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"Nobody Told Me it Was 'Bring Your Pet to Work' Day"
by: Demonicspawn Dealerofdeath the Ambassador
<Tunare's Guilded Knights>
Tunare - The Seventh Hammer Server

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Trivia for the Day
Over the course of the Rain of Fear's partisan task arc in Kael Drakkel, you are sent to infiltrate the crystal shard smuggling operation being run by a Drjek, a Storm Giant in the Eastern Wastes. The operation has its own troubles, however, as it's regularly coming under attack by...
A. sirens
B. coldain dwarves
C. denizens of Fear

..........B. coldain dwarves..........

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September 15, 2014

September 12, 2014

There is a new type of currency - an alternate to platinum - currently on the Test Server. The "Noble" is a substitute for (valued at) 100,000 platinum and is meant to make high-value Bazaar trading a little less cumbersome. You can read up about it here in the "Sense Heading" section of the EQ Forums.

New Item: Heroic Protective Scales

New Bestiary: a high elf wizard petPlaguebone Overlord petskeletal minion

New Recipes: Regal Stonetooth ArmbandRegal Stonetooth BootsRegal Stonetooth CuirassRegal Stonetooth GlovesRegal Stonetooth GreavesRegal Stonetooth HelmRegal Stonetooth SleevesGlorious Stonetooth ArmbandGlorious Stonetooth BootsGlorious Stonetooth CuirassGlorious Stonetooth GlovesGlorious Stonetooth GreavesGlorious Stonetooth HelmGlorious Stonetooth SleevesExtravagant Stonetooth ArmbandExtravagant Stonetooth BootsExtravagant Stonetooth CuirassExtravagant Stonetooth GlovesExtravagant Stonetooth GreavesExtravagant Stonetooth HelmExtravagant Stonetooth Sleeves

Updated Quest: Raid Expedition: The Plane of War

Updated Achievements: Achievement: Hunter of Al'Kabor's NightmareAchievement: Hunter of Fear Itself

Updated Recipes: Extravagant Stonetooth CuirassExtravagant Stonetooth GreavesExtravagant Stonetooth SleevesGlorious Stonetooth ArmbandGlorious Stonetooth BootsGlorious Stonetooth CuirassGlorious Stonetooth GlovesGlorious Stonetooth GreavesGlorious Stonetooth HelmGlorious Stonetooth Sleeves

Updated Bestiary: Queen Klaknaka berserk mammotha drachnid bloodknightDrenza drolvarg captainEmperor CrushGeneral JyleelGrasterHeartwood MasterJenni HollowfieldMootoa mountain giant patriarchPlaguebone OverlordPrincess KlaknakWinfrey the MadZyren ShadowriverAncient DracolicheArgendevDecrepit WarderDeranged ToadDreadDyalgemEngorged SpinechillerEssence of TerrorFrightGiant PhoboplasmIrak AltilIreblind ImpIron FistKaterra the AnguishedMastelynMindleechNightmare of ThuleOdiumPossessed SamhainRerekalenShakareTempest ReaverTerrorTwisted TormentorUndaleenUndead ShiverbackWraith of a ShissarZykeana drachnid sorcerer peta drachind necromancer peta drachnid priest peta shadowed bleedera Klaknak Dronean enraged frightfinger pet

September 11, 2014

September 10, 2014

Here are some midweek updates for you:

New Item: Tome: Phantom Assassin Rk. III

New Bestiary: ambushing thiefambushing thiefambushing thiefambushing thiefGuard Tolax

Updated Items: Queen's Bedchamber KeySpell: Focus Makeshift Spellcaster's EssenceWrapped PaintingWrapped PaintingWrapped PaintingWrapped PaintingMangled Leather Tunic TemplateCrude Spinneret FluidCrinkled NoteFractured Dragon Scale

Updated Quests: Only The Blind Will See (Level 80+)Only The Blind Will See (Level 35)Only The Blind Will See (Level 15)Legends of Norrath #11: Dragonbrood - The AnarchsSkulk #1: The Hills Are AliveRozz #2: Royal Access

