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EQ Update #172

In this update, all EoK Velazul's raid armor was updated with raid tags and their template items linked in the item description.

If you have trouble logging into your account due to the authentication changes, please email or contact zam through the support portal at

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Backend Authentication/Login Update

Please be aware that around 10:00 AM Pacific, on Wednesday, June 28, 2017, we'll be implementing a backend change to our authentication/login systems. Your session should be maintained after this update until you close the browser/tab.

When you next visit the site you will be asked to log in again. Your original authentication details will still work and be retained on our new system. If, in the future, you change your email or password you will now be required to log in again at that time.

If you should have any issues with your account as a result of this update, please reach out to me directly at or via our support portal:

Thank you! Have a great day!

EQ Update #171

In this update, new comments should all be taken care of. Also pre kunark Druid spells were all verified on Agnarr to what we have marked Original here on the site.

EoK Velazul's raid bracers have been tagged with their template item Amorphous Velazul's Wristguard to show where they came from and I also made sure the items were actually tagged a raid item. That way people using the advanced item search can enable the raid flag, wrist slot and type 8 aug slot to filter them. The rest of the the EoK raid gear will be worked on this week to attach their template item and marked raid items as well.

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EQ Update #170

In this update, more classic items were tagged. Also Erudin static tradeskill containers were added as NPC objects and added to their respective static tradeskill container lists.

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EQ Update #169

In this update there were some miscellaneous updates to some items and quests from new comments. Also Oggok and Grobb static tradeskill containers were added as npc objects and all of them were added to the static tradeskill containers lists as well.

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EQ Update #168

In this update, Legacy of Ykesha achievements have been added, you can see them here if your signed in as a premium member. Also adjustments have been made to other classic achievements from the recent patch.

East Cabilis was missing quite a few items from its merchants so we updated a large majority of them.

Edit: Item Collector is updated.

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EQ Update #167

In this update, all new comments up to last night should all be updated. Thanks to Grizabelle for giving us quite a few spell recipes. All spell research merchants were renamed to include at least their zone name in the name. This helps us admins use our log parser script to input items to these merchants since they all have the same name.

Work will begin soon on the Legacy of Ykesha achievements.

Edit: Spells are updated. IC is being worked on.

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