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EQ Update #144

Updated Items: Pristine Ebony Idol ;  Mark of Daring ;  Light Etched of Sapphire ;  Beaded Circlet ;  Bag of Scarlet Sand ;  Simple Embossed Rune ;  Spiny Short Spear ;  Finespun Cloth Sleeves ;  Essence of Wind ;  Vial of Purified Fire ;  Mark of Fortune ;  Mark of Charm ;  Loop of Energy ; Gem of Awe ;  Cultured Spirits ;  Air Marked Scroll ;  Aged Platinum Symbol ;  Exquisite Gold Embossed Rune ;  Spiny Long Sword ;  Fetish of the Agile ;  Sparkling Scale Ring ;  Prismatic Feeler ;  Putrid Claw ;  Musty Scale Bracer ;  Scorched Idol ;  Roaring Idol ;  Mark of Unity ;  Mark of Storms ;  Mark of Life ;  Mark of Flora ;  Etched Star Ruby of Nature ;  Crude Silk ;  Grade B Laburnum Extract ;  Pearl Studded Medal ;  Mark of the Drum ;  Mark of Shadows ;  Mark of Pride ;  Mark of Hatred ;  Mark of Courage ;  Mark of Bravery ;  Lexicon of the Sun ;  Black Pearl Studded Medal ;  Sullied Silk ;  Simple Etched Rune ;  Spiny Great Mace ;  Ornate Defiant Chain Coif ;  Large Reinforced Rod ;  Stratolite ;  Nilitim's Grimoire Pg. 116 ;  Tome: Barrage Rk. III 

Updated Quests: TDS Rank III Level 105 Spells: Glowing Essence of the Citadel 

Bestiary Updates: a hulking air elemental ;  Sectoid ;  a tro jeg captor ;  a lithe shadow ;  a scavenger minnow ;  a coarse shadow ;  a berserk water elemental ;  a vas ren archon ;  a vas ren tactician ;  a forlorn revenant ;  a tro jeg firekeeper ;  a vas ren fugitive ;  a vas ren etcher ;  a brave scout ;  a wellspring ;  a wary unicorn ;  a corrupted lord ;  Captain Korapan ;  an aggressive wellspring ;  a tro jeg sentry ;  a greater air elemental 

Zone Updates: Ruins of Lxanvom [The Broken Mirror Version]

EQ Update #143

EQ Update #142

New Items: Iridescent Scale Headdress ;  worn crystal ;  Siren Hair Robe ;  Shot Glass ;  Ingrediants ;  Glass ;  Potion of Victory 

Updated Items: Big Cat in a Bag ;  Essence of Discord ;  Ancient Tarnished Plate Helmet ;  Withered Branch ;  Star Dust ;  Red Stone Idol ;  Mark of Terror ;  Mark of Gallantry ;  Mark of Contention ;  Mark of Chants ;  Glade Dew ;  Blue Egg ;  Weathered Bundle of Wood ;  Mark of the Siege ; Mark of Pride ;  Hardened Clay Sculpture ;  Fire Scorched Stick ;  Dread Leech Eye ;  Dew of Dawn ;  Ornate Velium Pendant ;  Shield of the Clawed Guardian ;  Salindrite Dagger ;  Broken Blam Stick ;  Earring of Living Slime ;  Staff of Forbidden Rites ;  Mosscovered Twig 

