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EQ Updates, December 5th, 2015

So You Want to Help?




This is good, as Zam users are the contributors that make this site a great community and resource!

Here's some tips on how to be most productive in your help:



New items: really it is just best to run "Lucy" the item collector. Yes it gets broken nearly every patch, but that's the way it goes. We don't create item entries in the database (I have no access to a way to do so)... we need stuff run through the item collector. This is also true for spell effects.


New NPC: post in the thread under the zone you found the NPC in. This is really important with the Dev team recycling more and more NPC and zones so that we can keep it all straight. /loc, level, purpose of NPC is all stuff we get from you  -nothing is autogenerated on NPCs. NPCs have pictures because you upload them (thanks!) --we could use a lot of new pictures of older NPCs too.


New Quest: (or task, or whatever they decide to call something next) it is best to post under the NPC that started it. Unknown, then post in the zone you did it in (How does that happen if you haven't run the quest? Answer: We get contributions from all sorts of sources, and sometimes it is passed along information such as a list of quests for a new zone). Under the NPC is best because we have to flag the NPC as quest before we can link anything internally.


For updates, most of the time it is obvious: new zone info for a zone do the zone page, new quest info for a quest use that quest's page, and NPC /loc on the NPC's page, and so on. When you do an update, resist the urge to reply below an old post as it gets buried in the thread, instead start a new post and quote the old post there so it is at the top of the thread now. There's a few situations that are a bit different though as far as where to post to make it easier for us to update quickly:


Updating NPC faction and quest involvement is best on the NPC page.

Updating item drops is best done on the item with a link to the exact NPC you got it from. (Less screens for us to click through on our end). If the NPC has a confusing name (with 3 other versions of the NPC, or there are 5 of the NPC in 5 different zones) then it may be best to post that item drop under the correct NPC entry (even though it is more clicks to do for us... it is correct so we won't have to redo it).


Another way to help is to Rate-up the people contributing. About 90% of the information for The Broken Mirror so far has come from less than 10 Zam users.


Speaking of TBM, a lot of the entries have been done, but cross-referencing is tricky when stuff doesn't exist initially. "New stuff" posts decay here so we miss things. So another way to help would be for some people to review all the TBM info so far and repost under the NPC, quest or item any known but not updated info. Feel free to quote a post you think we missed updating. For example: I know that many quest NPC aren't yet flagged that way so a list under them of all their known quests would expediate that getting corrected.


In a related vein, though I almost hesitate to say it as it will likely result in a flood of work to do, Old Sebilis information needs some verification. We've noted a lot of missing drop information (particularly with the spectral Iksar models so far) in respects to Kunark era drops. I'm also finding that a lot of info posted circa 2002 on places such as Old Sebilis didn't get all entered and/or verified. This is likely due to the "you must submit logs" policy being a more firm thing and the workload on Allakhazam's Magical Realm staff at the time, we have registered users with trusted Karma nowadays so while logs are nice, you don't have to provide them if you know stuff.


Finally, a big list of updates after the jump:


EQ Progression 4.0 Update: FAQ is Live!

When 90 Days Becomes 84


Roshen has posted a full FAQ about what they are now calling TLP 4.0 (some of the playerbase had been referring to it as 3.5) aka the "true box server" ruleset. This server is set to launch next week on December 9th. Many, many established guilds from prior TLP are planning to congregate here, the shorter unlocks (now set at 84 days so a straight-up 12 weeks), boxing restrictions, and raid instancing have many hopeful that all playstyles can get along.

Meanwhile, only a few raiding guilds are saying they are staying on the TLP 3.0 servers. If one trusts the O-boards (don't) then it sounds like the population there will crash hard next week. Maybe... those two servers will need a merge, but I'm thinking anyone happy playing slow casual might just love them losing the top-end racing guilds that didn't seem to get along.

