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Trivia for the Day
Cragma is the name of...
A. a lava golem in the Underfoot
B. a mystic of the extinct Nogdha Orc Tribe
C. a cragbeast matriarch in a Taelosian mountain pass

...............A. a lava golem in the Underfoot.........................

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April 5, 2014

A good Saturday afternoon to you. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

New Items: Darksoul StaffSash of the MenderNarikor Slaver's LashKyalie's Vallation OrnamentNarikor Slave Morning StarSoul of the GrandmasterMantle of InaschSphinx Chamber KeyGurrak GreatswordZekarian Stonewood Compound BowBreakneck ChokerNarikor Slave AxeZekarian DiamondNarikor Slave Great HammerKomodo Dragon SaddleMurdunk's Massive Bastard SwordNarikor Slaver's WhipBrainmasherWar-scarred FetishSTU OrnamentNarikor Slave HammerKnuckles of PainSignet of GannarZekarian Bow SchematicNarikor Slave SledgeThe Heart of NarikorNarikor Slave PickCharred Captain's BonesBurning TarTallon Soldier InsigniaDeathdrinker's Dirk of DarknessThe Heart of NarikorTriple-Pointed Bloodmetal StilettoSigil of ThokkPrimalist DrapeGurrak MaceTamrelian Sword PiecesNarikor Slave MaceStone of JudgementGurrak BludgeonerChampion BladeTamrelian Armor PiecesVallon Soldier InsigniaTallon Captain InsigniaGurrak LongswordGurrak ShieldDecorin BucklerWar Forged Wood ShieldWar Forged ShankWar Forged Leather ShieldWar Forged AegisWar Forged Evoker's TomeWar Forged ScimitarWar Forged SpearWar Forged Round ShieldWar Forged Caller's GreatstaffWar Forged ClaymoreWar Forged Great ShieldWar Forged TotemWar Forged WarhammerWar Forged MaulWar Forged AxeWar Forged GavelWar Forged ShivWar Forged Blood-ShieldWar Forged LongswordWar Forged DaggerWar Forged GreatbladeWar Forged Channeler's Staff

Updated Items: Speckled Pine FruitHeartfruit WalnutFallen Tree Branch

Updated Quests: Ranger Epic 1.5: Heartwood BladeExploring the Guild HallPlane of War Access #1: Field of Strife & The Mines

SOE Live 2014 Registration Opens

Sony Online Entertainment has announced that early registration for SOE Live 2014 is now open! This year’s event will be at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, A‌ugust 1‌4-1‌7.

There are three pricing levels available: the Day Pass, Evening Pass, and the all-encompassing Premium Pass. The Premium Pass has Early Bird pricing of $129 if you buy one before the May 12, 2014 cutoff. Kids 12 and under are free this year, but they need a badge so be sure to include them in your registration.

There are also two optional upgrades: Priority Grand Banquet and Welcome Seating, where you can buy a 12-seat table for $60 at the big events (each reservation requires a separate purchase), and the Sunday Dev Brunch, which costs $59 and requires a Premium Pass.

Check out the in-game items after the jump.

April 3, 2014

April 2, 2014

Today's patch knocked Lucy's Item Collector out of commission for a time. We'll have it back up and running as soon as possible. In the meantime, if you have any information you'd like to share, you can post a comment on any item, NPC, or quest page, or email us at eqteam@allakhazam.com. Thank you, and happy hunting!!

Here are some midweek updates for you:

New Items: Fearlinked Plate Leg Seal of the StargazerFearlinked Plate Wrist Seal of the Advisor

New Zone: Plane of War

New Recipes: Fearlinked Plate Leg Seal of the StargazerFearlinked Plate Wrist Seal of the Advisor