Updated Quests: Rallos Zek Initiate ;  Froglok Tadpole Fleshies 

Bestiary Updates: an onyx sky drake ;  a bloodtribe martialist ;  a froglok tad ;  a pestilence elder ;  a rot eater ;  a deathbone magus ;  a foulest pusling ;  a bubonian mystic ;  a bubonian war rat ;  a crazed bubonian berserker ;  a bubonian great mystic ;  a burynai taskmaster ;  a burynai earthstripper ;  a Sarnak knight ;  a Sarnak courier ;  a Sarnak avenger ;  a Sarnak enthusiast ;  a Sarnak shadowknight ;  Opp Feelsick [Lost and Confused] ;  Haggle Baron Dry`dn ;  Juikanazza Deepfinder ;  Grazen Aeliubi [Combine Analyst] ;  Eviscerator Frilis ;  a burynai cenobite ;  a foul maggot ;  a blight ;  a pestilent priest ;  a burynai prophet ;  Witchdoctor Parawin ;  Overseer Hani ;  a forest giant keep guard ;  a forest giant laborer ;  a forest giant axe-rager ;  a forest giant militant ;  a forest giant carpenter ;  a greater rot eater ;  a forest giant elite ;  a forest giant lookout ; Archon Hekip ;  Ambassador Gruds [Combine Kromdul Liaison] ;  Warlord Maodhog ;  Scholar Greagoir ;  a forest giant madaxe ;  Fearghal Flannghaile, Tactician

EQ Update #141

This is a big update. Thanks to our Item Collector developer, we got a long standing bug fixed today with icons missing from items. We are also very close to releasing the item collector to the public, thanks again to him. We look forward to seeing it in action!


New Items: Invested Honed Wurmslayer 

Updated Items: Polymorph Wand: Dark Bellikos ;  Icepierce Ornament ;  Kyalie's Bulwark Ornament ;  Lozack's Bulwark Ornament ;  Luka's Golden Defender of Health Ornament ;  Rope Bridge ;  Polymorph Wand: Blood Red Bellikos ;  Ghastly Tombstone ;  Ritual Dagger of Flowing Blood ; Reaver of Flowing Blood ;  The Mountain Queen Ornament ;  Lava Lamp ;  Sepulcher Greatsword Ornamentation ;  Sepulcher Axe Ornamentation ;  Lucky Mitosing Coin ;  Salve of the Long Dozen ;  Pizmip's Prize Purveyor ;  Bottle of Adventure I ;  Bottle of Adventure III ;  Bottle of Health Pack ;  Bottle of Alacrity Pack ;  Goblin Skull Fetish ;  Bottle of Clarity Pack ;  Icicle's Collar ;  Bottle of Adventure II ;  Snappy's Claw ;  Lucky Copper ;  Sarah's Lost Locket ;  Jennifer's Lost Locket ;  Empty Black Pot ;  Old Metal Button ;  Obliteration Hammer Ornamentation ;  Bottle of Ultravision ;  Bottle of Speed ;  Tunare Party Popper ;  Bristlebane Party Popper ;  Obliteration Blade Fist Ornamentation ;  Cit Chac's Collar ;  Army of Light Hammer Ornamentation ;  Army of Light Dagger Ornamentation ;  Red Ball Dispenser ;  Token of the Light Army ;  Token of the Obliteration Army ;  Knife of Daring Dispenser ;  Ball of Fluffy Cotton ;  Obliteration Blade Ornamentation ;  Flittering Wings ;  Obliteration Staff Ornamentation ;  Army of Light Staff Ornamentation ;  Obliteration Great Blade Ornamentation 

For many more updates, click below


Lore for EQ Empires of Kunark

Taken from https://www.everquest.com/news/empires-of-kunark-lore-combine-sebilisan-eq-2016


I like that they are wielding staffs with skulls on the end, aka original Kunark type designs. Not sure who Hulk Sarnak is?



Empires of Kunark Preview: Lore


After being poisoned and narrowly escaping death, Tsaph Katta has reemerged from his stasis and finds himself more determined than ever. His time in stasis and brush with death has strengthened his resolve.

He has reformed the Combine Empire, building over its ruins on the Kunark continent and inviting those from all races to join him in creating a single peaceful and prosperous empire. Driven by a desire for diplomacy and a head full of noble ideas, Tsaph has plans for his empire to span all of Norrath. And his plans begin with expanding throughout Kunark. Tsaph, however, is not the only one trying to take control over the continent.

Many years after the fall of the Sebilisan Empire, the continent of Kunark is far from peaceful, but no single race rises too far above the others.

