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EQ Update #318

Players are reporting that bonus experience is turned on. Let us know if you figure out which percentage it is.

In this update, some Underfoot and VoA jewelcrafting recipes were created and others updated and those items were tagged with their expansions.

Some RoS quests were updated with info and the Fell Foliage raid was updated with some information about the raid. We'll still need some details on that raid.

RoS raid achievements were updated with links to related content.

I worked on filtering RoS spells via the spell search tool and finished cleric spells this time around. I'll let everyone know when I'm done with that and push it all live.

Click Read More to see all the updates.

EQ Update #317

In this update, all Ring of Scale achievements are now created and attached to the Ring of Scale wiki achievement page. We still have some details to fill in for some of them but we'll get that done soon.

Some new items coming in which I'm not sure yet what some of them are for so we'll need folks to let us know.

I added some new recipes for some of the sub combines for Crestra's Elegant Earring and the recipe for the item itself.

More RoS NPC's were updated with drops. And some other non RoS NPC's were updated with screenshots.

Click Read More to see the updates.

EQ Update #316

In this update, new comments were caught up until late evening. 

Also the Cat in a Bag and Dog in a Crate items were tagged and the achievements were created/updated.

Some new spell, poison recipes were added.

NPC's were updated with mainly item drops.

Bunch of quests were updated. Some updates to their formatting as well.

Click Read More to see a list of updates.

Happy Holidays and EQ Update #315

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Hanukkah or whatever you call the next few days. We here at Allakhazam wish you well and hope you travel safe!

Courtesy of Vinney, one of our housing contributors.



In this update, more new items coming in from Ring of Scale have been tagged. Also some more RoS item updates were done.

Mainly RoS collection quests were updated with the new collection items.

I'll be out of town the next couple of days visiting family so probably won't be a update until afterwards.

Click Read More to see all the updates.

EQ Update #314

In this update, new items are rolling in from RoS since our item collector was patched. We've tagged most of those items already. Existing RoS items have been updated as well.

Also more RoS quest updates, mainly collection quests.

RoS NPC's have been updated with drops as well.

I'm working on filtering RoS spells via the spell search tool. Any spell that isn't attached to a song/scroll/tome will be filtered out of the search so people won't get confused seeing procs and effects from other spells and thinking those are spells that can be memed. So far I have bards, beastlords and berserkers done. I'll roll all those changes out after I'm done with all the classes probably after the holidays.

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EQ Update #313

In this update, more RoS items were update with various info.

The RoS wiki has been updated with The Overthere collection achievements and all the items in those achievements with map coordinates.

Also all RoS raid weapons and shields screenshots were added to the Ornaments, Weapons and Shields wiki page.

Some NPC's were updated with various information as well.

Item Collector is updated.

Click Read More to see all the updates.

EQ Update #312

In this update, all new comments are caught up to last night. Also some recipes were corrected for RoS augs and some added recipes for tier 1 tradeskill type 5's.

Screenshots were uploaded for all RoS weapons and shields to their item pages. I'll be updating the RoS wiki with all those soon.

We're testing the item collector to make sure everything is working like it should. If everything works, we'll be able to roll it out tonight to the public.

Click Read More to see all the updates.