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EQ Update #259

Some various updates to items and NPC's today.

If you need some info on Nights of the Dead events check out this wiki page. I'm working on adding in whatever missing achievements and quests there are for the Halloween events.

Click Read More to see all the updates.

EQ Update #258

Various updates for today to items, quests and NPC's.

Click Read More to see the updates.

EQ Update #257

In this update, more persistent effects are being corrected. Also some Plane of Mischief NPC's were updated with various info.

Click Read More to see the updates.

EQ Update #256

We've been busy fixing things behind the scenes here. Barudin314 has been busy helping me correct some persistent effects on auras.

I've also been working on adding options to the advanced item search tool so you will be able to see extra stats like mana regen, endurance regen and all that good stuff on the actual item stats like an item page would show. You will be able to sort by those stats as well. I'm not done adding everything but you can expect that to roll out soonish. I've also have been working on correcting more spell SPA's.

If you would like to see a listing of stuff I have fixed and working on, check this out.

Also regarding the forums database changes. ZAM will most likely be working on these changes next week so hopefully we can get that taken care of.

Click Read More to see a list of changes.

EQ Update #255

Various updates were done for some armor items.

Drewinette moved some bazaar NPC's to Florida(Mob Graveyard) to retire.

I made some code updates to the NPC page where it lists out all their spells. In the next code push you'll be able to see all spell SPA slots on the NPC spells instead of being limited to just 12 slots. Also in that code push I fixed a bunch of persistent effects for spell auras.

In between working on other spell issues, I'm also working on the advanced item search tool. With the next code push you'll also see a search option for heirloom items. I've got a few ideas on what to add but let me know what you would like to see on the advanced item search.

Also regarding the posting issues with double/triple posting and the site just not liking posting at all, I've talked to ZAM recently about implementing my fixes for those database issues. They are in the planning stages of how they are going to do this. So stay tuned on that front, hopefully we'll have all that fixed soon.

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EQ Update #254

In this update, level 76-80 shadow knight, shaman, warrior and wizard spells/tomes had their expansions tagged by Barudin314.

Also new comments should be updated to last night.

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EQ Update #253

In this update, various updates were done. Also some new recipes were added.

I have been working on adding missing SPA's for spells and I am working on correcting existing SPA's as well. Once we run the spell parser again all of these should display correctly.

I'll work on getting new comments caught up today.

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