Updated Bestiary: an iksar betrayerambushing thiefLoneq VardrinThimble Thrasherambushing thiefMianoanoca cinder trunka decomposing corpsea deformed revenanta diseased revenanta Doomscale cultista flaming jacka forest eldera gehein skirthtamera grizzly beara hill lionessa lava rocka lavacrust stridera liona lurking ursarachnida molten soula molten spirita molten stridera mudsoula mudspirita putrid corpsea quickwitted crowa rabid wolfa rambling jacka returning spirita scarecrowa scheming crowa shambling corpsea skirth boneshreddera skirth fleshbitera skirth manglera skirth scourera smoldering scarecrowa sojourning spirita starving beara starving liona starving lionessa tirun enforcera traitorous guarda twisted corpsea twisted revenanta twisted treespirita water spiritan ash trunkan empowered revenantan orafik spyan ursarachnid spinecrusher

September 9, 2014

Here are today's updates:

New Recipes: Ornate Wealdstone ArmbandOrnate Wealdstone BootsOrnate Wealdstone CuirassOrnate Wealdstone GlovesOrnate Wealdstone GreavesOrnate Wealdstone HelmOrnate Wealdstone SleevesIntricate Wealdstone ArmbandIntricate Wealdstone BootsIntricate Wealdstone CuirassIntricate Wealdstone GlovesIntricate Wealdstone GreavesIntricate Wealdstone HelmIntricate Wealdstone SleevesSimple Wealdstone ArmbandSimple Wealdstone BootsSimple Wealdstone CuirassSimple Wealdstone GlovesSimple Wealdstone GreavesSimple Wealdstone HelmSimple Wealdstone Sleeves

Updated Items: Rolaque's Feir`Dal MemoriesAdiene's Terris-Thule PaintingDkelf's Morell-Thule PaintingInnania's What Dreams May Come Painting

Updated Achievements: Achievement: Hunter of The GroundsAchievement: Hunter of The LibraryAchievement: Hunter of The WellAchievement: Hunter of Erudin Burning

Updated Bestiary: Death SpiderDeath StingerDoom SnakeChaotic HeapRazeVicious GourdDistraught HeapArenrhaedRendSlynassinVenilinamCroakemBeget CubeKijaemzZonorazBiunahdeHeliasAgraenaAndrevasAngry WaspCompost CubeGrigoranMinadraPatch GuardianPeliasRiggbitVile WaspArchivist HerrdarArdull the WatcherChronicler CerroCompendium of NightmaresCurator MajdaHead Librarian MatildaProfessor GlumbTome of the FallenAlgot the DeathshaperBrutusDamar the OverseerGarnak PryphanHandar PrentiusKanah the HeartslicerVindel the RipperThe Tome-EaterFemurstackMaggotscalpan unusual codexLasna Cheroona bandit foecrushera baneful soula blazing trunka blighted skeletona callous bandita dirt crawlera leafy treant

September 8, 2014

Here are some updates for today:

New Items: Glowing Sol`Dal Crest OrnamentGlowing Ornate Stone Kite Shield OrnamentGlowing Sol`Dal Kite Shield OrnamentGlowing Golden Lion Buckler OrnamentGlowing Gilded Frosted Steel Longbow OrnamentGlowing Gilded Steel Longbow OrnamentGlowing Sol`Dal Shortsword OrnamentGlowing Sol`Dal Hammer OrnamentGlowing Sol`Dal Rapier OrnamentGlowing Sol`Dal Short Spear OrnamentGlowing Sol`Dal Sabre OrnamentGlowing Sol`Dal Kris OrnamentGlowing Sol`Dal Dirk OrnamentGlowing Sol`Dal Wand OrnamentGlowing Sol`Dal Shortbow OrnamentGlowing Sol`Dal Staff OrnamentGlowing Sol`Dal Long Spear OrnamentGlowing Sol`Dal Longsword OrnamentGlowing Sol`Dal Axe OrnamentGlowing Sol`Dal Cestus OrnamentGlowing Sol`Dal Hand Axe OrnamentGlowing Sol`Dal Truncheon OrnamentGlowing Sol`Dal Scimitar OrnamentGlowing Sol`Dal Sceptre Ornament