New Bestiary: Zayenaekka Decorin sentinela Decorin taskmastera diaku hopefula disgraced centuriona disgraced legionnairea disgraced mystica disgraced mystic peta dishonored berserkera dishonored championa dishonored reavera dishonored wardera fallen evokera fallen warriora frazzled opponenta Gindan berserkera Gindan bloodtuska Gindan carvera Gindan championa Gindan reavera golem chefa golem custodiana golem guardiana golem machinista golem sentinela golem smithA Greedy Minera guardian of Drundera guardian of Narikora Gurrak soldiera Gurrak spiritcallera Gurrak spiritcaller peta Gurrak thrashera Hendin assassina Hendin harbingera Hendin ravagera Hendin reavera Hendin wardera listless centuriona listless gladiatora listless reavera mindless minera miserable crusadera miserable evokera miserable soldiera miserable vicara pawna pensive tacticiana resting channelera resting crusadera Rulnavian archivista Rulnavian championa Rulnavian channelera Rulnavian chargera Rulnavian coercera Rulnavian defendera Rulnavian custodiana Rulnavian furya Rulnavian gladiatora Rulnavian machinista Rulnavian mystica Rulnavian mystic peta Rulnavian oracle peta Rulnavian oraclea Rulnavian propheta Rulnavian prophet peta Rulnavian protectora Rulnavian researchera Rulnavian sentinela Rulnavian sentrya Rulnavian soldiera Rulnavian squirea Rulnavian stalkera Rulnavian suppliera Rulnavian tomekeepera Rulnavian vicara Rulnavian worg trainera Rulnavian worg trainer peta ruminating librariana shamanic resonancea Sheartooth maraudera Sheartooth mendera Sheartooth scouta strife colossusa Tamrelian assailanta Tamrelian assaultera Tamrelian boar trainera Tamrelian boar trainer peta Tamrelian centuriona Tamrelian chargera Tamrelian crusadera Tamrelian custodiana Tamrelian evokera Tamrelian interrogatora Tamrelian legionnairea Tamrelian machinista Tamrelian mystica Tamrelian mystic peta Tamrelian oraclea Tamrelian oracle peta Tamrelian pawna Tamrelian scouta Tamrelian seera Tamrelian seer peta Tamrelian sentinela Tamrelian soldiera Tamrelian tomekeepera Tamrelian vicara Tamrelian vicar peta Tamrelian wall defendera willing subjecta Yendan heyokaha Yendan heyokah peta Yendan keepera Yendan protectora Yendan wardera Zekarian colossusa Zekarian guardiana Zekarian patrolleran anguished channeleran anguished coerceran anguished scoutan anguished vicaran armored bloodtuskan armored ravageran enraptured librarianan enslaved championan enslaved furyan enslaved stalkeran irate tortureran iron chefan iron custodianan iron guardianan iron machinistan iron sentinelan iron smithan off duty oraclean off duty oracle petan unimpressed slaverCaptain DulkotCaptain Flavis StellaCooper JolrisDejected KoboldDiaku RedeemerDiviner of the WorthyEdmuundEjarl, Herald of the BarbEtsinthinikonarifetFirst Lieutenant Ess PekkyFletcher ForlenForgetender BolgornGannar`s archonGannar`s sentinelGannar`s watchmanGeneral Ugor GronnoGrald, Kijarl`s AdvisorGraluk, Inasch`s BladekeeperGurrak TyrantGyrup, the CallerHigh Priest SquelnissHigh Strategist GalbenInasch`s armsmanInasch`s sentinelInasch`s vicarInquisitor FrellumIrate Slave DriverKatkaKrepp the AugurerMickornMultifaceted GolemOlmacRefiner DyrginalRolfron Zek, Lord of DespairSelynseSergeant RekklesSoraynStrategist GromlukThe BladeThe GrandmasterThe Heart of NarikorThe JudicatorTroopmaster GurkanTykronar, Gannar`s AideYikkarvi, the Blade`s Smitha focused strategista strife guardian

Updated Bestiary: Tantisala JaggedtoothZayenaekkMurdunk

Patch Notes for April 2, 2014

Here are the patch notes for Wednesday's game update (servers are due up around 9 A.M. Pacific Time / 12 P.M. Eastern Time):


  • The Plane of War is now available! Enter this extremely challenging plane and challenge the Zek brothers to learn their strategic and tactical secrets... but bring strong allies, as only the most skilled (level 95 and above) can hope to survive on an eternal battlefield such as this.

The Plane of War Opens Tomorrow

Twelve years in the making, the Plane of War is set to open as a permanent zone on live servers tomorrow:

"Here you stand, on the brink of war. Before you enter the Plane, you should ask yourself, 'Am I prepared?'" - Commander Gorok

The Plane of War, the domain of Rallos Zek, is where fighters of all races selected by the Warlord god battle eternally in his honor. This plane was sealed off long ago from mortal intervention, to be opened at a later time when the citizens of Norrath were deemed to be a worthy challenge.

"Do you hunger for blood? Is your appetite only satiated by senseless war? The battle never ends on this plane." - Jorgar the Pacifist

The gates to Rallos' realm have remained sealed so long that most mortals have simply forgotten that his plane has been left despoiled all this time. Now the rumors of the Warlord’s domain becoming accessible have reached the ears of god-slaying adventurers. Veteran adventurers are already preparing to trek into this new yet strangely familiar place, to reap the rewards of plunder. Will you be one of them?

April 1, 2014

Servers will be brought down early tomorrow morning for a game update:

All EverQuest Live Servers will be brought offline on Wednesday, April 2, 2014 at 4:00 AM PDT*. The servers are estimated to be unavailable for approximately 5 hours.

Here are today's updates:

New Items: Dark Elf Bastard Sword OrnamentKindling TwineHeroic Icy HeartHeroic Cliknar EyeHeroic Rockomancy DiamondHeroic Prismatic Gemstone

Updated Items: Voucher for SpearVoucher for Mechanical NetVoucher for ToolsetMessage to HeraldJungle Raptor Saddle

Updated Quests: Anniversary Shared Task: Breaking MirrorsAnniversary Group Task: To Thine Own Creator Be True

Updated Bestiary: a goblin scryerWenglawks KkeakTobala HoneyjarPeriac Windfella berserk fiendThe Fabled Quarman orafik alerter