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Trivia for the Day
The Lampyrid Longbow is the only Ranger raid bow found in Tier 1 of Call of the Forsaken. From which event does it drop?
A. Xulous Prime
B. Saving Jacyll
C. The Legacy of Bayle

................B. Saving Jacyll................

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December 22, 2014

Here are some updates for today:

New Items: Scroll: Darkened Rune Rk. IIIScroll: Color Concourse Rk. IIIScroll: Deadening Wave Rk. IIIScroll: Brimstone Resolution Rk. IIIScroll: Ethereal Rimeblast Rk. IIIScroll: Torrent of Misery Rk. IIScroll: Touch of Holmein Rk. IIScroll: Touch of Lutzen Rk. IIScroll: Vizat's Skin Rk. IIScroll: Dire Strangulation Rk. IIScroll: Dire Declaration Rk. IITome: Carmine Blade Rk. IIPortrait of KeesharPortrait of JalenaPortrait of Firiona ViePortrait of an AdventurerClockwork Soother's HeadbandClockwork Champion ShieldClockwork Resolute BarbuteClockwork Resolute CuirassClockwork Resolute ShieldClockwork Enforcer's CapClockwork Enforcer's TunicClockwork Enforcer's BladeClockwork Stalwart BreastplateClockwork Stalwart BroadswordClockwork Stalwart ShieldClockwork Arcanist CalotClockwork Arcanist RodClockwork Arcanist TunicClockwork Arcanist ShieldClockwork Champion HelmClockwork Champion BreastplateClockwork Champion BladeClockwork Stalwart ArmetClockwork Flamewielder's RobeClockwork Flamewielder's Walking StickClockwork Flamewielder's HatClockwork Soother's ShieldClockwork Soother's PrayerbookClockwork Soother's ChestplateDrakkin Flamewielder's RampartDrakkin Flamewielder's Walking StickDrakkin Flamewielder's RobeDrakkin Flamewielder's HatDrakkin Soother's ShieldDrakkin Soother's PrayerbookDrakkin Champion BreastplateDrakkin Champion BladeDrakkin Champion ShieldDrakkin Resolute BarbuteDrakkin Resolute CuirassDrakkin Resolute ShieldDrakkin Enforcer's CapDrakkin Enforcer's TunicDrakkin Enforcer's BladeDrakkin Soother's HeadbandDrakkin Soother's ChestplateDrakkin Stalwart BreastplateDrakkin Stalwart BroadswordDrakkin Stalwart ShieldDrakkin Arcanist CalotDrakkin Arcanist TunicDrakkin Arcanist RodDrakkin Arcanist ShieldDrakkin Champion HelmDrakkin Stalwart ArmetTideworn Gauntlets of the Revenant

New Recipes: Tideworn Gauntlets of the RevenantHighwater Gauntlets of the RevenantHighwater Gauntlets of the Revenant

New Bestiary: Grati Gemfindera rabid garden gnomea rabid rabbitArmor, ClothingCards, Notes, ScrollsChilly GoblinContainers, Misc itemsCraven, Enchanter of the AgesFlouncyFoodFreezing GoblinHeadsInstruments, Tools, WeaponsJars, Bowls, Potions, PowdersJewelryMiscellaneous Body PartsPlantsRewardsTribute Master

Updated Items: Crude Defiant Chain BootsMedian Briny EssenceLyran's Mystical LuteBlued Flower KatanaZebuxoruk Shield WandXegony Shield WandWildflower Bouqet WandVallon Zek Shield WandUnfinished Bo Staff WandToothed Dirk WandThe Tribunal Council Shield WandThe Rathe Shield WandTerris-Thule Shield WandTelmira Potion WandTarew Marr Shield WandTallon Zek Shield WandSteam Suit Potion WandSolusek Ro Shield WandSiren Potion WandSilver Spoon WandSilver Knife WandSilver Fork WandShissar Potion WandShiliskin Potion WandShar Vahl Shield WandSaryrn Council Shield WandRallos Zek Shield WandNihil Potion WandNekhon Potion WandMithaniel Marr Shield WandLuclin Shield WandLightning Warrior Potion WandKarana Shield WandHoly Sword WandGriffin Sword WandFroglok Ghost Potion WandFennin Ro Shield WandElven Sword WandElven Spear WandElven Scimitar WandElven Longsword WandElven Broadsword WandDrumstick WandDead Tree Branch WandDark Elven Broadsword WandDark Elven Bastard Sword WandDain Shield WandCrossbow WandCreepy Doll WandCoconut Husk WandBroken Bottle WandBertoxxulous Shield WandBellikos Potion WandAll-Purpose Sword WandBanded HelmScaled Mystic HelmDragon Spine StaffThaell Ew TotemGloomsilk SlippersCrude Defiant Leather GlovesPiece of EightCrude Defiant Plate BootsFatesealerShissar Apothic StaffTideworn Gauntlets of the Revenant

Updated Quests: Illegible CantripFind Fibblebrap 4: The KorlachGoreman's Supplies: Bear Meat

Updated Bestiary: a decaying dwarf skeletona shin ghoul knighta froglok gaz knighta froglok ton shamana froglok ton warriorLegionnaire AnolamiLegionnaire DaliniA Haven GuardElanix HarithUls McMannusCalana ManiBreesu FisherVantak MereFylin CyupsTop McCalltoWilton ValewalkerMilner McHazloWatcher WiltaCustos ValkaLegionnaire MaxosBlood-Thirsty RacnorLegionnaire BoyaSelandoorBoloth DaeronQueen GloomfangRatasaurusKluzen the Protectora grimpa goblin warriora froglok shin knightSerthuliakara librarian

December 19, 2014

Double XP Weekend

Double XP is on the docket for this weekend:

Who doesn’t love bonus experience weekends? Starting at 10AM PST on Friday, December 19 and running until 2PM PST on Monday, December 22, 2014 get TWICE the experience you normally would as you adventure in Norrath!

There is also a number of Marketplace sales coming up over the next week (details below the jump):

December 18, 2014

December 17, 2014

December 16, 2014

SOE Maintenance: December 16, 2014

Sony Online Entertainment has announced a maintenance affecting all games on December 16, 2014. The three-hour maintenance will start at 6:00am Pacific Time. This will impact the following SOE services:

  • Commerce functions, including purchases, for all games
  • Voice chat functions for all games

Here's our handy Time Zone Conversion Tool to help you plan.