Sure the various boxers that some dislike are still there (on TLP 3.0), but will the server economy support the reason the worst of those were behaving in the more disruptive ways (no top end guilds kill the market a bit?). After all, it's only a few given boxers that are a problem on any server to begin with most of the time (there has been a lot of voicing that Ragefire/Lockjaw have taken the bad side of boxing to a new extreme --I can't say myself).

Check out Roshen's official post on the Daybreak boards: https://forums.daybreakgames.com/eq/index.php?threads/phinigel-faq.228780/


The "highlights" are clipped from his original post and found after the jump.

EQ Updates, December 2nd, 2015

"The Unkempt Druids are a secret group

of crazed druids and rangers."

-from the Zam faction entry


But what is their story? Halfling in Nektulos faction mysteries have mostly been settled (thanks Mongrol!) but somewhere/when between Nektulos 1.0 and 3.0 the Dreadguard Outer and Guardians of the Vale faction hits on the Halflings were replaced with a + hit to unkempt druids. Dreadguard Outer made sense... Dark Elf guards that just might not like an invasion force of halflings in their woods.

Does "crazed" mean in-lore "evil" druids and rangers"? Next expac is going to be "Unkempt Reckoning?"


Anyways, more seriously, quite a few TBM quest entries have been started (bare bones) mostly due to Fayman's great posts. It's a lot of entry to do... so not even all of Fayman's submitted into is correctly cross-referenced yet. In the least, now less postings have to go directly on the zone pages.



New Items: Sanctimonious VeneerDamsel of Decay Leather Helm OrnamentDamsel of Decay Plate Hands OrnamentRod of IsolationMark of Unfeeling FleshMud VeilReaper's ResortHate-inscribed AdornmentWarded AiletteCrypt-Hunter's Shadowscale CoatSash of Triumphant ReturnCrypt-Hunter's Shadowscale LeggingsCrypt-Hunter's Shadowscale Wristguard

Updated Items: Lesser Essence of DecayVial of Halfling BloodLeatherfoot Short BowHalfling ToeCrypt-Hunter's Legionnaire BracerExalted Shoulderpads

New Quests: Under the RobePaying One's RespectsEternal RewardsDead WrongReverence for the FallenA Task of Trust: Problematic PriestA Task of Trust: Culling the UnworthyFate Rewards the BoldUndead UndergroundDeadlineAnashti Sul, Damsel of DecayFaith in RelifeCrypt CrimesLost or FoundDeaths of the UnlivingFeather in the WindThe HandmaidenAnashti Sul, Lady of LifeApathy of DecayAsk the InvadersOrdering the DiscordantFacilitate the ForcefulA Note of HopeDuplicityDecay DecreasedForce the ForcefulGrannus of the Cleansing Steam

Updated Quests: We Make Our Own Rewards

Bestiary Updates: BinkHimmelSnitchGolleeJossleGharina deathfist templarInitiate of RodcetMissionary of RodcetForleyExalted DromondMayor Salvador WestCannixRaunerGammerRollisMaestro of Rancor (Plane of Hate: Revisited)Varnor CleggKerath PunoxGrubbonionEvay SmitBokon KarassAnna Brothan honored residentan honored citizenan exalted citizenan aloof bokonan admired citizena vendora respected morticiana luscent presencea diligent guarda citizena cherished citizena bokona bartender

Everquest Server Downtime - Tuesday Dec. 2nd

(From the EQ Forums)

All EverQuest Live Servers will be brought offline on Wednesday, December 2, 2015 at 7:00AM Pacific. Servers will be unavailable for approximately two hours.

Keep an eye on the EverQuest forums and social media for status updates and for news if additional downtime is needed.


Snailish: Once again sneaking an update into Aikan's news posting (I'm assuming he'l put the patch notes after the jump).

