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The Quest Continues!

Finally Solved!


Over on the official boards, Tnexus tells the great story of solving an old PoP era quest. This is due to Tnexus dedication to solving this quest. One side effect was the recent patch updating 6000 items to be flagged as quest. Also evident is some developer appetite to see old quests solved/fixed.

Visit the thread and give Tnexus a grats!



After the jump is Tnexus' post telling the tale.



-user Fhrugby put significant effort into trying to solve this quest in the past, his/her name is all over the related items threads. If you know Fhrugby, pass along a pat on the back!

-the reward has never been run through our item collector as far as I can tell, nor the quest NPC entered into the database, nor the quest. I wonder how many more of these situations there is?

EQ Update #90

Game Update Notes: August 17th, 2016



August 17, 2016




*** Highlights ***


- Corrected several issues with the pet window. Existing pet command hotkeys will need to be recreated. See UI section for additional information.

- Many AA consolidations. See AA section for additional information.



*** Items ***


- Items that adjust their stats under particular conditions (typically charm item mechanics) will now display spell effects when inspected.

- The item conversion feature now requires the base item to be free of augments before attempting the conversion process.

- The auras Circle of Power, Circle of Life, Circle of Mana, and Guardian Circle found on a number of rare items can now be activated and maintained regardless of other auras that you may have active.

- Augmentations that only fit in 1H Piercing weapons now refer to 1H Piercing rather than "Piercing."

- The Beastlord ornamentation 'The Warder' has had its Lore flag removed.

- Corrected a problem that caused the Metamorph Totem: Murkglider to appear to be an ankylosaurus when previewed or placed in a house or yard.

- Beastlords - Corrected an issue with the focus effect Frozen Miasma Fury found on Anthemion Jerkin, Crypt-Hunter's Dragonbrood Tunic, and Deathseeker's Dragonbrood Tunic that caused it to focus a number of spells and abilities that it was not intended to.

- The foraged item Golanda Nut can now be traded.

- The focus effect Sympathetic Remote Healing Surge XV is now a focus effect and the proc Remote Healing Surge XV is now a proc on the item Demagogue's Crutch.

- The Quarm-Touched Feran Bridle now shows the correct version of the mount on preview.

- Changed all items marked as Bard instruments so that they can be equipped in either the primary or secondary hand. Note that it intended that you are still only able to equip one instrument at a time.

- Keliss Arden, the Hero's Forge Merchant in the Plane of Knowledge, now sells his Hero's Forge ornament offerings as full suits instead of individual pieces.


Click below for many more update notes in this patch!

Server Downtime: Wed, Aug 17th at 6:30am PDT


All EverQuest Live Servers will be brought offline on Wednesday, Aug 17, 2016 at 6:30AM Pacific* for our August game update. Servers are scheduled to be unavailable for approximately three hours.

We'll be doing additional maintenance on some servers after this game update. The following servers are scheduled to be unavailable for up to six additional hours after this game update:

  • Bertoxxulous
  • Drinal
  • Erollisi Marr
  • Luclin
  • Povar
  • Tunare

Once available, notes for this update can be found here.

Keep an eye on the EverQuest forums and social media for status updates and for news if additional downtime is needed.

EQ Update #89

Updated Items: Scroll: Self-Combustion Rk. II ;  Tome: Surprise Attack Rk. III ;  Tome: Pain Doesn't Hurt Rk. III ;  Tome: Curse of the Thirteen Fingers Rk. III ;  Scroll: Meteoric Bolt Rk. III ;  Scroll: Night's Endless Terror Rk. III ;  Scroll: Sporali Storm Rk. III ; Ghoul Flesh ;  Shadowstone Tiara ;  Doll's Mask ;  Scroll: Auspice of Eternity Rk. III ;  Scroll: Anticipated Intercession Rk. III ;  Scroll: Spiritual Swell Rk. III ;  Tome: Devout Penitence Rk. III ;  Tome: Savage Rancor Rk. III ;  Scroll: Depurate Rk. III ;  Polymorph Wand: Plaguebringer ;  Spell: Illusion: Plaguebringer ;  Spell: Illusion: Girplan ;  Polymorph Wand: Runic Tattoo Nihil - Male ;  Spell: Illusion: Runic Tattoo Nihil Male ;  Visage of Farfathom ;  Spell: Illusion: Aqua Goblin ;  Spell: Illusion: Mastruq ;  Spell: Illusion: Dragorn ;  Spell: Illusion: Plains Wyvern ;  Polymorph Wand: Lightning Warrior ;  Spell: Illusion: Lightning Warrior ;  Spell: Illusion: Sarnak Warrior ;  Mask of the Chetari ;  Spell: Illusion: Chetari ;  Polymorph Wand: Phantom Froglok ;  Spell: Illusion: Phantom Froglok ;  Mask of Sparks ;  Spell: Illusion: Arc Worker ;  Eye of Decay ;  Eye of Life ;  Eye of Life ;  Eye of Life ;  Eye of Life ;  Eye of Decay ;  Eye of Decay ;  Eye of Decay ;  Eyes of Life and Decay ;  Mask of Oseka's Servant ;  Polymorph Wand: Silver Gnomework ;  Spell: Illusion: Relife ;  Shroud of Relife ;  Shroud of the Bokon ;  Sarnak Seneschal Mask ;  Spell: Illusion: Hadal ;  Spell: Illusion: Silver Gnomework ;  Spell: Illusion: Ancient Sarnak Warrior ;  Spell: Illusion: Bokon ;  Deadly Venom Sac 

