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Trivia for the Day
The augmentation rewarded from one of this year's anniversary missions is the "Shimmering Black _____".
A. Pearl
B. Diamond
C. Sapphire

..............A. Pearl..............

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March 25, 2015

Most Plane of Knowledge vendors will have returned with today's patch.

The vendors that had mass-item inventories added to them last month have kept those inventories (except for those cases where Smithing and Tailoring supplies were erringly added to non-Smithing/non-Tailoring vendors). The inventories of the returning vendors are the same as they were prior to the February patch, so nothing new there other than their return to the zone.

Database listings have been brought up to date with what is seen in game. If you spot any discrepancies, please let us know.

New Item: Mithaniel Marr Shield Ornament

New Recipes: Tideworn Bracer of HavokHighwater Bracer of HavokHighwater Bracer of Havok

Updated Items: Skunk Breath AleTorrential Soulstone

Updated Quests: Cleric Skyshrine GreavesPyrrhotite ExperimentsInsignia Earring of Veracity (#1)Etched Earring of Veracity (#2)Runed Earring of Veracity (#3)Signet Earring of Veracity (#4)Sigil Earring of Veracity (#5)Essences of Power

Updated Bestiary: Boiron StonCulkin IronstoveBorik DarkanvilKlen IronstoveYeril ImsinA Disciple of LuclinChef DenrunBlacksmith GertaShoon

POK Vendors Who Have Stepped Out of Retirement and Returned to Work: Zosran HammertailTranus IronstoveVuli IronstoveDalin GreskarNoirin KhalenPerago CrotalBargol HalithMerabo SotathSirekoth EsheBasur TuQualSaria BromalGligo MuddypantsKirem DeepfacetDaeld AtandKanio PaerkTelir Na`ShalithHigwyn MatrickSherin MatrickHalena PaerkDerin O`DanosSerin O`DanosSeverg O`DanosEllis CloudchaserCiren DarkbogWegal DarkanvilKaleras DarkanvilMerin DarkanvilBemli TakothKertak HammertailJahzo HammertailRadie ImsinHoril ImsinJohannes O`DanosAndreas O`DanosHenrik O`DanosLudvik O`DanosEdvard O`DanosMerciaFlerin Na`ShalithGiftn Na`ShalithMelet Ironstove

POK Vendors So Disgusted With Their Forced Retirement, They've Refused to Return: Magnar QuokSavet IronstoveTallis PaerkJaren CloudchaserSzrix Hammertail

16 Years of EverQuest: All Access Giveaway

The giveaway has ended!

Winners will be contacted and announced by 11:59pm PT on Thursday, March 26th.

Happy Birthday to EverQuest! We've teamed up with Daybreak Games to give away 30 days worth of All Access membership to 16 lucky people! Continue after the jump for all the details.

Daybreak Players Step Up to Organize Fan Faire

Shortly before the sale of Sony Online Entertainment - now Daybreak Games - was announced, the word went out: SOE Live wasn't happening this year. Formerly known as Fan Faire, the annual gathering of players and SOE developers to celebrate their favorite games had become a vacation mainstay for many people.

After the announcement a dedicated group of players decided to pick up the project themselves. Project Fan Faire is in motion, but because there no big backers, they are running a Kickstarter in an attempt to fund the event. Tickets include admission to the event, three catered meals, and access to all player panels.

For more information, like Project Fan Faire on Facebook, or check out their website or Kickstarter!

March 23, 2015

March 20, 2015

Here are some Friday night updates for you. Enjoy your weekend!

New Recipes: Dubious PotionMystical Pumpkin Seed MashScroll: Word of Recuperation Rk. II

New Bestiary: a warder of Dresolika bone craftera bone golema brewers firea garden bixiea living heapa mulch cubea peponnitea rotdoga souring treanta thornfroga thornlinga troublesome snakea waspan aquadervishGarden Sentinelan infected bixiean infected bonecrafteran infected globan infected heapan infected hostan infected treantan infected peponniteAation`s Infected CorpseThuko`s Infected CorpseGiladan the BotanistGroundskeeper SeamusInfectedGoliath Thornhosta battered rafta pirate crew memberBosun DarworNavigator Os`kelaShady SwashbucklerCaptain TurekCaptain Jack AviakThe Broken Winga treasure chesta ghostly dragona nesting drakea mercenarya mercenary captainan agitated ice burroweran enraged wyvernAnkraAnkra`s Dragonan aging dragon

