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July 21, 2015

Here are today's updates:

Updated Items: Red ShardShard Message

Updated Quests: Heretic HeadsMiranda's DiceQuellious Initiate

July 20, 2015

July 17, 2015

Here are today's updates:

Updated Items: Natural SilkSylvan Plate Chest OrnamentHighwater BracerMask of Sparks

Updated Quests: Dark Elf Cultural Armor (DoN)

Bestiary Updates: the Mutated LaborerPraetor Loricas the Hollow


Have a great weekend!

Ragefire/Lockjaw Server Transfers Coming Soon

Starting on Thursday, July 30th at 2pm PT, players on the Ragefire and Lockjaw servers will be able to transfer for free between the two servers for a limited time. Through 11am PT on Monday, August 10th, using the /servertransfer option in-game will allow for players to move any number of characters from one progression server to the other.

After the free period expires, characters can still be transferred between the two servers by purchasing Character Transfer Tokens in the Marketplace. The token option will only remain available until one of the servers unlocks the Kunark expansion, at which point transfers will only be permitted from the server that is behind to whichever server is ahead in progression.

July 16, 2015

Here are today's updates:

Updated Items: Rusty Spiked ShoulderpadsMagister Cinch

Updated Quests: Stein of UlissaBreakdown in Communication #7: TiptRozz #2: Royal Access

Bestiary Updates: a gnoll commander

July 15, 2015

Here is today's update:

Bestiary Updates: a manticore

July 14, 2015

Here are today's updates:

Updated Items: Simple Defiant Shortsword

Bestiary Updates: a majestic grizzly