Click below for more updates.

EQ Update #88

Updated Items:Mask of Oseka's Servant ;  Polymorph Wand: Silver Gnomework ;  Spell: Illusion: Relife ;  Shroud of Relife ;  Shroud of the Bokon ;  Sarnak Seneschal Mask ;  Spell: Illusion: Hadal ;  Spell: Illusion: Silver Gnomework ;  Spell: Illusion: Ancient Sarnak Warrior ;  Spell: Illusion: Bokon ;  Deadly Venom Sac ;  Eron's Jewelry ;  Worn Boots ;  Dissenting Hackblade ;  Blackened Heart ;  Massive Jaw Bone ;  Remnant of Brain Matter ;  Patch of Matted Hair ; Bony Hand ;  Severed Tendon ;  Eye of a Fiend ;  Relife Adornment ;  Relife Adornment ;  Relife Adornment ;  Relife Adornment ;  Gnawed Foot ;  Scroll: Gravity Twist Rk. III ;  Tryst ;  Snow Blossom Kimono ;  Robe of Elemental Earth ; Wanderer's Sandals ;  Comfy Shoes ;  Soggy Sandals ;  Worn Boots ;  Boots of the Muckraker ;  Greater Essence of Decay ;  Median Essence of Decay ;  Lesser Essence of Decay ;  Minor Essence of Decay ;  Glowing Essence of Decay ;  Tome: Surprise Attack Rk. III ;  Robe of Elemental Air 

New Quests: TBM Rank III Level 101 Spells: Minor Essence of Decay ;  TBM Rank III Level 102 Spells: Lesser Essence of Decay ;  TBM Rank III Level 103 Spells: Median Essence of Decay ;  TBM Rank III Level 104 Spells: Greater Essence of Decay ; TBM Rank III Level 105 Spells: Glowing Essence of Decay ;  Collection: An Ounce of Fetid Flesh (Crypt of Sul) 

Updated Quests: Achievement: Fallen Footwear (Sul Vius: Demiplane of Decay) ;  Achievement: Challenger of The Broken Mirror ;  TBM Rank II Level 101 Spells: Minor Essence of Life ;  TBM Rank II Level 102 Spells: Lesser Essence of Life ;  TBM Rank II Level 104 Spells: Greater Essence of Life 

Updated Recipes: Tempered Breastplate 

Bestiary Updates: Lissa T`Born ;  Brood Drone ;  an elder lavaspinner ;  a tsetse eater ;  a tsetse swarmborn ;  a nascent supplicant ;  an impatient wanderer ;  a bokon ;  a skeletal sentinel ;  an awakened mystic ;  an awakened watcher ;  a rotting follower ;  a ravenous fiend ;  a voracious fiend ;  a relifed hulk ;  a faithblind hulk

Prepare for a Rewarding Weekend, August 12 - 15!


It’s looking to be an exciting weekend in Norrath! Is there a certain elusive foe you’ve been hoping to tackle? Try your hand at taking them on this weekend and watch that XP bar fill up faster than ever!

From 12 PM PT on Friday August 12, 2016 until 12PM PT on Monday, August 15, 2016, players will be granted 150% Bonus XP and Double Rare Spawns!

Happy adventuring, Norrathians!

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Please note that Double Rare Spawns will not be available on Ragefire, Lockjaw, and Phinigel.