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"These Walls Do More Than Talk"
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Cazic Thule - Fennin Ro Server

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July 7, 2014

Here are some updates for today:

New Items: Hoplon of the TacticianHeroic Incarnadine GemstoneCrushing Fallen Dragon Ornamentation

New Recipes: Simple Blank BookSimple Book Binding

New Quests: Achievement: FlamewarderCOTF Pre-Launch (Argin-Hiz): Topple the Ash GiantsCOTF Pre-Launch (Argin-Hiz): Embers of the GiantsCOTF Pre-Launch (Argin-Hiz): Still the Ash HurricaneSimple Book Binding for Crescent ReachSimple Blank Book for Crescent Reach

New Bestiary: Ash Hurricanea burning ash gianta corpse seekera desiccated travelera Freeport guardGuard Mulk

Updated Items: Barbed Dragonscale BootsMedium Quality Horse SkinNightmare EyesImmaculate SilkStack of Blank PagesSimple Book Binding GlueSimple Book Binding LeatherSimple Book Binding LiningSimple Book BindingSquid InkSimple Ink BottleFlask of Purified WaterSimple InkThings I SeenHeart of the Ash HurricaneAnalyzed Ash Giant EmberAsh Giant EmberBrilliant Flame Edged CleaverLoop of Lingering DecayBand of Vile PutrescenceDecaying Sorcerer's MaskRosette of the Restless DeadOfficer's Ornamental GladiusPeerless Platinum BandRoyal Guardian's Vermillion SaberCrumbling Facade of the FoolDecaying Oculus RingVeil of Dark RitesLongbow of Intermittent FlameRoyal Vicar's Ornamental BucklerBrilliant Sorcerer's AnelaceSteel Visage of Boundless SightVisor of the Stone Scowl

Updated Quests: Monk Epic: Celestial FistsSimple Ink for Crescent ReachSpecial InventoryKraklest #1: Endless WarPlane of War: Tamrel #2 - A New Colonel In TownCOTF Pre-Launch Events: An Overview

Updated Recipe: Simple Ink

Updated Bestiary: KyenkaPixtt AnnihilatorVrex Xalkak NixkiGuardian of GlorificationGuardian of RighteousnessGuardian of TranscendenceFlesh HunterCrumbling MonolithDire Illusiona pile of bones (Temple of the Damned)Researcher AkilaTranixx Darkpaw (live)General BardakGiliferd the Spidera Rulnavian propheta chest (Tower of Rot Raid)

July 4, 2014

This weekend is your last chance to check out the Tower of Rot pre-launch events (Qeynos will finally go back to normal on Monday).

As some events end, a few more begin: In the lead-up to the Argin-Hiz zone release, some curious goings-on are happening in the Desert of Ro... (See the "New Quests" section below and our pre-launch overview here!)

Happy Fourth of July - Enjoy your holiday weekend!

New Items: Dried Raisin CakeSeared Wolf JerkyHoney Glazed SconesExtra Crispy Apple PieTip-TopsFennel Flaked Corn MuffinTwice Baked Bread

New Quests: COTF Pre-Launch (Argin-Hiz): Sympathy for the ForlornCOTF Pre-Launch (Argin-Hiz): No Sympathy for the ForlornCOTF Pre-Launch (Argin-Hiz): Dousing the FlamesCOTF Pre-Launch (Argin-Hiz): Fire PreventionCOTF Pre-Launch (Argin-Hiz): Sifting Through the AshesCOTF Pre-Launch (Argin-Hiz): Source of the Ash WindAchievement: FlamewarderAkila #1: Simple Quill for Crescent ReachGates of Discord Progression #5: Crafting an Icon of the AltarGates of Discord Progression #6: Sliver of the High Temple

New Recipe: Simple Quill

New Bestiary: a Doomscale scouta flameseekera forlorn asha frightened inhabitantan ash windan elemental fireAmbassador of Solusek RoGuard JepperGuard Sloopa devoted followeran ash windLanys T`Vyl

Updated Zones: Ikkinz, Chambers of RighteousnessIkkinz, Chambers of GlorificationIkkinz, Chambers of TranscendenceIkkinz, Chambers of Destruction

Updated Items: Smoldering Ash FlakeAnalyzed Smoldering Ash FlakeAnalyzed Ash Giant EmberHeart of the Ash HurricaneSliver of the High TempleSliver of the High TempleInanimate OreIcon of the AltarBlazing TorchFlaring CoalsFlarestoneInferno Scepter MoldVial of Smelted Molten OreArtifact of RighteousnessArtifact of TranscendenceArtifact of GlorificationSewn Flesh ParchmentMuramite NeedleHynid-Hair ThreadBone ChipsFrayed Flesh ScrapFrayed Flesh ScrapFrayed Flesh ScrapFrayed Flesh ScrapMuramite ResidueGlyphed FleshGlyphed FleshGlyphed FleshHynid Hair StrandSimple QuillPlain Flight FeatherSimple Quill Cutting Tool

