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EQ New Progression Server in December!

Do you have what it takes to True Box?

(Or just play a single account)




Daybreak has announced a new ruleset progression server is being launched on Wednesday, December 9th 2015!


Quoted from Roshen at the Daybreak official forums:


What Is a True Box Progression Server?

This is a server where each player will only be able to play on one EverQuest account from their computer. We want to encourage players to play with their friends on this server, and not just form groups of only their alts.

If people are truly wanting to multi-box, they’ll have to do it the old fashioned way. Phinigel is a TRUE box server, which means in order to multi-box you’ll need a set-up that looks something like this:

Other Unique Features for Phinigel:

Raid Instancing

The big raid targets from each expansion will be instanced. While bosses like Lady Vox, Lord Nagafen, and (/cough) Phinigel Autropos (hey, THAT’S where we got the name!) will still spawn out in the world, groups of players will ALSO be able to have these targets available to them via Raid Instances.

The instanced raids’ targets have an account-wide 6.5 day lockout and will have the same difficulty as the non-instanced version of the raid target. Note that raid bosses on progression servers have had their difficulties increased since the launch of Ragefire.

Content Unlocks Every 90 Days

Players won’t vote to unlock content on Phinigel, and the server won’t wait until all of the raid content is defeated before the expansion unlock timers start. Instead, every 90 days, expansion content will unlock on this server.

That means 90 days of Classic EverQuest, 90 days of The Ruins of Kunark, 90 days of The Scars of Velious, etc. This is a server for players that want to move through the content faster than the previous progression servers have allowed.

Make Friends; You’ll Need Them

Make friends. Form groups. Join guilds. Kill dragons. Become a part of the server community!
The player community we have in EverQuest is something that makes us unique and special. While we each explore Norrath and defeat raid bosses, we’re all part of the same community that enjoys playing EverQuest together. As the community on Phinigel starts to develop, it’s important to work to get along with the other players on your server.
Phinigel players have expansions to unlock, continents to explore, and loot to be… looted. All of this will be a much better experience if players and guilds work to get along!

All Access Membership Required

Like other progression and special ruleset servers, you must have All Access Membership to access Phinigel. In addition to letting you play on this server, All Access includes additional great benefits, like 10% off most Marketplace purchases, and a claimable 500DBC grant each month! For more details and to sign up for membership, visit https://www.daybreakgames.com/allaccess.

EQ Updates, November 23rd, 2015

EQ Updates, November 22nd, 2015

Some TBM Updates! And Old Stuff Too!

Here's a classic quote from 2002. Context at the time was people upset that Vex Thal was so out of reach for the playerbase.

I understand how zones like this can be rather disheartening to anyone not in the "ubberest" guilds.  In a fantasy game everyone likes to view themselves as the Hero (or villian) and when there are areas that you KNOW you will never see it kinda takes some of that away.  I try to just ignore the new "ubber zones" in the luclin expansion, much as many people ignore Sleeper's Tomb from velious.  After Planes of Power is released perhaps some of these high level zones will be a bit more accessible (like many of the Kunark ones became post-velious).  Until then, set your own goals, and don't judge your own progression by the best of the best of the best... just see how close you are to *your* personal goals and be happy with the accomplishments you've made.  There's still a lot of great stuff to be gotten in zones other than vex thal and Ssra Temple.. just take a look at the Maiden's Eye equipment list.. and it's pretty easy to go through with a good group of 50+s.

-Dread Lord Zaxton

Updated Items: Gloomchain BracerGloomleather BracerGloomchain BootsSpell: Eye of TallonTattered NotePail of Slop

Updated Quests: Journal StrongboxFalmonius #1: This Can't Be Good!

Bestiary Updates: an iksar anchoritea coerced penkeeperskeletal harbingerGorul LongshanksSlavemaster Rugaa Gloomingdeep slave wardena Gloomingdeep plaguebearerRookfynnCrista Faelorin

New Zones: Crypt of SulSul Vius: Demiplane of DecaySul Vius: Demiplane of LifePlane of Health

Zone Updates: Crypt of SulSul Vius: Demiplane of DecaySul Vius: Demiplane of LifePlane of Health



*The new "continent" for The Broken Mirror doesn't exist yet in the Zam database, so the new zones (that have been added to the website so far) had to be flagged as "other" in respects to expansion. We are aware that this is not all of the new zones, but at least it's a start.

EQ Server Downtime - Friday 11/20/15 at 8:00am PST

Once more, All Everquest Servers will be brought down beginning Friday, November 20th, 2015 at 8:00am PST.  The estimated duration is 2 hours.  Check the EQ Live Forums for status updates or if more time is needed to get the hamster's running again.


Patch Notes are available below....

EQ Updates, November 19th, 2015

Quick update before they expire from the queue:


Bestiary Updates: Velketor the SorcererLord Doljonijiarnimorinar


Everquest Server Downtime and Expansion Launch

On Wednesday, November 18th, 2015 at 7:00 AM PST, all EverQuest Servers will be brought offline for the launch of the next Everquest Expansion, The Broken Mirror.  Anticipated downtime is approximately 5 hours.

Everquest: The Broken Mirror is scheduled to unlock to players at noon pacific on Wednesday, November 18, 2015.

Patch Notes are after the jump.

EQ Updates, November 15th, 2015

"All we need is that lazy brownie to climb up

and we can reach that elusive Faydark apple" -Bin Fiddlekins


Screenshot by KC13


Those feeling adventurous, we could use faction updates for many of the NPC in Lesser Faydark, including the ones most people wouldn't normally want to kill.



Updated Items: Sunshard PebbleElemental CoreNatural Core

Updated Quests: Orange Sash of OrderLightbringers Job

Bestiary Updates: Geoard BluehawkSlansinToala NehronCain DarkmooreHigh Shaman GrisokTovax VmarRenux HerkanorCommander YarikAderius Rhenara crusaderLily Ashwooda Spiroc HarvesterJracsza the FeralAlerynril the Loyal [Loyalists of Everquest]Ladric the FancyCappi McTarnigalTovax Vmar pet



Edit: Putting the November 17th updates in as an edit so as to not bump down Aikan's news posting about the downtime preceeding the Expansion launch.

Updated Items: Abirt's VerseRune of Scale

Updated Quests: Ogre HeadsLoyalty

Bestiary Updates: orc oraclea shadowed manorc legionnairea fae drake hatchlinga faerie maidena faerie guarda saltwater croca pixie prankstera fae drakea monarch fae drakeShayla NybrightJayla NybrightKayla NybrightCognoggina faerieSaben TucrossBryn FynndelCylas DelbrinFaril ElvebrynGalwyn GeldinGlyndur TindelGundel ElorionMywyn TinendelSarawyn AmorfinVynn ThrildurBin Fiddlekinsan emperor fae drakea banditorc centuriona faerie royal guardLord Inquisitor Seru