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EQ Update #292

Happy Turkey Day to you all from those of us here at Allakhazam. Be careful driving whenever you may be going.

For today's update, all Ring of Scale raid armor recipes have been entered. As a holiday gift I have opened up the Ring of Scale wiki guide. We still have lots to add so stay tuned on that.

Click Read More to see all the updates.

EQ Update #291

In this update, Ring of Scale Tier 2 Group armor recipes were all added.

Click Read More to see all the updates.

Daybreak Marketplace Deals

Daybreak has some marketplace deals starting today. Open up the marketplace tool in game and check them out.

As we roll into the holiday season, we're encouraging players to partake in their own festivities across Norrath!

From now until December 7, 2017, a selection of assorted holiday-themed items including Endless Turkeys, the Festive Autumnal Center Piece, the Crown of Feathers Nimbus, the Familiar of Thankful Days, and more are on sale in the Marketplace!

Remember, this isn't the only way to enjoy the season - Fall Fun is also in full swing! Don't forget to take advantage of the 50% shorter instance lockout timers up until November 28!


We'll be entering Frostfell before you know it, so don't miss out on the fall festivities!

EQ Update #290

In this update, all new comments are caught up to this morning. We'll get some more RoS updates done today.

Click Read More to see all the updates.

EQ Update #289

In this update, all Cleric and Paladin level 105+ scrolls/tomes are tagged with their expansions. Also recipes for all the RoS Tier 1 Scale Touched group armor, have been added.

More progress has been made on the Ring of Scale wiki. We'll be opening that up to the public here soon even though it still needs lots of work done to it.

Click Read More to see all the updates.

EQ Update #288

In this update, some new ornaments and tradeskill items are coming in from RoS. Also all spells 105 to 110 are tagged with an expansion now. Bards through Berserkers RoS songs, tomes, spells are all tagged RoS now.

Click Read More to see all the updates.

EQ Update #287

In this update, more RoS tradeskill items were added and tagged. Also some new RoS alchemy recipes were added. A few more RoS NPC's were updated with screenshots and some unseen NPC's were added.

Two new NPC's are located in the Ring of Scale The Overthere bank that allow you to purchase Velazul's and Selrach's armor for new raid and group currency.

Bards to Magicians levels 105 through 110 had their spells tagged with an expansion. We'll get the rest of the classes tagged soon and the scrolls/tomes/songs tagged as well.

Click Read More to see all the updates.