Updated Quests: Ikkinz Raid #1: Chambers of RighteousnessIkkinz Raid #2: Chambers of GlorificationIkkinz Raid #3: Chambers of TranscendenceIkkinz Raid #4: Chambers of Destruction

Updated Recipes: Vial of Smelted Molten OreIcon of the AltarStiff Hide Tome

Updated Bestiary: Joran MullvenVrex Xalkak NixkiSpirit of Tunik TamuikKeeper of the AltarGuardian of GlorificationGuardian of RighteousnessGuardian of Transcendencea compulsed umbrabashera commanded guardianan enslaved spiritcrusherTublik NarwetharSentinel of the AltarResearcher AkilaBloodsucker

July 3, 2014

SOE Live Premium Pass Contest

The contest has ended!
Congrats to RannDragonsbane!

What could possibly be better than looking at a picture of Sony Online Entertainment's resident dwarf glowing ominously upon EverQuest II's producer? Experiencing a moment like that yourself!

We've teamed up with SOE to give one (1) winner a discount code good for two (2) SOE Live Premium Passes! Continue after the jump for details on how this contest will work!

Patch Notes for July 2, 2014

Tower of Rot raiders and Plane of War raiders will want to take note of today's hotfix!

*** Hotfix ***

  • The Brothers Zek (Plane of War) - Lowered the damage done by the Zek Brothers slightly, and lowered AE rampage damage.
  • The Brothers Zek (Plane of War) - Lowered the HP and damage values of the adds in this event.
  • The Brothers Zek (Plane of War) - Increased bonus spell damage to adds and increased how quickly it scales up, but the bonus will only apply to the first hit every second.
  • The Brothers Zek (Plane of War) - Rallosian Priests now have a bigger bonus to melee damage, but will lose health over time while charmed.
  • The Brothers Zek (Plane of War) - Adds that are weak to fire now take more damage from hand-to-hand attacks. Adds that are weak to cold now take more damage from piercing attacks. Adds that are weak to stuns now take more damage from blunt attacks. Adds that are weak to snares now take more damage from slashing attacks.
  • Lord Kyle Bayle - Raid - The table and chairs in the center of Lord Kyle Bayle's room will turn to ash when the fight begins.
  • Lord Kyle Bayle - Raid - Kyle Bayle will no longer regenerate hit points while invulnerable.
  • Lord Kyle Bayle - Raid - Kyle Bayle's royal guards will now respawn every 45 seconds (up from 30 seconds).
  • Lord Kyle Bayle - Raid - Kyle Bayle's fallen guards will now spawn every 75 seconds (up from 45 seconds).
  • Lord Kyle Bayle - Raid - Only one fallen advisor can now be active at once.
  • Lord Kyle Bayle - Mission - The table and chairs in the center of Lord Kyle Bayle's room will turn to ash when the fight begins.
  • A Rotten Heart - Fixed a bug that could cause Adana Baxter to reset her health to full.
  • An Epic Request - Corrected a problem that could prevent the completion of the Northern Desert of Ro step of the shadowknight instance.

Argin-Hiz Pre-Launch Events Ahead

Argin-Hiz, the final zone of the Call of the Forsaken expansion, is scheduled to be released on Wednesday, July 16, 2014. Before that, however, there will be some goings-on in the Southern and Northern Desert of Ro...

(Click here for an overview of pre-launch events!)

"The ash pours into our lands, threatening what meager homes and crops we have! Won't you [destroy] these wandering ash monsters?"

A hot ash wind is blowing from the portals that have appeared in Ethernere-Tainted West Karana and South Ro. Creatures of ash have ventured out of the portals and are roaming menacingly throughout South Ro and North Ro. Guards from Freeport have come here to bring order to this region and are beseeching powerful adventurers to travel here to assist with quelling the blaze.

SOE Live Updates: Extra Space and More

Linda "Brasse" Carlson has been posting updates all over today about SOE Live. SOE has managed to score more seat accomodations (meaning more premium passes can be sold), an experimental improved smart phone signal and more.

Confirmed: increased area of grand ballroom to accommodate 150 more Premium Passes. We will sell tickets online right up to event time (unless we sell out).

Confirmed: hotel has "increased nodes" in ballroom in an attempt to improve smart phone access - to be tested at the event! Initial tests by staff are positive, but huge numbers of people do weird things to cell reception.

Confirmed: Player Got Talent auditions to be accepted SOON - as in tomorrow. Start practising!

Confirmed: International attendees CAN participate in our awesome game tournaments this year!

Confirmed: EverQuest players lead the pack of 1542 people registered with 520 attendees, well in advance of second place EQII with 392.

Confirmed: Dead Carpet event, the Zombie Prom Party - we WILL have a zombie-themed drink special. I hope it does not contain gross lumpy or chunky bits.

Stay tuned for an awesome SOE Live contest launching on ZAM later today!