New Items: Thulian LifeclotterDamsel of Decay Cloth Helm OrnamentRevolting Thought SpurDecayed Diaphanous StripsDamsel of Decay Chain Helm OrnamentPrize: Razors EdgePrize: Nimbus of the Rumbling EarthPrize: Aspect of the EagleLesser Health SpiritSpeed of DarknessPrize: Vanishing PointDissenting HandrazorsShroud of RelifeMedal: Life of ServiceVim and Vigor Leather Legs OrnamentVim and Vigor Leather Arms OrnamentUnforgiving CleaverA Symbol of Marr

Bestiary Updates: JossleForley


Patch notes are after the jump.

General Maintenance on Tuesday December 1st

At 5:00 AM (PST) on Tuesday, December 1st, 2015, servers will be brought down for brief general maintenance.

This is not game-specific maintenance and there will be no update or patch notes, however during the maintenance, logins may be impacted.


We'll sneak in a few updates to:


New Items: Fetid HideMarred Furry MantleGrisly FetishTwined String of MischiefDamsel of Decay Leather Arms Ornament

Bestiary Updates: Varnor CleggEvay SmitBokon Karassan honored residentan honored citizenan exalted citizenan aloof bokonan admired citizena vendora respected morticiana luscent presencea diligent guarda citizena cherished citizena bokona bartender

It's Cyber Monday at DBG!

(From EQ Forums)

Being a member has its perks, and those perks are about to get even better during Daybreak’s Cyber Monday promotions!


First things first – Are you an All Access member who needs to add on some more membership time? Are you finally ready to become an All Access member? On Cyber Monday only, you can get 3 Months of membership for only $29.99!*

Once you’ve got your shiny new membership all finalized, hop into game and discover the second deal.........

(more after the jump)

EQ Updates, November 29th, 2015

New Items: Damsel of Decay Plate Helm OrnamentDamsel of Decay Chain Wrist OrnamentDamsel of Decay Cloth Arms OrnamentDisease PackageJerill's OrdersDecomposing HeadDamsel of Decay Cloth Feet OrnamentGross GutsGruesome TrophyKiss of LifeCrypt-Hunter's Natureward SleevesNarcoletus HackerExalted ShoulderpadsSelect Verses of SulUndying Cloak of AdmirationDissenting HackbladeVim and Vigor Cloth Legs OrnamentDamsel of Decay Cloth Chest OrnamentCrypt-Hunter's Shadowscale BootsHigh Priestess' PurifierVim and Vigor Leather Chest OrnamentPredatory MarkingsRaw Crypt-Hunter's LeggingsExtract of MortCaustic Elixir

Updated Items: Blood Ember BracerWeak Nigriventer VenomSilvril OreIron OreRaw Silk RobeBuccaneer's Gladiator FaceguardBloodforged Leather Feet OrnamentUnrefined Sapphire

New Quests: We Make Our Own Rewards

Updated Quests: Lizard Tails No 2Lizard Tails

Bestiary Updates: a treantGharinIndariaEndrican investigatorLeatherfoot Scouta burrowing wyvernspectral commandera dervish cutthroatDragoon TorrexEnic RuklinElera ShelwinNeelo LeafwindVizier AlbertTerrance the AdmiredMad Merchant MarvGuardian JenatGlorious CistinaExalted DromondThe DarkseerCommissioner EdrunVarnor CleggThiroc the redeemerSergio the SuaveMayor Salvador WestKerath PunoxGrubbonionFilius QuillEvay SmitBokon KarassAnna Brothan overworked functionaryan honored residentan honored guardan honored citizenan honorable citizenan exalted citizenan aloof maidenan aloof bokonan admired citizena venerated guarda vendora vandala superintendenta stern guarda shopkeepera retired merchanta respectful curatora respected morticiana merchanta luscent presencea lost scouta guard (Sul Vius: Demiplane of Life)a gleeful citizena functionarya favored functionarya dutiful cleanera doubtful functionarya diligent guarda delighted citizena cracked guardiana citizena cherished citizena butchera bokona bartenderTarl PunoxLashun Novashine