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Do you plan on playing on the new TLP server Agnarr?

2.1%6 votes
Yes. I am coming from P99 to play on Agnarr.
1.1%3 votes
Yes. Will quit my live server to play there.
3.9%11 votes
Yes. Will quit another TLP server to play there.
18.9%54 votes
Yes. Not quitting my server but will play there.
4.9%14 votes
Yes. Quitting another game to play there.
14.0%40 votes
No. I play on another TLP, not interested.
0.4%1 votes
No. I play on P99, not interested.
40.4%115 votes
No. I play on live, not interested.
1.1%3 votes
No. I play another game, not interested.
13.3%38 votes
No. I've played through classic enough already.

285 total votes

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EQ Update #128

In this update, more classic spells were tagged with their expansions via the spell search. Druid through Necromancer spells level 51 through 60 were tagged. Some spell scrolls needed to be tagged with their expansions as well. More work will be done on the classic achievements that are on the test server.

Click Read More to see the updates.

EQ Update #127

In this update all of the pre kunark hunter achievements were added that are currently on the test server. You can get a listing of these by clicking here if you are logged in as a premium member.

Click Read More to see all the updates.

EQ Update #126

In this update some work was done on the new achievements that will be added to live soon for classic through planes of power. This was mainly just for Pre-Kunark achievements. The rest was updates from new comments.

Click Read More to see the updates.

EQ Update #125

In this update some The Broken Mirror collection achievements were added and their items tagged with TBM expansion tags and added to the achievements. Also more classic resist jewelry recipes were added and items tagged with original tags.

If folks weren't aware we had a quest search, you can find it here.

Click Read More to see the updates.

EQ Update #124

In this update some classic recipes were brought back, mainly resist jewelry and those items tagged with their appropriate expansion.

EQ Update #123

Early morning edit. In this update we did some updates to old classic quests, making sure they were tagged with their expansion and making sure the rewards were marked with their expansions too. Also some faction and loot updates to Kithicor Forest NPC's thanks to drool. And of course more spells updated with their expansions in the level 51 to 60 range. Some spells were removed from the spell listing due to the fact they were either a test only spell or they were a proc of another spell. Some more of these will be taken care of as we go through the spells.

Click Read More to see the updates.

EQ Update #122

In this update Drewinette worked on Plane of Health and Ruins of Lxanvom raid instances. The content in those instances were sometimes mixed with group and raid so Drewinette organized them. Also more spell updates were made as far as marking spells with their expansions. All classes should be done up to level 50. We'll be going by level ranges to get those spells marked.

Click Read More to see the updates.