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EQ Update #112

In this update we had some NPC updates for some LDoN zones. We also updated all the spell scrolls for all classes in LDoN to show their level on a advanced item search, if it's a class only spell. Also some more Plane of Hate items were tagged and separated into their own versions of each zone.

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Lost Dungeons of Norrath is open on Phinigel!

 Lost Dungeons of Norrath unlocked today on Phinigel. Make sure to check out our progression server wiki to see what all is available now that LDoN is unlocked.

EQ Update #111

In this update KoryuRagestorm did some updates to some of the Empires of Kunark raids. I worked on trying to separate all the different versions of Plane of Hate and put loot in their own versions of the zones. I tagged a ton of items to their expansions from the different versions of PoH from classic, velious and then LoY. This of course is just a first pass so everything may not be 100% accurate. NPC's will be something else we'll have to work on, moving things from the mob graveyard into Plane of Hate (1.0), creating NPC's since we are missing a few from the Velious revamp that I've seen so far. Plane of Fear will be next.

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EQ Update #110

A mixture of updates for today. More classic items tagged and some EoK quest updates. Some NPC updates.

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Server Maintenance April 25th


All EverQuest Live Servers will be brought offline on Tuesday, April 25th, 2017 at 8:00 AM Pacific* for maintenance to address a zone crashing issue. Servers will be unavailable for approximately 3 hours.

Keep an eye on the EverQuest forums and social media for status updates and for news if additional downtime is needed.

Here are the patch notes.

April 25, 2017

*** Miscellaneous ***
- The dynamic zone disconnects issue has been addressed. We will continue to monitor the affected zone systems for additional problems.
- Server transfers should now work as they did before.
- Guildhall anchors: We have published a speculative fix for this and continue to need your reports if anchors are not functioning correctly.

EQ Update #109

Looks like we got quite a few of those suits of ornamentations we were asking for. Thanks Drewinette and KoryuRagestorm! I went in and work on quite a few of those suits adding in the recipes using the consolidator. Barudin314 worked on classic item updates in Nagafen's Lair. 

New Items: Suit of Sylvan Cloth ;  Suit of Eternal Grove Cloth ;  Suit of Lcea Katta Leather ;  Suit of Praetor Denik Leather ;  Suit of Thaell Ew Cloth ;  Suit of Tsaph Katta Plate ;  Suit of Viridian Hero's Forge Leather ;  Suit of Sol`Dal Cloth ;  FR/CR VIII ;  Suit of Damsel of Decay Leather ;  Suit of Frigid Frostfell Chain ;  Suit of Frigid Frostfell Cloth ;  Suit of Tipsy Gnomework Plate ;  Suit of Tipsy Gnomework Chain ;  Suit of Tsaph Katta Chain ;  Suit of Tsaph Katta Leather ;  Suit of Praetor Denik Plate ;  Suit of Praetor Denik Chain ;  Suit of Lcea Katta Plate ;  Suit of Lcea Katta Chain;  Suit of Lcea Katta Cloth ;  Suit of Vim and Vigor Plate ;  Suit of Vim and Vigor Chain ;  Suit of Vim and Vigor Cloth ;  Suit of Wither and Decay Plate ;  Suit of Wither and Decay Chain ;  Suit of Wither and Decay Cloth ;  Suit of Old Beryl Hero's Forge Cloth ;  Suit of Old Eternal Grove Chain ; Suit of Old Violet Hero's Forge Plate ;  Suit of Old Bloodforged Cloth ;  Suit of Dark Elf Cloth ;  Suit of Old Ebon Hero's Forge Cloth ;  Suit of Old Violet Hero's Forge Cloth ;  Suit of Old Sylvan Chain ;  Suit of Old Viridian Hero's Forge Cloth ;  Suit of Arx Mentis Cloth ;  Suit of Bixie Cloth ;  Suit of Beryl Hero's Forge Leather 

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EQ Update #108

KoryuRagestorm has been busy lately adding pictures to different suits of ornamentations. He also did some updates to the anniversary event Pub Crawl. Barudin314 has also been working on unrest, permafrost, castle mistmoore over the past few days marking npc's as named or undead. I added the EoK quest Preparations of Forward Action I and changed some LoY/LDoN quests to PoP era that was recently changed in the April patch. Also I did some updates to the progression server wiki pages as well.

KoryuRagestorm reported that it looks like we're missing many Suits of Ornamentations. Particularly missing suits of Arx Mentis Cloth, Beryl Cloth/Leather, Bixie Cloth, Damsel of Decay Leather, Dark Elf Cloth, Ebon Cloth, Eternal Grove Cloth, Frigid Frostfell Chain/Cloth, Lcea Katta Chain/Cloth/Leather/Plate, Praetor Denik Chain/Leather/Plate, Sol'Dal Cloth, Sylvan Cloth, Thaell Ew Cloth, Tipsy Gnomework Chain/Leather/Plate, Vim and Vigor Chain/Cloth/Plate, Viridian Leather, Wither and Decay Chain/Cloth/Plate. So if ya got a Suit of any ornamentation, please run it through our item collector. Or if you have a complete set of ornamentations, combine them in the Hero's Forge Suit Consolidator and run it through the item collector.

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