Updated Items: Necromantic Dragon BonePreserved Dragon RemainsAging Dragon BloodPristine Dragon ScaleBurnt Treasure MapTreasure MapShimmering Black PearlPetrified Bladefin EyeMystical Pumpkin Seed MashClump of Mystical Pumpkin SeedsDrop of Sour SapStony Venom SackWide-mouth Potion BottleBrewer's CampfireDubious Potion

Updated Bestiary: The Protector of DresolikGaldorin Visigothe

Updated Quests: Legendary Enchanter IllusionsEverQuest Anniversary Events: An OverviewAnniversary Shared Task: Cleansing the GroundAnniversary Shared Task: Dead DragonsAnniversary Shared Task: Pirates of Timorous DeepAnniversary Shared Task: Pub Crawl

March 19, 2015

Here are today's updates:

New Items: Felwithe Base SectionFelwithe TowerSol's Robe Of Embers OrnamentFelwithe BridgeFelwithe Bridge EndcapEnchanted Sentinel Robe OrnamentDrunkard's SteinScroll: Glorious Judgment Rk. IIIScroll: Chromabash Rk. III

New Recipe: Boastful Bellyfire Ale

New Bestiary: Buzoan the Eldera Gurrak ambushera Hendin ambushera Tamrelian soldierSubcommander Gordasha Zekarian guardiana Zekarian patrollera Decorin taskmastera Diaku hopefula dishonored championa Gindan championa Hendin harbingerDiaku Redeemera Decorin sentinela Gindan bloodtuskan armored bloodtuska disgraced centuriona disgraced legionnairea disgraced mystica disgraced scouta dishonored berserkera dishonored reavera dishonored wardera fallen evokera fallen warriora focused strategista Gindan berserkera Gindan carvera Gindan ragera Gindan reavera golem chefa golem guardiana golem machinista golem sentinela golem smitha golem tomekeepera guardian of Narikora Gurrak soldiera Gurrak spiritcallera Gurrak thrashera Hendin assassina Hendin ravagera Hendin reavera Hendin wardera listless centuriona listless gladiatora listless reavera mindless minera miserable crusadera miserable evokera miserable soldiera miserable vicara pensive tacticiana resting channelera resting crusadera Rulnavian archivista Rulnavian championa Rulnavian channelera Rulnavian chargera Rulnavian coercera Rulnavian furya Rulnavian gladiatora Rulnavian machinista Rulnavian oraclea Rulnavian propheta Rulnavian protectora Rulnavian researchera Rulnavian sentrya Rulnavian soldiera Rulnavian stalkera Rulnavian suppliera Rulnavian vicara Rulnavian worg trainera ruminating librariana Sheartooth maraudera Sheartooth mendera Sheartooth scouta strife colossusa strife guardiana Tamrelian boar trainera Tamrelian centuriona Tamrelian chargera Tamrelian crusadera Tamrelian emissarya Tamrelian evokera Tamrelian interrogatora Tamrelian legionnairea Tamrelian machinista Tamrelian mystica Tamrelian oraclea Tamrelian pawna Tamrelian scouta Tamrelian seera Tamrelian sentinela Tamrelian tomekeepera Tamrelian vicara Yendan keepera Yendan protectora Yendan wardera Zekarian colossusan anguished channeleran anguished coerceran anguished scoutan anguished vicaran armored ravageran enraptured librarianan irate tortureran iron custodianan iron guardianan iron machinistan iron sentinelan iron smithan iron tomekeeperan off duty oracleGurrak TyrantSheartooth Captain

Updated Items: Flask of Fire WaterRallosian HopsSpiced BarleyBoastful Bellyfire AleRallosian BracersRallosian BreastplateRallosian BootsBrewing BarrelRecipe for Boastful Bellyfire AleRallosian Arm PlatesRallosian GauntletsRallosian GreavesFlaming Sword of War

Updated Quests: EverQuest Anniversary Events: An OverviewAnniversary Shared Task: Korukust's Royal PainAnniversary Shared Task: Liquid CourageAnniversary Shared Task: Pub Crawl

March 18, 2015