Updated Items: Werewolf PeltBuckler of the Capricious FirebugHeartguardTears of KaranaWater of PlentyCenti Longsword

Updated Achievement: Achievement: Fiery Beauty (Argin-Hiz)

Updated Quests: Save the Queen #4: Parts For a CureTranscendent ImpressionsAn Uncursed Cloak

Updated Bestiary: Dooly Jonkersa blood starved wolfa willowispa black panthera river turtleTeka`Temariel CentiArtisan Bill WhistletopArtisan Gorion Telld`MareEdvard O`Danosa werewolfIlana SunmireDeathcaller XylokVasser Fayeil

September 5, 2014

Beta for The Darkened Sea will begin on September 16, and sign-ups are open: If you're interested in beta testing, see this topic on the EQ Forums, and follow the link on Roshen's post.

New Item: The Rathe Shield Ornament

New Recipe: Spell: Crackling Blades Rk. II

Updated Items: Rune of YirnoAncient ArtifactMinor Alaran CantripAncient Tarnished PendantBrilliant Sphere of UnderstandingDelicate Bronzed TorqKhati Sha's Favorite BrushLiquid RageMagnificent Opal BroochMorden's Lucky KnifeOrb of Timeless NightPendant of Mental ClaritySionachie's Soup SpoonSolution of Unfreezing IceSprouting Bo Staff of Ton PoStaff of the First LightTorq of the Rigid SpineFallen Lord's CloakFlamelink MantleGlaive of Intermittent FlameHeartflame, Guide of the Sol`DalImp Fang HoopMantle of Chaotic HarmonyRigid Crimson ShouldersRoyal Adjudicator's Order KeeperRoyal Advisor's SashRoyal Executioner's BeltRoyal Healer's SashSash of Silent StepsShining Savior's RampartShoulderguard of GrandeurShriveled Leather ShroudSoot Blackened HoopSorcerer's Silken CloakStaff of Elemental TransfigurationStaff of Glaring DivinityTears of the PhoenixTorn Drape of BetrayalWeathered Advisor's CloakSekrivitax, Kris of the Sol`DalRoyal Executioner's Ornamental BastardswordAreial's Fiery StudBeguiler's Decayed CapeBeguiler's TeardropBelt of Vindictive PerseveranceBloodstained Channeler's CordBrace of Woven FireBrilliant Crusher of Intermittent FlameCloak of Immaculate PurityCord of Dried FleshCouncilor's Sapphire LoopCrumbling Metal LinksDecorative Ecclesiastical SkullcrusherDecrepit Cloth CinctureDirt Stained ShroudDrape of Lordly StatureDeath Scarab ShieldCowl of Dark ProvidenceCerulean Girdle of YoreVisor of the Stone ScowlTreasurer's Tarnished SignetStare of DecayRoyal Vicar's Ornamental BucklerRoyal Scout's Vermillion SaberDecaying Oculus RingCrypt Robber's VisorBrilliant Sorcerer's AnelaceBetrayer's Inscribed BandRoyal Guardian's Chilling VisorLoop of Squandered WealthGlistening Moonstone BandFallen Scout's Garnet RingFallen Minstrel's MaskDelicate Guise of GriefDecrepit VeilBloodstained ShouldersAncient Cloak of FlamesCrested Mistmoore Ring

Updated Quests: LangseaxPaladin Epic 1.5 Pre-QuestAn Epic Request (Monk)Raid Expedition: Lord Kyle BayleRaid Expedition: Burn OutRaid Expedition: The Journey Home

Updated Bestiary: Aethra the Mada greater kobold shamana deathly ushera jeering gargoylea will ravishera servantRoslyn S`NezVera S`LonRequisitioner Chasha chest (Tower of Rot Raid)an ornate iron chesta chest (The Journey Home)