemail ;  Suit of Malevolent Teir`Dal Ringmail ;  Suit of Malevolent Teir`Dal Plate ;  Suit of Malevolent Teir`Dal Cloth ;  Suit of Malevolent Teir`Dal Chain ;  Quarm-Touched Feran Bridle ;  Adoptable Wrulon Shriekpaw ;  Bridle of the Wrulon Shriekpaw ; Adoptable Nektulos Araneidae ;  Adoptable Fourth Gate Vesper ;  Adoptable Fourth Gate Guardian ;  Fourth Gate Guardian Familiar ;  Adoptable Blood Runed Gargoyle ;  Adoptable Black Mamba ;  Black Mamba Familiar ;  Wrapped Painting: Toadstool Tavern ;  Wrapped Painting: Slugs Tavern ;  Wrapped Painting: Maiden's Fancy ;  Wrapped Painting: The Blind Fish ;  Wrapped Music Box: Neriak ;  Wrapped Helm of the Fourth Gate Guardian ;  Suit of Wrathful Teir`Dal Ringmail ;  Suit of Wrathful Teir`Dal Scalemail ;  Suit of Wrathful Teir`Dal Plate ;  Suit of Malevolent Teir`Dal Leather ;  Music Box: Neriak ;  Malevolent Teir`Dal Scalemail Wrist Ornament ;  Malevolent Teir`Dal Scalemail Legs Ornament ;  Malevolent Teir`Dal Scalemail Helm Ornament ;  Malevolent Teir`Dal Scalemail Hands Ornament ;  Malevolent Teir`Dal Scalemail Feet Ornament ;  Malevolent Teir`Dal Scalemail Chest Ornament ;  Malevolent Teir`Dal Scalemail Arms Ornament ;  Malevolent Teir`Dal Leather Wrist Ornament ;  Malevolent Teir`Dal Leather Legs Ornament ;  Malevolent Teir`Dal Leather Helm Ornament ;  Malevolent Teir`Dal Leather Hands Ornament ;  Malevolent Teir`Dal Leather Feet Ornament ;  Malevolent Teir`Dal Leather Chest Ornament ;  Malevolent Teir`Dal Leather Arms Ornament 

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