The Sarnak still inhabit Kunark, and they are much more powerful than they were before. The King has left Chardok, and Queen Velazul Di’zok has unified all of the Sarnak under her rule. The Sarnak no longer face internal strife and are more organized than ever.

The Sarnak Empire is experiencing a resurgence and, like Tsaph, they have their own plans for conquering Kunark. They have rallied around Atrebe Sathir. Atrebe, a master of elder magic, has not been seen since the time of the Sebilisan Empire, after an explosion destroyed his lab. Many mistook this prolonged disappearance for his death. Atrebe and the Sarnak have many motivations for wanting to control Kunark, but one thing is certain - they are more than willing to wipe out whatever (or whomever) stands in their way.

The Empires of Kunark are clashing, and many of Kunark’s other inhabitants have found themselves caught in the middle of the conflict. In this relentless time of war, you’ll have to do whatever it takes to secure the future of the Combine Empire.

There’s more to uncover in EverQuest’s 23rd Expansion: Empires of Kunark! Check out the official EverQuest website for more sneak peeks and information on this expansion. Empires of Kunark is scheduled to launch on Wednesday, November 16.

If you’re an All-Access member, you get 10% off this expansion. You can pre-order EverQuest: Empires of Kunark and join us in beta now!

EQ Update #140

Updated Items: Tattered Animal Pelt ;  Raw Hide ;  Medicinal Herbs ;  Loaf of Bread ;  Large Raw-hide Wristbands ;  Novice Veil Hunter's Satchel ;  Moist Marrow ;  Writ of Distance ;  Runed Ornamental Mace ;  Mark of War ;  Mark of Warfare ;  Mark of Salvation ;  Mark of Hatred ;  Mark of Courage ;  Lexicon of the Moon ;  Golden Spoon ;  Glade Dew ;  Fire Powder ;  Star Ruby Studded Medal ;  Small Sponge ;  Runic Card ;  Mark of Tenor ;  Mark of Darkness ;  Mark of Battle ;  Fleshy Vine ;  Diamond Studded Medal 

Updated Quests: Halloween: Missing Costume Pieces ;  The Acrylia Plans ;  Halloween: The Bone Collector ;  Halloween: Out With the Old ;  Halloween: Terror of Illis Taberish 

Bestiary Updates: Indagatrix Salus Acilia [Quests] ;  a bloodtribe ornamentalist ;  Maareq the Prophet ;  The Keeper of Sorrows ;  Kurrpok Splitpaw ;  a bloodtribe lightwarrior ;  Guardian Jenat ;  Brightfire ;  Fountainhead ;  Xhut Adan ;  a merchant [Pottery Merchant] ;  a merchant [Pottery Merchant] ;  Praetor Denik [Mission and Raid] ;  Guardian Limnos ;  a majestic protector ;  Helenus Politi ;  Orrin Dracos ;  a centurion ;  a deadshot ;  a sureshot scout ;  Salli Westell [General Supplies] ;  a records clerk [Parcels and Forms] ;  a watcher ;  a forager ;  a wounded centaur ; Minister Larnum ;  Praetor Vixelo [Quests] ;  Grindle Sprocketsworth [Quest and General Supplies] ;  a regu praesitor silencer ;  Windel Spring [Quest and General Supplies] ;  Rossette Mosgrow [Quest and General Supplies] ;  Lcea Katta ;  Tsaph Katta ;  Gront [Quest and General Supplies] ; a darkshaft sunflower ;  Terrance the Admired ;  Mad Merchant Marv

Quarm Server Event 1 Update

From the official Daybreak boards, as posted by Roshen:


"Thanks to all of you who have participated in the first EverQuest event server! A few of you have asked how much longer you have to complete your achievements so we wanted to provide an update. At this time Quarm will stay open at least until December at which time we'll announce a definitive closure."


This is actually enough time for a group/guild to start fresh and complete the event(s).


Too bad they didn't allow you to choose a second reward if you did the group path & the raid path... would have improved retention.